Fairytale Adventures Ch.5 BIG Bad Wolf

Red smiled at Kristen as the Wolf advanced on her, "Good afternoon darling... I have to get to Grandma's house you know, but the Big Bad Wolf here would like some of your time. It was a good fuck!"

Kristen gasped as Red pulled the cape that had been covering her away, she wanted to scramble away and run as Red skipped down the path away from her, leaving her with the Wolf, but she couldn't. Then she screamed as the Wolf nosed between her legs.

"STOP IT!" she shrieked, "I'M NOT INTO b**stIALITY!"

She could swear the Wolf was laughing at her as it used one paw to hold down her left thigh, "You weren't into Lesbianism either before this though... and I'm not a b**st anyway. I'm a fairy tale creature."

"It's the same thing..." Kristen moaned, tears coming to her eyes as she recognized the oncoming, demanding, impossible refuse need for an orgasm that had haunted her existence in this world.

"No, it's very different," and the Wolf's long pink tongue flicked out and hit her pussy dead on. Kristen gasped and fell back, her breasts heaving as the f***e of her desire hit her... it was worse than ever, she couldn't even think of resisting as the tongue began to lave her pussy. It felt horribly good. "How many a****ls do you know that could talk?"

Kristen moaned, unable to answer, unable to even look at where her incredible pleasure was coming from as the fairy tale Wolf continued to eat her out. She could feel an orgasm coming on, but somehow it didn't feel like it was going to be big enough, like her body was telling her that this wasn't all...

Writhing in front of the huge creature, Kristen clutched at its furry head... she could feel its long teeth brushing against her pussy and thighs as it licked her, adding an element of danger to everything. His tongue was rough, long, pressing against her... her body thrashed as she began to cum.

"OH GOD!" She screamed, her intense humiliation adding to her orgasm, "YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She could swear that the Wolf was chuckling low in its throat at her predicament, her utter debasement as she orgasmed for him. He kept licking at her juices until she was utterly spent before him... and yet she still felt like she needed something even more. Kristen moaned as she realized that her time with the Wolf wasn't over...

The Wolf walked up her body, four legs on either side of her, until its long red dick was in her face. Looking below him, the Wolf ordered, "Suck on it slut."

A few tears trickled down her cheeks as Kristen opened her mouth and complied... it was hot inside her mouth, against her tongue... and the Wolf growled low in his throat with pleasure as she began to suck it. Kristen continued crying as she sucked on the large fairy tale a****l, not because she didn't want to suck him, but because there was a part of her reveling in this sexual deviation, enjoying it... and even hoping for more.

The long dick grew even bigger in her mouth, and she moaned as she realized that the Wolf hadn't even been fully hard... he was huge! So much wider and longer than any human... and suddenly Kristen realized that was what Red had meant when she'd told the Wolf that she'd gotten Kristen "ready"! The fisting had been to prepare Kristen to be fucked by the Big Bad Wolf!

Her pussy starting to get wetter in anticipation, she squeezed her thighs together to create a kind of pressure on her pussy lips and clit. It was as though her body had decided that since she wasn't going to be able to get away, she might as well enjoy it! Just as she had enjoyed everything else, even when she'd resisted. Even her mouth became more eager, sliding up and down the Wolf's dick, her upper body supported on her arms so that her breasts were pressing into his soft fur.

Suddenly the Wolf backed away from her, and she let him out of her mouth reluctantly.

"Get on all fours," he ordered, licking his chops. Kristen eagerly turned over and got on her hands and elbows, presenting her upturned ass to him. He chuckled, "Eager little bitch aren't you?"

Kristen moaned as he began to climb on top of her, his silky fur pressing against her back and ass and his panting breath on her hair as the long, thick, red dick nudged between her pussy lips. She gasped as it began to open her up, her pussy stretching around it. Quite aware of the picture she must make, being the Big Bad Wolf's bitch, Kristen didn't care... she was horny and she wanted it from one of the most famous fairy tale villains!

Wriggling and moaning, she humped back against him as he filled her pussy with his meat.

"That's right, take it," he growled, "You like being my bitch don't you slut?"

She gasped as he slid fully inside her, filling her entire pussy, "Oh god yes, I like being your bitch!"

The Wolf began to thrust back and forth, humping her madly as she moaned and pushed back against him, feeling the uncomfortable and yet pleasurable stretch of her body against him. Her mind rationalized everything as she yielded to the Wolf's cock... after all, it wasn't as if he was a REAL a****l.

Then, as she could feel her orgasm growing, Kristen also felt something pushing against her pussy lips, something wide and big, trying to stretch her even further open.

"Oh God...." she said as her pleasure built and her fear at that wide pushing, slight pain as it began to enter her body. The Wolf's thrusts were getting shorter as he tried to f***e the large thing in, "OH GOD... WHAT IS IT?"

"It's my knot," the Wolf growled, "I'm gonna breed you like the bitch you are."

Kristen screamed in agonizing orgasm as a particularly violent thrust finally pushed the knot into her body... it was HUGE, painful, and yet gave her the most intense pleasure of her life. Perhaps that's what it would have felt like if Red had pulled her fist all the way out and then slammed in back in. Groveling on the ground beneath him, Kristen writhed in ecstacy, her pussy being filled with his cum, none of it spilling out because the width of the knot kept it inside her.

The Wolf was howling as he filled her pussy with cum, and she crouched exhausted underneath him, her pussy sore and aching from all the abuse it had taken that day. Groaning, Kristen tried to crawl away from him, starting to feel her shame at having fucked a wolf - even a talking one. Then she shrieked as the knot pulled painfully at her pussy.

Laughing, the Wolf said, "You're stuck to me for at least ten more minutes slut... I doubt you'd be able to get that thing back out when you're not being distracted by an orgasm."

Kristen cried in humiliation beneath him, waiting for the knot to shrink to the point where she could pull away. She wasn't humiliated because she'd been fucked by a fairy tale Wolf, but because she'd enjoyed it so much. And because, even though she was no longer feeling the sexual compulsion that always started her encounters, she kind of wanted to do it again.

Fortunately, before she could get up the nerve to ask the Wolf looked up at the position of the sun and said, "Thanks for the fuck sweetheart, but I gotta go catch Red before she gets to Grandma's. That little bitch asks for it every Wednesday... and if I don't get there soon the Woodcutter will have her all fucked out."

And with that he ran off. Gathering herself together, Kristen walked naked through the woods, cum trickling down her legs. Soon she came to a stream where she bathed... and then on the banks of the stream, in the grass, she masturbated.... on all fours with her whole hand up her pussy.

When she continued onward, Kristen noticed that the air was getting colder. Shivering, she hoped to find shelter soon... somehow she felt that the bout of pleasant weather that she'd experienced was not going to last.

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