Kat New Easter Friend

My wife and me were at the G's it is a bar we go hunting for pussy at on Friday nite before Easter and in came this man and woman that caught are eye. The women about 30 maybe and around 5-4 but not heavy or sinky tits kinda small but a great ass and her man nothing to speak of just a man now don't get me wrong they looked good but I could not say why.
They sat a couple of tables from us and when the band started Kat wasted no time getting her to move with her. After a few they sat with us and at that time we found out they were married and names were Manny and Becky we drank and danced for about 2 hours when Becky went to the bathroom and Kat soon followed her I don't know what happened but the look on Becky's face told me Kat must have came on strong ( I asked later and Kat just smiled ) I thought that was it but oddly when Kat said lets go get some food somewhere they said OK so we went to the parking lot and Kat says we will drive so Manny got up front with me and Becky in back with Kat and Kat tells me to go to Sue's place that will give us time to talk, she winks at me and I konw that means to go slow.
We drive away and the girls are talking and I ask Manny about his job as he's telling me I see Kat pull Becky close and wisper to her then kiss her she trys to pull away but can't and not have Manny know what is happen so she just lets it go and that was her frist mistake cause by the time we got to Sue's Kat was finger deep in her poor Becky was doing her best to keep her man from hearing or seeing anything and on the edge of cumming.
We go inside and eat talk and the girls make another trip to the restroom know the place only had about 10 other people there and no jukebox so the sounds of Becky moning was easy to hear but Manny never seem to catch on when the girls came back Becky tells her man she would like Kat and myself to come to there house for Easter Manny says what about my f****y and she just says the more the marrier he says sure OK. We leave and the ride back to thire car was plasent.
On Easter moring Kat comes down with her short black leather mini-skrit a almost see throgh top and high heels ( for you who don't know Kat never wears a bra or panties ) when we get there Kat pulls Becky into the kitchen and lays a kiss on her that really ley her know what Kat wants they almost get caught by Becky's mother so Kat ask to be shown the house and when they get to a bedroom Kat puts Becky on her back and jumps on top fast kissing fingering rubing sucking tits and Becky's head is in a blur she know her parents and his parents are there but it feels so dam goooood OMG oh god oh you bitch OMG I'M CUMMMMMJUESE GOD PLEASE HOLY SHIT GOD PLEASE is all Kat hear as she is busy sucking away on Beckys clean shaven puss Kat comes up for air and gives Becky a break she says god I never knew it could be so good and graps Kat and hugs hard. Kat tells her lets go do lunch with your f****y do this is not done yet.
After the lunch was over Becky had Manny drive his parents home and hers left too and Kat and myself showed Becky what FUCKING was all about over the next hour I fucked her mouth puss and that great ass Kat had her eat her puss and suck her tits and then they were in a 69 and I got that ass again Becky said Easter has never been so good.
That was a few dsys ago Becky has been here a couple of times and is on her way here now Kat is at one of her girls houses so more ass for me...............

86% (10/2)
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2 years ago
Very hot. Thanks for posting
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Thats hot