Fairytale Adventures Ch.6 Kristen Meets The Candle

Kristen had been right, the pleasant weather seemed to have melted away, and she was quite sure that it was going to be cold enough to snow by the time the sun was completely down. Naked, she ran through the woods, trying to heat up her body. When she saw a light through the trees, she immediately went towards it, heedless of where it might lead to as long as she could be warm and inside.

The wind picked up as she found herself standing in front of a huge castle, an iron gate swinging in the wind. Teeth chattering, she hurried up the stone walkway, banging on the huge double doors.

"Hello?" she called, rubbing her arms and hopping from foot to foot as the wind bit into her bare skin, "Hello is anyone there?"

No one answered, but the door suddenly swung open. A little creeped out, Kristen wasn't going to question it and immediately jumped inside, just as the first of the snow started to fall from the sky. It was still a bit chilly in the Great Hall, but at the top of a long row of stairs and to the left there seemed to be a warm flickering light.

Kristen hurried towards it, following the light down the hall and into a room. The moment she stepped inside it was as though she was awash in heat, and she sighed happily as the roaring fireplace filled the room with warmth. The goose bumps on her skin faded, although her nipples were still hard, and she practically fell onto the huge fuzzy carpet on the floor in front of the fire.

Nuzzling into the softness, Kristen fell almost immediately asl**p.


When she finally awoke, Kristen found that she was just as warm, but that she couldn't move. Her hands were above her head, and tilting her head back she saw that they seemed to be tied to something, a table perhaps? But she knew that the table had not been there when she'd fallen asl**p. Her legs were spread and each ankle tied to a chair and a couch, both which she was sure had not been there either.

Wriggling, Kristen could feel the soft carpet rubbing against her buttocks sensuously, almost as if the carpet was caressing her ass.


But then something happened that was even more absurd... a candlestick, with three candle-holders (and only one lit candle) hopped onto her stomach. Kristen stared at the moving piece of decoration in complete shock.

It dripped hot wax onto her right nipple and Kristen screamed, thrashing against her bonds... it was so hot and burning! Her nipple immediately puckered beneath the wax in pain, and the candle stick dripped more onto it. Kristen's mind was having trouble wrapping around the idea that she was being sexually tortured by an inanimate object, until she realized where she was.

That old witch! The next fairy tale in the book had been Beauty and the b**st... where the furniture were actually humans, changed by a spell! Kristen moaned as she realized that the candlestick on her stomach was probably enjoying this... and was probably a man. But she didn't moan too loudly... she wasn't so sure she wanted to see the b**st.

So when the candle started dripping wax all over her right breast, and then made a steady line over to her left and that nipple, the most sound that Kristen let out was an agonized hiss. Agonized and yet turned on too. The pain was erotic, hot, the smell of the wax causing some kind of reaction in her brain.

The candlestick dripped was onto her breasts and stomach until that candle was half out... the other two were still as long and fat as ever when it hopped down between her spread thighs.

Kristen gasped as she felt the fat tallows pressing against her pussy and ass... looking around at the amount of furniture that was surrounding her, she wondered just how many people were watching her about to get fucked by a candle. The two candles at her entrances began to push in, and Kristen gasped.

They were thick, VERY thick, and pushing into both her holes at once. Her ass seemed to stretch unbearably, having gotten used to being left alone recently. Wiggling, Kristen gasped and moaned as the candlestick began working its candles in and out of her holes, moving them deeper and deeper with each twin thrust.

Moving her hips up and down Kristen humped against the candle's thrusts, feeling the waxy objects sliding inside her. They were bumpy in some places, smooth in others....

And then she shrieked as the candle stick dripped a tiny drop of wax onto her clit. It burned, painfully and erotically, her holes tightening down on the thrusting candles as she writhed in pleasure.

A second drop of wax was dripped onto the lips of her pussy and Kristen screamed, her orgasm coming stunningly hard. She never knew that she had such a penchant for pain... her breasts and nipples were encased in wax, and now two waxy candles were shoving in and out of her pussy and ass at a bruising pace, while her most tender area had hot wax slowly dripping on it. And she couldn't stop cumming.

Writhing and crying out, Kristen kept cumming until her entire groin was covered with wax. Then, as she lay there exhausted, an angry and confused face suddenly appeared above her. It was hairy, more like a b**st's than human, with long teeth and fur, and very frightening eyes.

Exhausted from being constantly fucked by the candle, and her orgasms, and the entire day, not to mention frightened out of her wits, Kristen fainted.
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