A nice little Cottage!!

This is something that happened to me several years ago. I was in town and decided to go for a coffee in a large department store, I thought I would use the bathroom before getting the coffee and followed signs towards it. You had to go through two sets of swing doors before opening the outer door to the toilet and then another into the room itself, this room was quite small with two toilet cubicules directly infront of you as you enter and just to the left of them and set back so the couldn't be seen from the door were two urinals next to one another.

I didn't think I had been particularly quiet going in through the various doors as I wasn't really thinking about toilet sex! I just walked in and to the left towards the urinals, I saw straight away that there were two youngish guys stood there and the one to the left (the younger one) looked over his shoulder at me as I walked in then looked back and down to his right, obvoiusly looking down towards the other guys cock! I would have just gone straight to a cubicle but as I looked at them I could see that both these lads appeared to be wanking off so I just stood behind them looking. The guy to the left was a skinny guy with glasses and quite long fair hair and the other was older, most probably about 25 and appeared to have a good body on him (which he did as i later found out!!!)

As I stood there the guy to the right looked over his shoulder at me standing there and then stood down and back from the urinal, as he did so I could see he had a good sized cock on him with a nice upward curve to it. I immediately stepped up to the right hand urinal and as I did so i took my cock out, it was getting hard as i did and i looked to my left and saw that the skinny lad had hold of a good sized stiffy and was working it backwards and forwards with some effort. I wasted no time in getting my cock hard and wanking it and undid the top of my jeans so they were down to mid thigh and gave me good access to my cock, I looked back and could see the other guy had moved over to the sinks and was stood looking in the mirrors over the sinks back at us pair at the urinals.

I was looking across to the skinny guy and he was looking straight at me when he suddenly made a face and I looked down to see he was squirting a good load of his cum into the urinal, damn, that was too quick, and he quickly flicked off the drops and put it away and was off out the door. I was left with one stiff cock and a good load of cum to look at but not alot else!!

Then the guy who had been at the sinks moved back across the room and stood up at the left hand urinal and got his cock out it was still rock hard, after a couple of minutes of looking at each others cocks I reached over and grabbed his and he motoined towards the cubicles so we stood down and went into the right hand cubicle and closed the door. Once inside it was apparent that there wasn't alot of room to move around so the lad moved back and to one side of the toilet bowl and I stood with my back to the door and bent over so that I could take his cock in my mouth, and it was a good mouth full as well!

Not sure how long we had been like that when you could hear the various doors to the toilets opening and a bloke walked in and went to the urinals, we just carried on quietly until he finished and left then we changed position and the young guy had me in his mouth, god, he was good, I had my cock right down his throat and he was also sucking my balls, sucking them into his mouth and rolling them around in his mouth, it was heaven, How I managed not to cum I'll never know!! We carried on for a bit like that and has the lad was sucking me I reached over and started to play with his arse, just working my fingers around his hole and the I dropped a bit of spit on them and started to work them into the guy, he didn't flinch and infact I'm sure there was the odd moan coming from him so I went from one to two fingers and really started to work on him.

I'd only been going at his hole a few minutes when he just stood up and pushed me back towards the toilet bowl and made me sit on it, he then turned around, kicked off a shoe took his leg out of his jeans and then just eased back and down, I knew what was coming and just held my cock up and forward slightly. GOD!!! My cock just slide straight in first time, no hunting for the hole no pushing, just straight in!! and very quickly he was bouncing up and down on my cock like crazy! We had to slow the action once as the urinals got used again but once that bloke had gone the guy started really sliding up and down on my cock, nearly letting me come out of him then straight back down to the base, he was good, I'll give him that, we kept this up for some time and I could feel myself getting close to cumming so i got hold of the guys hips and really took over lifting him up and pulling him back down on my cock, getting faster all the time, I knew I didn't had a condom on but didn't want to come out of him to shoot my load so just said to him, "I'm getting close mate" he didn't say anything or come off my cock so I took that as a sign he wanted my load in him, and I think that thought helped me to shoot my load inside him, and it was a good load as I hadn't cum for a couple of days!!

We sat like that for a few moments with me still inside him and then he eased himself off me and as he did..... well it was a bit messy I'm afraid, one of those things you have to deal with if you want to fuck arse!!! It didn't help that his hole was still open, so as he came off me I got a dollop of my cum mixed with his shit all over my stomach, and of course my cock was covered in it, it took ages to clear up the mess! But I have to say it was worth it 100% worth it!!!!
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hot story
1 year ago
One shoe off - real life detail that. He had to, to get his leg free from his jeans, so he could climb on your cock. Love it!