First Dark room experience!!

I was in the army and on leave at the time and had gone on holiday with a couple of straight mates to Gran Canaria, to Playa del Ingles. the idea was we share a hotel room and spend our day's on the beach and nights drinking in the bars, which we did. But during the late evening of my third night there I "Got split up from my friends" I actually slipped away from them as I had had enough of looking at women!!

I had found out where the gay bars were and went off exploring on my own. I checked out various clubs and bars and was facinated by the back rooms or dark rooms,I had looked into a few and had a quick grope as you do!!! But it was in the last bar I visited that I got my first real experience of what a dark room had to offer!!

As you walked into the bar it was all bright lights and loud music as they all are, as I had had enough of that I looked for the dark room and found it actually down a flight of stairs lit with a red light! The bar itself was busy with all sorts of guys and you even had to push passed people standing on the stairs down into the dark room.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs there was just enough light from the stair well to make out the room at the bottom, it was infact more like a long passageway going off to the left and right and very quickly going into pitch darkness, the place was heaving with guy's, you had to push passed people to move anywhere. I decided to find a spot near the bottom of the stairs and just have a look what was happening, as this was the first time I had ever done anything like this before.

As my eyes got use to the dark I could start to pick out more detail, the passageway was not more than 8' wide if that and there was a continue stream of people moving up and down it, all having to push passed one another to get anywhere, there also appeared to be guy's standing against the walls, I realised later there was infact a ledge that ran along the wall and was just wide enough for guy's to rest there arses on.

After I had stood there for some time my eyes started to become accustomed to the dark but still after a few paces in either direction it was total darkness. I eventually decided to venture from my spot near the stairs and I moved off to the left, as I moved passed people, or they moved by me (well shoving really!!) you could feel hands on you the whole time, brushing against you, feeling your crotch, arse, anything really, A few guy's came really up close to your face trying to get a look at you! I have to say it was really horny, and after being felt up a few times I was rock hard!

I think I had only moved down the passageway about thirty feet when I heard a load of grunting, chains clinking and leather moving. I soon discovered that the passageway opened up into a large square area of to the left and could just make out a sling hanging in the area (first time I had ever seen one of the things!!!) it was obvious from the noise that there was a guy in it and he was getting well fucked by another guy, I went to have a closer look, and feel!!! I had to shove passed guy's who where stood around and managed to get a hand full of bollocks and could feel the base of the guy's cock as it was banging into the arse. I have to say the whole thing was really horny, I can't even start to explain, even the smell of the place was "SEX" raw sex!!!!

As I had stood there having a feel of this guy's cock and balls and the arse taking it I felt hands on me and it wasn't long before someone had got my jeans opened up and some guy was playing with my cock, well actually several of them were playing with my balls, cock, arse!!! God if I didn't move I knew I would cum right there! I eventually managed to push my way out of the crush and pulled by pants and jeans up and moved back away from the crowd. I infact found myself against the far wall of the passageway, and though I couldn't now see the guy getting fucked in the sling I could still hear it. This is where I'd discovered that the wall had this ledge running round it that was just wide enough to rest your arse on. As I'm leaning against this ledge I can feel guy's on either side of me, I had only been resting my arse there for a couple of minutes when I felt hands on me from the left and the right, I thought what the hell I either move again or just see what happens, so I started to feel the guy to my left, and though I couldn't really see him he felt good, the first thing I noticed when my left hand reached out was it hit bare thigh, which felt muscular and hairy, and a little further and I was holding his cock, which was either leaking loads of precum or was well lubed! Between this guy and the guy on my right they had managed to get my jeans undone and both my jeans and pants were round my knees with the guy on the right playing with my cock and balls, I don't even remember that happening to be honest, shows how far gone I was!!

The guy on the left reached over and started kissing me on the lips and face then he started to push my head over to the right and down towards the guy on the the right, I ended up getting the right hand guy's cock in my mouth, I could hear these guy's talking in spanish which I didn't speak but I got the impression they knew one another, I've still got the guy's hand on the back of my head at this point and he's pushed my mouth down on the other guys cock which was nice and hard.

I felt the guy on the left let go of my head and then his hands pushing under the cheeks of my arse and trying to lift me up, I could feel myself being moved off the ledge so started to lift my head off the other guy's cock, he just grabbed my head and pushed me back down on his cock and kept me moving up and down on it. It was the other guy I was thinking about though!! He was trying his hardest to get a finger or more in my hole and it wasn't really doing a lot for me as he was quite rough and it was making me sore, then I realised the fingers were very wet so assumed I was being lubed up. I thought at this point that I had better just get up and move away from these two guy's and get somewhere safe when the guy on the left said something and started to lift me up bringing me off the other guy's cock, I thought I would just stand up at this point but as I tried to get my feet on the floor I found my jeans round my thighs made it difficult to move freely and as I pushed my left hand onto the chest of the guy on my left to try and get up it gave him the chance to put his hands under my arse and lift, as he did the guy on the right also moved and I felt his hands under my thighs and before I could do anything they had lifted me up and moved me across to the left and I felt myself being lowered onto the guy's cock. I'm not sure how they managed it but the guy's cock slide straight into me, and god did it hurt, I'm sure I let out a scream at this point but there was so much noise that no one paid any attention, then I had something pressed up under my nose and I was breathing in something that made my head swim, (That was my first experience of poppers as well I think!!)

I have to say that although it hurt like hell and I was genuinely scared to start with, the whole thing was really horny and I was rock hard the whole time. Both the guy's were working together, the one to my right had lifted my legs up which meant with the jeans round my thighs I couldn't do much to move, and his lifting the legs just meant my hole was there for the other guy! What with my legs being held in at position and the stuff they were holding under my nose for me to breath I was helpless and nearly out of it!! I could feel them lifting me up and down and the pain in my hole soon started to ease, with the stuff I was smelling I wasn't surprised! I honestly have no idea how long that first guy fucked me all I remember is the two of them lifting me up and down on the cock, then I hear the guy fucking me saying something to his mate and then he just starts saying something over and over and from his actions (he was thrusting really hard at this point) I take it he was shooting his load in me! I was a bit dazed by it all and I even thought it was a pity he had cum and it was over, but I needn't have worried.... as they then just lifted me off the one cock and the other guy rested his arse on the ledge and then they moved me over on to his cock! My feet didn't touch the ground I was just held in the crunched position and moved over!!! Before I knew what was happening I was riding another hard cock, and they were still dosing me with the poppers.

I have no idea how long it went on for but I could soon feel the second guy getting ready to shoot his load and he was bouncing me around all over the place with his mate helping to hold me and lift me, then he sort of let out a big breath and I assumed that was my second load. I started to think how I was going to get cleaned up to get back to my hotel and as I went to climb off the second guy I felt myself being lifted up again by them, but instead of them putting my feet to the ground they moved me over again back to the left but this time they sat me on another guys cock, I certainly didn't need any lube for his cock and I have to say he didn't take long, or the effects of the poppers were wearing off because he came quite quickly and by now I was sore as hell!!! I think the first two guys had lost interest as well because as the last guy came I was able to get my feet onto the ground and grabbed my jeans up so I could move away down the passageway pulling my jeans up as I went. I don't remember how I got back to my hotel!!!
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1 year ago
Ah, a postcard from Spain! What a memory, and what a delightfully sore backside...
2 years ago
hot!! had me hard and stroking