My Pool Day With s*s

Seeing as everyone enjoyed my last story about me and my s*s, here's another one. This happened a little while ago during one of those HOT days...

Things with me and my s*s have just the same as they have been, keep it normal when we're around our parents and when we're by ourselves we fuck like rabbits. Anyway lately it’s been the same old same old, but recently it’s gotten much hotter, and I realized we had a pool and Jacuzzi in our housing complex that no one ever uses and is secluded from all the houses and from people being able to see in.

I was just sitting on the couch watching TV and looking at porn on my iPhone, mom was at work and dad was in his office working, I turned off the TV and went to go find my s*s and ask her if she wanted to go to the pool with me, I hadn't seen her in what was about an hour, I passed the kitchen and bathroom and was making my way towards our room when I heard faint moans and gagging.

Hearing this from outside the door made me instantly hard. When I opened the door I saw my horny little s*s on the floor sitting bouncing up and down on her 16 inch dildo that was as wide as my forearm, she had it almost all the way up her tight ass and she was furiously fingering her gushing sopping wet pussy. And then I saw where the gagging sounds were coming from...

She had taken her 20 in double sided dildo and shoved more than half of it down her throat. I could see the bulge in her throat from the huge toy. I locked eyes with hers, all I could see was just pure lust and yearning for more in her eyes. She looked and the head of my raging hard cock that was sticking out the top of my shorts and then looked at me again. I knew what she wanted.

I walked in and closed and locked the door. Not breaking eye contact through this I walk over to her and push my shorts down. My hard member springing forward, smacking her in the face. She stares in my eyes moaning on the long dildo in her throat. I grab the end of the pink toy and started fucking her throat with her toy back and forth making her gag more and then in one fast yank pulled it out of her throat, making her gasp her air and cough.

I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back so she was looking up at me. I leaned down and kissed her mouth hard, swirling my tongue around hers. She continued to fuck her ass with her colossal dildo, moaning into my mouth. This was making me even harder, I pulled her head away from me, and whispered in her ear "You want to suck on this hard cock, don't you you little slut?" I looked in her eyes and she told me "Yes."

SMACK!! I slapped her face and asked her "Yes what?" She looked at me with that red mark on her face and said "Yes Daddy I want to suck your cock." I looked at her and said Good girl and grabbed my dick and shoved it in her eager mouth and buried it down her throat till my balls were resting on her chin. I proceeded to fuck her throat like she was a common whore while she still fingered her wet pussy and skewered her ass.

I had been fucking her face for what seemed to be forever but was probably around 15 minutes when she started bouncing up and down on her gargantuan sized dildo and started pulled her drenched dripping fingers out of her cunt and shoved two of them in my ass, causing me to thrust forward shoving my cock down her throat and cum in huge streams of warm jizz into her stomach. After I pulled my softening member from her mouth, she fell over onto her side, still twitching from the massive orgasm she had.

I kicked the dildo that was still in her ass, making her jump saying "Hey you want to go to pool in a bit?" She stood up letting the large rubber log slowly slide out of her ass and fall onto the floor with an audible thud. She looked at me and said that she'd love to. At this point now I'm watching her look through her closet for her favorite two piece. While she’s bending over i can see her asshole gaping still making me hard again. I had recently purchased a remote control X-large Vibrating butt plug from some website, I hadn’t told her about it yet.

I grabbed it from the box under my bed and set it on the chair behind her. I grabbed her shoulders and led her backwards to the chair and told her to sit down. She asked me why and I told her it was a surprise and as she started to sit down, her asshole hit the tip of the plug. She gave out an "oooh" and started sitting lower and pushing down harder. She was almost past the widest part when she told me "I don't think I can get it in on my own. Will you help me?" In which I grabbed her shoulders and pushed down hard till I heard her ass slap the chair.

She stood up and walked around feeling it inside her. She turned around and gave me a hug telling me "Thanks I've been needed a bigger one." She gave me a long hard kiss and then went back to finding her bikini. She told me to close my eyes, so I played along and closed my eyes. When she said I could open them I almost came again when I saw her swimsuit. It was new; she must have just bought it. It was made of black vinyl material and was tight.

Her top barely covered half of her 40DD Tits, her hard nipples were visibly poking through the top and the bottoms were so small the vinyl was clinging to her camel toe so tightly she might as well not be wearing them and when she turned around I was rewarded with a thong back being devoured by her ass that would make Alexis Texas jealous and because her ass is so big u can't see the base of the plug in her ass.

So we grabbed our stuff and told our dad we were heading to the pool he just gave an acknowledging mumble and we left. We were out the door when I remembered I forgot the remote for my toy's toy and I ran back inside and grabbed it. I grabbed the suntan lotion as well as a cover up for going inside, but I'm glad I grabbed it.

When we got to the pool no one was there as usual....perfect. I had her lay out on a long lounge chairs on her stomach. I sat on her back and started rubbing lotion on her. This of course made me hard, causing my rod to dig into her back. She then started to moan "Mmmm that feels good." I asked "Which part?" she playfully responded with "Guess?" I kept rubbing her all over making sure I get her bubble butt and getting a few good slaps on it making it jiggle. I then turned her over and rubbed lotion over her large tits, pinching her hard nips making her squeal.

We got up and when she wasn't looking I grabbed her tits from behind tightly and threw ourselves in the pool. Shortly after this we got out realizing the water was way too cold even for a warm day. We both got into the jet stream Jacuzzi and started to warm up. We started kissing and grabbing each other, while her eyes were closed trying to play with my tonsils I grabbed the remote from my bag and flipped it on. I watched her eyes open wide immediately and I looked right in them and said "Surprise."

As luck would have it an older couple walks in and gets in the Jacuzzi. We had made things look normal between us as soon as we heard the gate, but I left the plug on. We started talking with them about random bullshit, while I continued to turn the intensity on her plug higher and higher till you could almost hear it. I was loving watching her try and keep it together and stay cool. But she couldn't she was squirming and she was stammering her words.

She finally looked at me and said "she wasn't feeling good" and wanted to go home. She did her best to get out of the hot tub as normal as possible. We grabbed our stuff and went home, once we got home we went in the bathroom and took off our swimsuits. I pulled the plug out her ass leaving it a gaping aura and we got in the shower and I fucked her loose ass like my life depended on it. She started moaning so loud I had to put my hand on her mouth and continued to fuck her wet ass. After 20 minutes of our skin making wet slapping sounds I came hard and deep in her ass.

We got out and dried off, she picked up her plug and licked it clean. We then went in our room got into my bed. Spooned close together and she whispered in my ear "Thank you for a wonderful day, I loved it when you teased me in front of that couple. I love my new toy, I can't wait to wear it to school tomorrow." I simply told her "Your welcome." and we went to sl**p.

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1 year ago
All sisters deserve a vibrating, pulsing ten inch dong for her pussy, and her brother should be the master of the remote, and make damned sure it is vibrating all day long--from high to low to high in ten-minute intervals!! Of course she should not wear panties, so she has pussy honey running down the inside of her thighs all day, and evening at home. She would have full-time dilemmas trying to keep her parents from seeing the pussy juice running down her legs. And she should never leaver home without it!! Never, ever!
1 year ago
Love it
2 years ago
Very hott.
2 years ago
Those fucking young, teen brothers are the most devilish imps on the planet!! Of course, there are sisters that "tolerate" their brother's bad behaviors. And ooooh my, what a corrupting combination!
3 years ago
Fucking awesome! !! I only wish we could see her body.
3 years ago
well done
3 years ago
an awesome story. wish i had a sister like that.
3 years ago
well mate, you know what I think of that. You have a vivid imagination! Well done!
3 years ago
oh man that way beyond
3 years ago
Awesome. :D
3 years ago
nice story
4 years ago
You own your sister's ass, brother.
4 years ago
naughty naughty very hot & horny