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[Story] Mrs. Jones

Bev Genes is a pompom girl at West Bell High School. she is two weeks from 18yrs. and in between boys. Going home after a long day on the field she hears moaning and groaning as she opens the door to her house. On the floor is her 42yrs. mom and Kat her mothers new friend. Her mom has her legs spared wide while Kat pile drives her with a huge strap-on both women into it so much they don't notice Bev till after her mother has a orgasm and easies down. Then Bev is sitting there wide eyed and smiling wide know she has one on her mom a big one too. Getting up she says don't stop for me I've al... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 6 months ago

[Story] Tammy Gets Beat And Loves It

Tammy jones is asked to work at the first football game of the year. Her daughter Shelly is a cheerleader and son on the team so of course she says yes to Marlene Thorn even thought she hates the woman. At 6pm Tammy gets there in a T-shirt top and shorts seeing as it's still warm out. She is 42yrs but keep good care of herself so looks about 32 and her 34Ctits and onion ass keep the guys looking at her. Tammy works for a good friend of the f****y and has it made there. Her life in general is great son Steve already wanted at Texas and her daughter has one year left but already has schools... Continue»
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[Story] Cindy

Cindy Throne is on her way home from work. She is the manger of six very smart women in an accounting firm, it's Thursday and she needs to be in early tomorrow for a very important client. Pulling into her drive Frank her husband is home and this is not the normal for him. Going inside she sees Frank bond to a chair gag in his mouth and bleeding from his nose. A big black man 6' 6" or more standing over him. Cindy yells LEAVE HIM ALONE PLEASE!!! The black man turns to her WHO THE HELL ARE YOU BITCH? I'm his wife leave before I call the cops! OH BITCH YOU'LL NEED MORE THEN COPS BEFORE I'M DO... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 6 months ago

[Story] Steve Learns just What a Slut He Married

Steve and Joni Franks get married and honey moon in the islands. After two weeks they return home and Steve comes back to work. The guys all k** him about being pooped out cause of all the fucking. Steve takes it in but I can see something is not right, so I ask him about it. He tries to put up a front but I'm better then him so he findly gives in and tells me it all. It seems that Joni is not to into sex in general, he said when ever he tried she pushed him away. He tried to f***e her but was still shot down only getting a hand job the whole two weeks, and nothing after coming home. I fe... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 6 months ago

[Story] Jane

Jane Peppers is 28yrs just got a new job as a check out girl at Rudy's Food Mart. She just moved here from her parents house. Moving out on her own she needed every thing for a home but her money was tight. She window shopped a lot and the shoes at Ginger's shoes were the best she had to have them, but at *0 dollars they would have to wait if she wanted to eat. The shoes were to good though so she bought them. Now hungry at work she stole a meal and drink and Wendy saw her. Wendy is the store bitch 5yrs older and not even half as pretty Wendy thought that Jane was taking all her dream ... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 6 months ago

[Story] Teacher Gets Taugh

Becky Johnson is 34yrs and it's her first day at Kammton High School. Becky is a very good looking woman thought she would never say so, 5'7" and only around 112 lbs. her tits not really small but not big either. She wear her dresses about 4" from the knees but her ass is what gets peoples attention. Today being her first she has on a blue skirt with white top and blue jacket her body well hiding but that ass still a tracked attention.

The bell rings and the class sits, as Becky tells the class her name and the things they will be going over though out the year Missy Tens studies ... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 6 months ago

[Story] Kat and the Waitress

A couple of days ago Kat and me go to a local dinner for supper setting at are normal table a new waitress comes to take our order. She's tall long dark hair big tits and great smile and of course a wedding ring Kat's favor kind of woman. Kat says Well hi there and who are you? Hi I'm Jenny can I take your order? Wait a second there how long have you been here? Only a week me and Rick my husband just moved to town. Kat and me ordered are food and both watched as Jenny walked away her ass was perfect plum shape, Kat's mind was wired coming up with a way to get to her prize. The dress a... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 7 months ago

Want to know

In all the things I've seen about cuckold it's a white woman and black man very few times it's a white or latin guy. So what is a black woman called that fucks men that her hubby knows about. Please inform me on this. Yes I know some black guys have big long cocks but my 10 1/2" Iltian steel rod has not given me any problems and the black cunt that I plowed last night while hubby watched sure loved it.
Posted by shotguner 7 months ago

[Story] Tracy

Tracy Kent went to the dress shop to buy a dress for her dream date. Tracy worked as a bank teller and John Franks came in every Thursday she really liked him and today he asked her out, she wanted this for so long. So a new dress was in order.
Walking into TORN DREAMS a dress shop she always wanted to shop at Tracy was greeted at the door by Grace a lady graceful long legs and very pretty she asked Tracy what she was looking for then took her to a rack of dresses that were perfect. Grace helped Tracy pick out a few then took her by the hand and lead her to a dressing room, insi... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 7 months ago

[Story] Kim Likes Power 2

Kim pulls into a drive and walks to the door knocks and a tall dark haired woman answers. Can I help you? Kim says I seen you at Pam's party the other day and walks in pass the woman. The woman in a huff says who are you and why are you here? Kim smiles I'm your new mistress and I'm here to fuck you honey! The woman screams get out of my home! All Kim does is sit down look at the angry woman and says fight if you must but I will fuck you very soon. A look of shock covers her face and the woman feels defeated. She slides into a chair and looking at Kim in a confessed tone ask why me? Ag... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 7 months ago

[Story] Kim Learns She Likes Power

Kim was enjoying her day off. She work as a office manger and time off didn't come easy. So today was hers and in her short shorts and sports bra she worked on planting her flowers. Now Kim was a very pretty woman with a great body that turned heads. The best part was she didn't think so. Because of this she wasn't uppity like some women can be, no Kim was as sweet as they come. Three doors down was Sue a spoiled brat rich bitch only 17yrs. and a body that could give a dead man a hard-on. Sue opened her door to get the paper and was greet to a view of Kim's perfect ass and even from three ... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 7 months ago

[Story] Hanna

Hanna James was coming to her car late Tuesday night. She worked later then normal and as she was just about to the bend she heard moans looking and scared to death she saw Penny Toms a VP from one of the upper offices getting fucked hard. The man had her bent over her own car dress pulled up and hammering her good with her begging for more. Hanna knew she should just leave and not watch but she was froze in place when she saw the huge black that was pounding Penny. Hanna was no angle she had screwed many guys in high school and college but never black and never had she seen a cock so big... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 7 months ago

[Story] Giving a Ride

Mary Kay Toms a married woman 38yrs three k**s a girl away at school a girl at home and a son one month ago left for the Army. On her way home after a late night at work, her car quits it just stops and will not start again. Calling home no one answers so she starts to walk it's only about six blocks but it's raining, she didn't wear a coat and her light dress is soaked sticking to her body. As Jan comes around the bend her lights shine on the woman being wet the lights on her the dress is see through and Jan can see no bra only skimpy panties. Stopping to see it's Mary Kay the mother of G... Continue»
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[Story] New Girl

Mary is 19 her first day at school first time away from home. Her mom and dad helped her move in two days ago but now it was real no one to fall back on. Thing went pretty good till History, World history it was her worst thing but she had to have it. Walking in the teacher a woman about 35 tall and classy her hair lite brown she had eyes on Mary from door to seat. Walking around the class she looked the students up and down moving them where she wanted them. Mary she sat right in her line of sight. During out the class she told them what they needed to pass always keeping her eyes on Ma... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 8 months ago

[Story] LeAnn Goes On

LeAnn had become one of Kat's (my wife) bitches and loved it. Kat and her had formed a bond, and no one could break it. LeAnn was married and had k**s but still made time to go out with Kat. They hit the bar then our lake house Kat wore LeAnn's pussy out fucking her hard and deep with her 11inch strap-on puss to mouth to ass to mouth to puss again driving LeAnn to have multi-orgasms taking her home late at night and fingering her in the car in the drive. This had become a weekly thing plus Kat sometimes showed up durning the week too. LeAnn loved her hubby Tom but the fucking she got from Ka... Continue»
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[Story] Kim's Rough Life

Kim is 32yrs married and two great k**s although her f****y is great it's her sex life that takes control. She is sitting in her living room when her s****r Amy comes in saying HELLO but Kim is lost in thought. Amy laughing says hey you dreaming about a lover? Kim's eyes water and she grabs Amy. OMG Honey I was just k**ding what's wrong? Kim dries her eyes and tells Amy to sit down. OK I'll tell you it all but Please don't stop me till I'm finish.
About three months ago I was in the park watching the k**s running around and wishing mine were still young I needed to use the bathroom ... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 8 months ago

[Story] LeAnn's Babies

LeAnn Samson a 28yrs 5'7" fireball of a woman meets the man of her dreams and after only six weeks they get married. Hubby Hank is very well off and they find a big house in the best part of town, LeAnn says now all I want is k**s to fill it up. Hank is a good lover but after two years and fucking almost non-stop no k**s yet. A very upset LeAnn goes and gets checked but learns she is fine. At her wits end she is sitting at a coffee shop in town dropping her spoon and this guy picks it up for her there eyes meet and she thinks WOO he's great but, then a woman comes up and he says this is m... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 9 months ago

[Story] Jenny

Jenny Toms is a mother of two k**s one boy 17yrs and one girl 15yrs. her and her husband Randy Toms live in a upper middle class house in a good part of town. Jenny is almost 38yrs. but looks about 26 has 34C tits perfect onion of a ass long dark hair, her and Randy have been together for ever they meet at 12yrs. and still hold that same flame of love. The household is a firm one but very loving one.

Steve the son is still in school but sometimes trains with the college football team cause he's that good. He has a girlfriend Pam but being at the college the girls there all m... Continue»
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[Story] Kat Takes a Weekend Drive

My wife Kat as most of you know loves to get into the panties of a married woman for the first time, she has different ways of doing this. Here is her last one.

It was Thursday night we were sitting eating supper when Kat tells me that she is going away for the week-end she is taking off tomorrow and driving north, not sure where but she'll be home late Sunday. I try to get more info but none comes.

The next morning Friday she is up and gone before I get up. Like she said heading north she crosses the state line into Michigan and after about an hour she gets off the highway tr... Continue»
Posted by shotguner 9 months ago

[Story] Sue and Ann

Hey out there I thought you might want to hear about what happen last week, it still trips me out. I was watching TV Saturday afternoon when I heard a car pull up I looked out and Sue Toms one of Kat's bitches gets out. I open the door and tell her that Kat was gone for a few days, she said she knew and wanted to talk to me. I let her in and got her a drink then sat and said what's up? She looked scared and shaken I put my arm around her and again asked her to tell me. She said it was her daughter-n-law Ann married to Sam her son about three years now they have a son two and came to vi... Continue»
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