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One day at the gloryhole

Back in the early 70's I use to love to go to the local ABS to use the gloryholes so I could suck a nice cock or two when I was horny. I went to my fav place and had just sucked off a nice cock. I heard the door open and close for the booth next to me. I waited a couple of mins then I peeked thru the hole to see what kinda cock was there. It was a nice cock about 7 or so inches with a nice girth and an upward curve. I really liked ones that had that kind of curve. I slid my fingers thru the hole to let the guy know I wanted to suck him.
Slowly he fed that nice hard cock thru the hole for me so I could suck it for him. I started off as I always did licking the head and shaft. After a couple of mins of this I took the head of it into my mouth. I sucked the head for a bit then slowly sucked more of his hard cock into my mouth. I could only get 3/4 of in my mouth so I worked extra hard to please him.
After about 10 mins of sucking I felt him start to get harder in my mouth and I knew that real soon I would get a mouthfull of his cum. I worked harder for my reward and in a few mins I heard him groan and I felt the fist spurt of his cum in my mouth. I swallowed and my mouth was filled again with more cum. I kept swallowing till I had taken all his cum. He pulled his nice cock back thru and zipped up and walked out of the booth. I needed to take a break so after a min I walked out the door of the booth I was in. When I left the booth standing there was a friend of mine named Larry. He leaned over and said to me that I was one hell of a cocksucker. I had known for a long time that Larry was gay but he never knew I was bi and liked to suck cock at the gloryhole. I sucked Larry off one other time after that because he had a real nice cock, but I liked the gloryholes because with them I never saw who I was sucking all I wanted to know of them was their cock.
Posted by shorty5354 2 years ago
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4 months ago
that happened to me one time a guy sucked me off what a cheap thrill never saw his face only his fingers in the hole
5 months ago
Gloryholes are my favorite.
1 year ago
Where are the GH's today?
1 year ago
nice story n I luv GH's too
1 year ago
2 years ago
Many Thanks for sharing. The Mouth
on the other side of "The Hole" can
be ANY Mouth You want it to be.
2 years ago
Wow. I'm not even gay and i'm turned on! I kinda wanna go to one now. My lack of a gag reflex goes to waist everyday!
2 years ago
wow sexy story.
2 years ago
wooow cool story i like doing the same thing hehehee
2 years ago
Great story. That was a good twist ther at the end. But I agree sucking at the GH's are better cuz something bout sucking a cock without knowing the face attached to it makes it more exciting.
2 years ago
Very nice!
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
m love the story..wish I had been sucked off by you