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Hi to all this story is about a year it happen in a little in new jersy i am a male black about 58 260 lbs med bulid every weekend i make the drive to jersey to see my mom it was warm summer day i kept think about a blowjob and some hot hot ass to fuck while on the turnpike i stop at my favorite gas stationgas used the mens room which stink like hell wash my hands head to the foodcourts to get some to eat and drink i was stand behind this mid-age house lady she look about 66 i means she look good white a fat tight ass big tits nice dick suck lips well the place was petty full so we share a table i ask her her name she said pearl after the small talk and eating our food she said i reminder her of her husband who past away 29 something years oh well well she ask me wish i was going i say south she said washinton dc we talk some more then to the big truck we went we drove over were the big truck parkwe let the back seat down in my truck we start a long kiss and foreplay she took off her jeans and had on a black thong she took off her shirt and had a push up bra black we kiss some more kiss me all over my chest she took out my 14 uncut dick and said all my prays been answer i push my big dick in her mouth she was sucking like a pro slick the side my balls and my she wash my asshole out with her tongue then she my my big dick in her mouth and was sucking like she was tried to suck chicken off a bone i stuck my finger in her big fat asshole she like it kept push my dick down her thoat to i came i must have shot six load then she took my dick out of her mouth and said DAMN just like her husband i told her to laid back i suck on hers tits lick my way down to her pussy she opening her pussy and her clit pop out i lick suck her juice out she one hand on the back of my head and said she was was cumming her grip got tight then she yell i was like a dog lapping up her juice her grip got lose then we stare into each other eyes and she ask who r u and i said just a friend then we exchange phone number then i was get a other hard on then ask her can fuck her in her fat ass she i was going to ask she turn her ass tight and smooth i start kiss her cheeks then she open her as i eat her ass hole out i tongue fuck her ass then put my 14 inch dick in her she came i nut all over her face she got and head back to the bathroom i got dress hop up in the front put on some country music .pt 2 cumming real soon
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