After taking a soothing hot shower she was just coming out the bathroom, as I stood there with her roommate. "Oh, sorry Nicole. This is my boyfriend. He was just stopping by to drop off a few things." I reached my hand out to greet her. Nicole was at first embarrassed, standing as she was in only a towel, but there was something about me that seem to relaxed her. There was something about her that immediately turned me on. Maybe it was the way her body hugged the towel... the fact that you could still see shape of her amazing D cup breasts and lovely ass thru her towel. I think it may have been the way her eyes held my gaze.

As I grabbed her hand and said hello, Nicole felt a sensation between her legs that she hadn’t felt in a while. Jazmine had to nudge her back to reality as she stood there shaking my hand for way longer than necessary. Now it was her turn to apologize. She grabbed a few things from her draw, and hurried back to the bathroom to get changed. While changing she noticed how wet she was. I quickly left before she could return, as I didn't want Jazmine to be aware of any attraction I had toward Nicole. I had heard a little bit about Nicole as she was a new roommate. Nicole had just recently broken up with boyfriend after she walked in on him with another girl. Apparently, Nicole hadn't been with anyone in quite some time.

All I could do was think about Nicole as I sat on my couch. Nicole was just my type. She was built from the ground up with a big round ass, and nice juicy breasts. I could only imagine how great her pussy felt and tasted. I decided I best go to sl**p and forget about this whole Nicole thing. When I woke up I decided to take a drive. Before I could even realize I was back at the apartment. I knocked on the door and Nicole answered. I asked if Jazmine was there, although I knew she was out with some of her girlfriends for the night. When Nicole said no, I asked if I could come in and wait for Jazmine to return. I knew I shouldn't be there, but I was so horny.

Nicole was wearing a nightshirt. As she laid back down on the couch, her nightshirt came up just enough that I could see she wasn't wearing any panties. We talked and chatted for a while. As we talked, she started to relax more and more. From where I was sitting, Nicole couldn’t help brushing her bare feet against me. After awhile she became totally relaxed and had her feet resting in my lap, allowing me to massage her toes and ankles as we talked. My large soft hands felt so good to Nicole that she didn’t complain when I began rubbing her calves, bringing my hands all the way up to the hem of her nightshirt. I didn't know it then but Nicole was so wet that she was worried that her juices might leak down onto my busy hands, or that I would smell the heat coming from between her legs.

As we continued to speak I casually moved one hand under Nicole's hemline, and began caressing her thighs. This is when Nicole knew she had to try and stop me, before it became too late. So, she reached and grabbed my hand and softly told me to stop. But the way she said it told me that she really didn’t mean it. That she was really getting turned on by my touch. This caused my dick to grow inside the jeans I was wearing, and Nicole could easily feel my hardening pole pushing against her feet. I stopped moving my hand up her leg, but did not remove it from her soft thigh. As we stared into each other's eyes in silence, it became clear what we both wanted. Without either of us saying a word an agreement was reached. Nicole began playfully moving her toes against my hardness. This gave me all the go ahead I needed, as I resumed moving my hand up her soft legs, until I was just inches away from her wet patch. By now Nicole was helpless to stop me, even as she weakly mouthed the words no and stop several times. Her body wanted more.

When my index finger made contact with her outer pussy lips, it was like an electric shock ran through Nicole's body instantly. Automatically her legs parted slightly, allowing me to better access to the entrance to her pussy. Again Nicole grabbed my hand, only this time it was to pull my fingers closer, until I had two fingers inside of her. While I played with Nicole's pussy with one hand, I used the other to pull her nightshirt up above her waist, giving me a good look at her light haired pussy. Without hesitation, I leaned down and began softly licking on the outer folds of Nicole's pussy. Nicole moaned softly, as I started softly nibbling on her inner thighs, kissing all over and over, while still having my fingers playing around inside of her.

Nicole laid in ecstasy; letting her body take in the appreciation it was being shown which was a long time was coming. I decided that this time was going to be for her. I wanted her to be selfish and catered to. As she rolled over on her stomach and stretched her body, I decided to straddled her legs and massaged the middle of her back. As my hands moved over her body, she felt herself become even wetter. As I leaned forward to run my tongue up her spine she felt the tip of my now raging manhood bump against her ass. If felt Nicole perched her ass up in the air to steal another feel, and she seemed surprised to feel my tongue now licking down the crack of her ass and landing on her sensitivity.

As she buried her face in one of the couch pillows to muffle her moans, I sucked and licked her pussy savoring every drop of her wetness. In one swoop I flipped her back over and continued to devour her as if this was my last meal. I stopped just long enough to tell her to open her eyes, and she looked at me hesitantly unsure of what I wanted from her. My eyes focused on her, and Nicole watched as my lips formed around her clit. She watched as I used my tongue to lick and tease her dripping pussy. I moaned as if I was cumming from pleasing her. She couldn’t take anymore. Nicole grabbed my head and held it steady. She started to roll her hips and rode out her orgasm. As I licked and sucked I could feel her clit throb as if it was going to explode. But I didn’t let go. I slid my finger in her pussy increasing her pleasure. Still gripping my head and staring intensely in my eyes she told me “don’t stop, please don’t stop." For a brief morning I stopped long enough to say “cum for me” which set her off more. Now gripping my head, Nicole's back arched, her knees locked my neck in place and she started to buck wildly. I stayed focus, licking her pussy and finger fucking her. Damn, I enjoyed her wetness and was in my zone pleasing her. I watched Nicole as she came and that made me want to please her more. I focused on her face and ate her pussy as if my life depended on it. Nicole bucked faster and faster and I held hips steady to make sure she got the release she deserved and needed. She gasped and screamed “I’m cumming, FUCK!!! I ‘m cumming!!!” until her body peaked and went limp. As much as I wanted to fuck her, it wasn’t about me at this time. It was about pleasing her. I was thankful for the opportunity to taste her.
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3 months ago
Oh you sexy man...that was beautiful!!
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Loved your story! Would like to read the next one;)
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Nice hot story. You should write more !
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great story :)