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[Story] Kim New Business

Kim Rich is a smart business woman, a mother of two daughters, a wife to a great man who provides well for his f****y. At 38yrs. and after her daughters she still has a knock body. Long black hair to the top of her ass. Kim and her partner Fran High have a growing business in the make-up market. Today Kim needs to go to an meeting at the home of a woman looking to invest in the business. Fran was going to go but got held up so it fell on Kim to make the meeting. Kim fixed her dress as she got out of her car. Today she had on a short blue skirt and white top the skirt was too short but... Continue»
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[Story] Jenny's car

It has been a long hard day as Jenny Simms leaves her office walking to the parking lot a van with the radio blasting loud passes her and side swips her car. Jenny is mad as hell and jumps in her car and follows the van to the college across town. Getting out of the van four cheerleaders when Jenny runs up to them YOU BITCHED HIT MY CAR AND I WANT YOU TO PAY FOR IT!!! The girls look at each other and then grab Jenny pulling her inside the house then to the basement. Once there they strip her and tie her to a bed. After fasten her down they leave her there, about an hour later a girl about 2... Continue»
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[Story] Kat Has To Try Hard

Well I know it may sound like Kat gets every cunt she goes for and the truth is she does get a lot sometimes she misses. She hates to but if she tries and fails she leaves them alone.

Lynn Toms is a mother a lawyer and a total knockout. Lynn was 37yrs. 5'6" maybe 118lbs. and most likely 34C tits. Kat was trying to get a dress shop to sell to her and Lynn was there lawyer. After about eight meetings they came to a price and things moved on from there. Kat did her best without coming on to strong to make a pass at Lynn who seemed to not even notice it. So Kat gave up then about 6 mont... Continue»
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[Story] Terri

I've put stories on here that I know are very hard to think they might be true but most are. This one how ever is even got me thinking no way till I seen the proof with my own here goes, but first let me say that most of this was told to me.

June 18 2012 at 1:30 pm. Terri a 32yrs mother of a set of twins both girls 14 years of age are all at the school pool. The girls are in red and white suits that seem to be nothing more then a little string and very little else. Walk out and the life guard does a double take and almost falls off his stand. Laying out a blanket they lay j... Continue»
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[Story] Tori's New Life

Tori James a 32yrs mother of two plus her hubbies 17yrs daughter Sammy. Sitting at home watching her soap stories when Sammy runs in the door out of breath and crying her clothes loose and torn. Tori jumps up to see what is wrong when the door flies open and three girls about 18-19yrs are there. Walking in like they own the place they grab Sammy who screams loud. Tori tries to gain some sort of order saying WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH MY DAUGHTER? The oldest of the three slaps Tori and tells her to sit and shut her mouth and maybe they wouldn't harm her. Then the girl ... Continue»
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[Story] Jen's Big Thanksgiving

Jen Goody a 28yrs mother getting for her first time at preparing thanksgiving dinner for her f****y (mom, dad, his parents son, and daughter) going to the store for last min. things taking the back roads to stay out of the holiday rush when her car died. Sitting about two miles from town on a county road she lost it crying her eyes out till she seen a truck coming towards her. The truck stopped and two big tall black men got out. Jen had never meet a black person at all, the men looked her up and down then asked if they could help her? Well my car was running fine then it just stopped and ... Continue»
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[Story] The Arrangement

John Usher is driving home from work one day and sees this car coming at him on his side of the road it is a convertible and a woman driving but as it gets closer he sees another woman sucking on the first ones tits and the car gets back in her lane , as they pass he is frozen by the sight the woman sucking the others tits is his wife Ann. He whips around and follows them to a house on the lake where they get out the driver has a dress on but her top pulled down but, Ann his wife is naked from head to toe. Still sucking the tits as the other woman fingers are deep in her twat. He gets out o... Continue»
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[Story] Tina's Wedding

Tins Smith 28yrs goes to the dress shop one last time to try on her wedding dress. It's Tuesday and Saturday she is marrying Steve her long time love. Getting to the store at 8:45 15min. before they close she begs Amy to let her try the dress on one last time Amy tries to talk her out of it but Tina begs hard so she gives in saying I have to leave but if Kat says ok then I guess it's alright. Amy goes to the office to find Kat lightly knocking on the door knowing what is happing in there.(Kat has her boss Gina bent over the desk pounding her ass with a huge strap-on) YES AMY WHAT IS IT? Sor... Continue»
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Last Night

Those of you that have read my stories, my wife Kat has done crazy things but last night was tops.

We were in Wal-Mart's in the ladies clothes dept. Kat was looking at a dress for a party we are going to, she wants to show her body but with class cause it's a party for her mom and dad. Anyhow as we found one Kat stopped talking in mid sentence. I looked and a woman about 29-30yrs. was bent over and her pantied ass for all to see and it was pretty too. This woman was with two others and the way they talked seem to be mother and two s****rs. The mother didn't like what the woman was ho... Continue»
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[Story] holloween 2013

Betty Thorn 29yrs mother of two boys one eight and one six both loving the fact that Betty was taking they trick-or-treating this year dressed as a sexy vampire. They went from door to door and the women thought what a slut she looks like the men loved her get up. After about fifteen houses the six year one was tired so they headed back home. Passing our house Kat opens the door calling then over Betty tried to call them back but the two were already at our door getting loads of candy from Kat. when Betty got there her boobs almost hung out and nipples hard Kat handed the candy saying take ... Continue»
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[Story] Amy

Amy Tate is 26yrs. mother of 7yrs Angel Amy always drives Angel to school but never stops to notice the other mothers. Wensday morning just like any other but Amy walks Angel to her class room then as she passes the restrooms she is assaulted and dragged inside. There are Mary Jo, Ashlee and Helen all about the same age all bored house wife's to big money hubbies. Today they want to teach Amy a lesson so here they attack her tearing her cloth from her body and pulling and twisting her nipples. Kissing and even biting her neck leaving huge red welts. Pushing her to her knees they all grind... Continue»
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[Story] Teenage Lesbian slut

This is the life of a true young lesbian slut Jenny only 16 yet the body of a model tits set high and nipples as big as dimes when hard, tight little ass, lips that make you long to kiss.
6:45am wakes to the radio first thing fingers dive to her ever wet cunt for the first orgasm of the day. In the shower she again pays attention to her needy cunt, then dress in very short nighty she go to the kitchen. There dad looks over his paper to see her sweet ass bent over the counter and his cock comes alive, mom too steals a peek at her young daughter's ass and spilling out tits before having... Continue»
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[Story] Mom Meets Kat Do To Her Daughter

Joyce Thorn lives withy her 19yrs daughter and 16yrs son after her break up with hubby finding his in bed with her s****r. Joyce works as a appraiser for a big firm. Rick her son is into high school sports so not home much and Anne her daughter works at a dress shop in town. Not just any dress shop but the one Kat uses as her hunting grounds. The shop is ran by Kim a 38yrs big chested dark haired knock out that Kat set up to run the shop after Kim's hubby found out Kat was fucking her. The shop is a normal dress shop other then the fact that Kim has bedded each of the woman working for h... Continue»
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[Story] Kerry Rolls on

Kerry keep her dates with Kat but she had found a new life for herself. Frank being the go getter he was never even missed her being out so much. Kerry's panties barged was going strong in four months she had 17 pairs and getting more fast. The latest was the most daring yet.

Kerry was across town in the richer part the women stuck-up but gorgeous in those high priced dresses and cars. Stopping at a store she sees a woman maybe 34yrs with a 15-17yrs girl both dressed to show there wealth. Going in Kerry sees the woman look at her but then turn as if she wasn't even there. As the... Continue»
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[Story] Rest of Kat's Replacement

After eight months Kerry is so taken with Kat's way of controlling a woman that she ask Kat to teach her some things. What do you mean teach it just comes out of me when I see a woman I'm interested in things just seem to happen and before long I either get her or give up the chase. Kerry says you mean some get away? Oh yea not everyone falls but most do. Like how many can I ask? Kat smiles lets find out together ok she leads Kerry to her bedroom and a drawer opening it it's full of panties all have a name an address and phone numbers on them. they count them 87panties plus a baggie with ... Continue»
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[Story] Kat teaches her replacment

It was a Thursday morning I woke to the moan of Joey Penny the new ass that Kat my wife was laying Joey a 38yrs. married mother of two was working at Kat's accounts office and bent over in front of Kat who grab her ass Joey pulled away in a huff but, Kat liked that ass and pressed on pinning Joey against the wall kissing her mouth and neck while her hand was up Joey's dress needless to say only an hour later she had Kat's 11" strap-on deep in that prefect ass ( never been fucked ass at that ) The last two weeks Kat had been hammering it hard then last night Kat and myself tagged teamed h... Continue»
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[Story] Rebecca gives Her Daughter a Gift

Rebecca or Bec as her friends call her came home from work in a dazy state her daughter Ginny was taken by her mothers mood mom are you ok? Bec looked at her daughter in one week she would be 17yrs her long hair hung to just above her perfect ass. Ginny was turning 17 but her body was one of a gorgeous model long legs to a perfect ass then 36C tits even bigger then her mother's a face of an angel the total package. Honey please come sit with me ok? Sure mom what's up with you why are you acting so wired? Ginny I need you to do something for me no questions asked ok? Uh well a yea ok su... Continue»
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[Story] Kat being Kat

Friday night I had get got ready to watch MMA fighting on TV when Kat comes in yelling to get cleaned up we're going to a party. Knowing my wife I ask invited or uninvited she holds up a note so I give in. About an hour later we enter Joann's house and she comes running at me.( Joann is one of Kat's bitches for about a year now 32yrs married to Ted a mobile tech. has a 17yrs goodness for a daughter and a son 12 I think. we have been fucking pretty much too.) Tony please keep Kat under control tonight! I'll try but, if your worried why have her here? I didn't Ted and me were shopping and... Continue»
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[Story] Angel gets Help

Angel Prez is my wife's newest cunt lapping bitch. Angel is 32yrs a body that would give a 80yrs man a hard-on. she was in a dress shop buying a new dress for a party for her husband' new job. Kat my wife seen her go in and up to her old tricks acted like a sales cleck and soon had Angel naked in the try-on room, Angel never had a chance and soon was eating her first pussy. Kat keep her well fucked over the next two months they were together three days a week. Kat and her 11" strap-on pounded Angel to orgasm after orgasm. they would go out to eat then our house to fuck or the lake house... Continue»
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[Story] Sammy Learns To Follow The Rules

Ok those of you that follow my stories know my wife Kat has unbreakable rules. These rules must be followed or else. She keeps her bitches in line that way. The rule that she hates broken the most is if you have any kind of party you must invited us to it. here is what happens if you don't!

Two days ago myself and Kat are on are way to get some food and pass Ronni's house. Ronni is a 30yrs. 5'7" 107lbs. long black hair that touches her out of this world ass and a face that gives dead guys hard on. Ronni fell to Kat at a bar about six weeks ago. Kat laid eyes on her and not an h... Continue»
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