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Playing with my barber Pete part 2

I've told several people about this and said I'd put it down on paper (in this case text LOL) Anyway Pete my barber and I had been having sex for a year and a half and it was great. One day one of the dancers a hottie with long red hair that I liked ask me if she could ask me a personal question one day. I told her she could. She ask me point blank if Pete and I were having sex in the shop. The shop was 2 doors away from the club. She told me she had seen me go in for a haircut and saw Pete lock the door. Well I told her yes we were. She said that was cool. She then ask me if she could watch P... Continue»
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One day at the gloryhole

Back in the early 70's I use to love to go to the local ABS to use the gloryholes so I could suck a nice cock or two when I was horny. I went to my fav place and had just sucked off a nice cock. I heard the door open and close for the booth next to me. I waited a couple of mins then I peeked thru the hole to see what kinda cock was there. It was a nice cock about 7 or so inches with a nice girth and an upward curve. I really liked ones that had that kind of curve. I slid my fingers thru the hole to let the guy know I wanted to suck him.
Slowly he fed that nice hard cock thru the hole for me s... Continue»
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[Story] Getting fucked by my barber

This is a true story.
Back in the early 70's I was in the Navy in southern California. My duty station was NAS Miramar (where top gun was filmed) I was attached to supply and filled the orders for parts for the fighters. The Leading Chief of supply had been in 31 years and really rode my ass about my hair. I went into town on friday and saw a clothing store with a barber working out of the back. The barbers name was Pete. I told him I needed to get my hair cut. Pete told me he had one more person to do so I should go get something to eat and return in half an hour. OK I'll be back then I told... Continue»
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