sex with a latin mature pt 2

just 45 min from my godmother her i am horny still so after put up in the driveway i get a hard on so i zip down my jean take my 14 inch cock out start jerk off slow think back what happen at the gas station just as i am about my godmother come out it scare the hell out of me i did not see her because my eyes was close oh well later after eveing her tv show went off she went and took a shower and washer her hair about 30 min later i was going to take a shower ask i walk by her from the tv that was on my godmother was mastubation well i think she was breath hard her legs kept open at close her nipples was hard ask my dick so i went and took a shower went i kept my god mother was in the kitchen get some ice cream for her and me so we was watch the news my godmother couldnt keep her legs control she was breath hard she kept touch her her right breast so i fell sl**p about a hour later i was awake by something wet on my face my godmother was sitting on my face she said baby i am sorry i say it ok but you just could ask she said something went u get my age nobody want you for 60 years my godmother looking hot then some younger i grab her then i confess to her that i have feeling for her we look into each other eyes with tear of joy then we kiss for about then she took hold of my dick we to her she sat me on the bed we kiss some more then she ask the size of my dick i say 14 inch she say it want fits it her lil mouth yes it will we got into 69 she on top i was lick her pussy and lick her asshole she got all that monster dick in her mouth she suck to unload in her mouth she love my cum so much she took her bathrobe and black panties we went back to the bathroom to take a other shower then i decide to pee it her she love then i told her to turn a bent i piss it her asshole she love i piss on her tits she love she rise off i eat her her pussy i tongue fuck her pussy i lick her pussy an asshole i put my finger in asshole her hole was get tight she was cumming i jump up on top of her i grab hold of my monster dick put it in her move like a madmen then about the other lady at the gas station my godmother came on my that may it feel super then it my turn i took my monster out her i sat on her face her tongue up my ass chute then shot six nut on her face
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4 years ago
That was great you write like you think thats ok i understood your story hope you write some more thanks
4 years ago
a lil'bit hard to follow