Bus Gang Bang

It was not very often that I got to have a night out with the girls no more. A lot of my friends now had young f****y's and stressful jobs so I was looking forward to meeting up with them all tonight and having a good old catch up. I decided to wear something special for the occasion and chose to wear tight a nice black dress that I had brought a few months back in the sales. It showed my size 8 figure off well and made my 34D boobs sit just right. As I left the house I gave my husband a kiss on the cheek and told him not to wait up for me as it could be a late one. He did not mind he knows I work hard during the week and told me to have a good time and enjoy myself.

I caught the bus into town and I tingled with excitement, I had been looking forward to this night in a long time and was determined to have a well deserved blow out. I met up with my friends at the bar and It was not long before the drinks started flowing and we spent a lot of time dancing and having a good old catch up. I must admit though I did start to feel a bit old in the bars even at the age of 30, the majority of the people in them were in there early 20's. As the night went on a few of the girls went home and there were 3 of us left in the bar and we sat and had a chat and decided to call it a night. I lived at the opposite side of the city to the others so I said my goodbyes and made my way through the busy town and headed for the taxi rank.

As I was walking through the streets a mini bus pulled up next to me. The first thing I noticed was it was full of Caribbean men all singing and laughing. The window wound down and an older gentleman asked me for directions to a hotel they were staying in nearby. I tried to explain to them but was not very good with directions. I explained it was not far from where I lived and they offered to give me a lift. I was a bit unsure that it was a good idea due to the fact that I was on my own but I could see the taxi queue getting bigger and the temperature was starting to drop. I agreed and they slid open the mini bus door and I jumped in. There were around 8 guys on the bus and they told me that they were on a stag weekend for there friend and they were staying in a hotel not far from where I lived. I introduced myself and they took it in turns to tell me there names. The youngest lad on there was 20 and the rest were middle aged and the driver who did not drink was 60.

As we drove along I could not help but feel as though these guys were staring at me from all angles, all of a sudden I was center of attention. Here I was 30 years old, 5'5, size 8, 34D boobs with shoulder length jet black hair on a bus surrounded by 8 black guys who had been drinking and were all staring at me. I must admit I was starting to get turned on a bit but I was a married women and needed to get these thoughts out of my head.
One of the guys Ray commented on how beautiful I was and made me go red, next thing he put his arm round me and stroked my hair,I could see him looking down my cleavage as he was talking. The other lads told him off for being a perv but I said I did not mind and laughed it off. I told them that its nice to get a bit of attention every now and then.

As the bus turned down the country lane I felt Rays hand on my leg, I should of asked him to stop but I was getting that turned on I did'nt stop him and I could feel his fingers moving up my skirt. The other lads could see what was was happening and they just stared at me waiting for my reaction. When they saw that I was not flinching they started to jeer and before I knew it my skirt was round my waist and Rays fingers had slid into my thong and was stroking my pussy lips slowly. He leaned over and kissed me and I felt my whole body tingle. I knew then that I was not going to get off this bus until these men had finished having there way with me. I had never had a black cock before so I was getting rather excited. Ray unzipped his flies and beckoned me down to his cock. I took it in my mouth and slowly sucked it. By now the bus had stopped down a country lane and all the attention was on me. I looked up and I could see 7 lads all rubbing themselves. One of them got up and he came behind me and a few more stood up and before I knew it they had stripped me naked and laid me across the seats. Ray put his cock back in my mouth and I felt another cock being shoved into my pussy and was banging away hard at it. I felt Ray's cock tense up and blew all his spunk down my throat as he let a loud moan out. He stepped back and it was replaced by another one. Next thing I knew I was picked up in the air and one of the guys laid down and I started to ride his cock while I took another one in my mouth, all of a sudden I felt a tongue start licking round my arse hole, I have never been a big fan of anal but did not stop as I felt a finger slide in first and then followed by a cock. Here I was on a mini bus surrounded by blokes with everyone of my holes filled.

Once they realized I took it in the arse all these empty cocks started getting hard again and they each took it in turns to fill my arse while the rest were sucking my tits and putting it back in my mouth.

I noticed that through out this time the driver who was in his 60's just watched and videoed it on his phone from the front seat of the bus. Once they were all done they beckoned him to have a go on his own. The other lads stood back and were getting dressed while the driver of the bus climbed in the back. He unzipped his flies and I nearly fainted,the size of his cock was unbelievable. I took it in my mouth and slowly started sucking while cupping his balls. He grabbed my head and started to face fuck me hard and I was starting to gag with his cock rammed down my throat. I felt him tense up and exploded down my throat. I tried to pull away but he just left it there and told me to carry on sucking which I did. I could feel it getting harder again and he pulled it out and bent me over the seat, he just stood and stared for a bit at my nice tight arse in the air and he knelt next to it slowly kissing my bum cheeks and rubbing his finger over my arse hole which then he slowly started to finger. The other blokes just sat in silence as they watched him have his moment. He then pulled his finger out and guided into my pussy and frantically pumped away while putting his fingers into my mouth. I was loving this and felt so dirty yet excited. He pulled his fingers out of my mouth and I felt his cock push against my arse. It was huge and I had to bite the seat to relieve the pain but once it was in it was ok. He pounded away and I leaned forward and beckoned the 20 year old to come forward, I took his cock out and started sucking once again. They could not of timed it any better within 5 minutes the old guy tensed up and shoot his semen into me as I felt the cock in my mouth tense, I took it out of my mouth and let it spray all over my face.

I just laid there shattered for 5 minutes why we all laughed about what happened and that I had made there night. They started the engine and I started to get dresses while the bus made its way on to my estate. They pulled up at the end of the road and I gave them a kiss on there cheeks and thanked them for the lift and pointed them into the direction of the hotel.

As I made my way up the street I could not help smile to myself what had happened and how much I enjoyed it. Its something that I will definetly be keeping to myself and I can look back and smile every now and again

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Great experience.
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Nice, great story.