daughter in law

i was sat in the garden in my shorts one day last week when one of my partners daughters came around to see her mum,i told her that her mum had gone shopping for the day,she acted surprised but said ok fancy a cuppa,we went into the kitchen and just chatted away as normal for about half an hour,then she asked if she could borrow one of her mums blouses ,the reason she had come around in the first place,i said yeah just go to the bedroom and help yourself,about 10 mins later she came out with the blouse she had picked but with a sly grin on her face,i said whats up,she replied who handcuffs who to the bed then and laughed,the cuffs where still there from a session a few days ago,i think i was a bit embarressed but laughed it off,she joked about and said she was gonna tease her mum..we carried on talking then out of the blue she asked how do the handcuffs work as she had never seen a pair,so i told her,she said she didnt understand and asked if i could show her,thinking nothing about it we walked to the bedroom i sat on the bed and put one cuff on ,she smiled and said ah i see can i try the other which i let her do, she was now stood at the end of the bed looking at me and biting her bottom lip,i could see her hands slightly shaking,let me out now i asked she smiled and said oh i dont think so,i lay there looking at she started to caress her very large breasts very slowly through her blouse,i asked her to stop,but she smiled and said that bujge thats forming means you dodnt really mean that,she started to undo the buttons i could see a 1/2 cup black and red bra appear with rock hard nipples poking over the top,i know i sihed very loudly,you like dont you she said ive seen you look at me so many times i know you want me, the blouse came off and her black skirt dropped at the same time she stood there in matching little panties and stockings i groaned again her fingers went into her panties and i could see her fingers dissapear inside her,she bent over to the bedside table and pulled out her mums vibrator she pushed it into my mouth and said clean it i dont want mums cum in me,she pulled the stool over and sat to the side of the bed,she pulled off her knickers to show a lovely trimmed pussy,you want me dont you,i could only stammer fuck yes,she pushed the vibro up and moaned loudly her other fingers moved from her nipples to her clit and back again,my cock was throbbing like crazy,i could tell from her breathing she was close to cuming,then she put the vibe in my mouth,fuck she tasted good and as she watched me suck her cum juice off her other hand pumped her pussy to she came,she collapsed on back on the stool for a few moments,then licked her lips and said right now your turn i know youv looked at my body so many times but what you didnt know is since the day you got with mum ive fantasised over fucking you and i knew mum was out coz she asked me to go shopping with her but i said i was doing something else,she then licked down my cheast and pulled my rock hard throbbing cock out,she licked up and down my shaft i was panting like crazy,i told her that she had me so excited i hadnt been this hard for ages,she smiled and lowered her mouth over my cock, she sucked and licked me ,i said im not gonna last long you have me so worked up,i know she said im gonna suck you dry,she went on sucking ,please baby girl suck me know,oh god yes im cuming she sucked harder as i exploded into her mouth,she kept sucking i was being drained dry.she got up and showed me the cum in her mouth dribbled a little down her chin and then swallowed the rest,i need some decorating done at my house im gonna ask mum if you will do it,then we can fuck and you can feel my body for the first time,when that happens i will post,,bekieve me this is real
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4 years ago
he still got the point across and i want to do his daughter too
4 years ago
it is a true story guys,i know a lot on here are made up,i really cant wait for the decorating,and yeah memories came flooding back when i typed it,next time i will edit!!!
4 years ago
Story is good and hot ;)P - but spelling not up to level, indeed!
One should always re-read and edit a bit, before posting.
No matter how hot you got from typing it in!
4 years ago
Love the concept...
4 years ago
Who taught you how to write?