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[Story] First Dark room experience!!

I was in the army and on leave at the time and had gone on holiday with a couple of straight mates to Gran Canaria, to Playa del Ingles. the idea was we share a hotel room and spend our day's on the beach and nights drinking in the bars, which we did. But during the late evening of my third night there I "Got split up from my friends" I actually slipped away from them as I had had enough of looking at women!!

I had found out where the gay bars were and went off exploring on my own. I checked out various clubs and bars and was facinated by the back rooms or dark rooms,I had looked into a few... Continue»
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[Story] A nice little Cottage!!

This is something that happened to me several years ago. I was in town and decided to go for a coffee in a large department store, I thought I would use the bathroom before getting the coffee and followed signs towards it. You had to go through two sets of swing doors before opening the outer door to the toilet and then another into the room itself, this room was quite small with two toilet cubicules directly infront of you as you enter and just to the left of them and set back so the couldn't be seen from the door were two urinals next to one another.

I didn't think I had been particularly... Continue»
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A walk in the woods

About 18months ago i was cruising in a local forest and saw a typical Chav, who i've fucked before, and who has done me! He wears hoddie and trackie bottoms, is as skinny as fuck but has a really cute round arse, his cock isn't a bad size either as i can vouch for!! He was cruising with a mate and we stoppped and chatted for a bit but I think we were both looking for something different!! Anyway after about an hour I hooked up with a tall guy, well over 6' tall and a good body on him, when we got his cock out I nearly had a fit, it must have been 8 or 9 inches and just looked massive! I didn't... Continue»
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[Story] The Roofer!!

Over the years I've have a few deliveries to my house that have turned into a good fuck session, not sure which to tease you with though!!

One that does come to mind was when I lost a ridge tile off the roof of my house in high winds and needed it replacing, it's hell to try and get people to do small jobs! I spoke to a guy from a roofing firm about it and he said it wasn't worth his time to come over and do it, but that his son-in-law might do it in his own time. I got the guys number rang him and arranged to see the guy at my place to have a look at the work. When he turned up the first... Continue»
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