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A walk in the woods

About 18months ago i was cruising in a local forest and saw a typical Chav, who i've fucked before, and who has done me! He wears hoddie and trackie bottoms, is as skinny as fuck but has a really cute round arse, his cock isn't a bad size either as i can vouch for!! He was cruising with a mate and we stoppped and chatted for a bit but I think we were both looking for something different!! Anyway after about an hour I hooked up with a tall guy, well over 6' tall and a good body on him, when we got his cock out I nearly had a fit, it must have been 8 or 9 inches and just looked massive! I didn't think i could take it but thought my Chav mate might so I told the guy i thought i knew someone who he could fuck and he was for it straight away! We found my Chav after a bit of hunting, he was still with his mate and I went straight up to him and just said, "I got something for you" This guy flopped his cock out and it was game on! My Chav mate went down on this guy straight away and just sucked and sucked, I swear it got bigger as he did! He had only been sucking on it for a few minutes when the tall guy leant over and felt the Chavs arse, he wasn't very gentle, was just giving it a real good finger or two! Me and the chavs mate were just stood watching and wanking off to the sight, i just couldn't take my eyes off the big guys cock! Anyway, after a bit of fingering the big guy just pushes the chav away from him and turns him around and slides his cock straight into this chav's hole, no lube, no spite, no condom, it was heaven! The chavs mate starts talking, egging the big guy to give it to him and boy did he! we both stood there watching as the big guy fucked for england!! Balls slapping against arse, the works, then he came out of chav and offered the arse to me so I thought it would be unfriendly not to oblige so slide in as well, though I only pumped him for a few minutes before big guy took over again. Chavs mate was really egging the big guy on telling him to give is mate his load.. all we could hear was grunting and slapping of balls against arse then big guy just really digs in and heaves, he kept that up for a few more thrusts and when he came out there was spunk dripping out of chavs arse, I stepped forward to take over but chavs mate stepped in first and went straight in, he came allmost straight away though and came out again so i did get my chance and went in, with the other two still watching me it didn't take long to get rid of my load as well!!When we finished chav guy just squatted on the ground and you could see three loads just dripping out of him, that sight still makes me hard, god, pervy or what!!!
Posted by shooter455 1 year ago
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1 year ago
I'd be tempted to call this tale "A Chav in Love, or
Three Loads Dripping Out of Him."