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The work week had been a long one. Typical frustrations, and the rewards which go with them, were on my mind as I prepared to leave the office for the weekend. Though tired and bit apprehensive, I was looking foreword, with great anticipation, to what the evening might hold. I packed up, locked up, and hopped in my car.

As the week began to fade into my review mirror, thoughts of her crept into my mind.

I had begun exchanging email with her a few weeks prior. We had connected, initially, through a local listing in a 'free' rag found in some restaurants and bars throughout town. What had started as a sort of ruse, had turned into something more. I don't believe either of us expected anything to evolve from it, but here I was, on the way to meet her.

Our first contacts were innocent enough, witty banter back and forth. I could tell soon enough that she was quick with a quip, bright, interesting, and charming. This was not at all what I expected, and I was thrilled to have found someone for a give and take.

One day our messaging took a turn and we found ourselves deep into some serious sex stories and role play. This was very erotic and she was very good at it. The thought of her and her words made my dick swell in my jeans. She was a sexy lady.

We had exchanged some photos of each other, in various stages of dress. I found her to be beautiful as well. She was a few years older than me, with a great, hard, figure. Nice full breasts and an ass which brought a tear to my eye.

She must not have objected too much to what I had sent, because, again, here I was....

We had agreed to meet at a nearby hotel and see how well we could enact one of our more erotic messaging exchanges. I was a nervous wreck when I pulled in and parked.

I had given Beth the responsibility of getting the room, she had texted me with the room number prior to my leaving work. As I steadied myself, and knocked on the door, I was aware that my cock was still bulging in my pants and my stomach was in knots.

Beth answered the door. She was a vision of beauty. She had silky, shoulder length, light brown hair. Her brown eyes were framed in glasses. She had an inviting smile, and she greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. My apprehension melted away.

Her tits were perfect and they pushed through a soft pink T shirt. She had on some tan shorts. She looked as if she could have just been at the grocery store, and she was jaw dropping HOT. I closed the door behind me.

The only word she spoke, 'I want you to fuck me, NOW!'

My mind was racing as I quickly ran through our last message exchange. I thought my dick was going to rip through my pants. I grabbed her by the hair and spun her around. I kissed her neck and squeezed her tits. Even held back by her bra, I knew they were magnificent. She moaned with pleasure.

My hands raced up and down her body. Her shirt, effortlessly, hit the floor, her sexy little bra soon followed. I manipulated her nipples to her delight as I continued to nibble on her neck and ears. She leaned foreword a bit and her ass pushed up against my dick.

'I want you', she breathed.

I bent her down over the chair and pulled off her shorts. On my knees, directly behind her, I was staring at perfection. Light blue panties, which matched the bra, perfectly covered her ass. I buried my face deep between her ass cheeks and inhaled. It was glorious. She pulled my head closer and moaned for me to eat her.

I pushed her panties aside and began to dine on everything my tongue could reach. I felt her quiver and heard her implore me to lick her up.

I was going after her for all I was worth. I slapped her ass as she begged for more. I soon tasted her cum as she gushed on my face. I stood up and removed my pants. She had fallen to her knees when I picked her up and tossed her on the bed. I told her that now was the time for me to get what I came for. She nodded, rolled over, and stuck her ass in the air.

I ripped the panties off her glowing red butt and grabbed her hips. I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her vagina and clit. She was dripping with pleasure. I placed a few drops of lube on her asshole, she whimpered and came again. Very slowly, I began to encircle the area with my hard dick. Gradually, I added pressure to the muscle.

Soon, penetration was achieved. Slowly, gently, with determination, and a raging cock I began to push inside her. For good measure I slapped her ass a few times.

'I want you, fuck me hard', she begged.

As my movement grew more and more quick and aggressive, she moaned with pleasure. I reached around and felt her pussy. She was wet and swollen, I stroked her clit and inserted my thumb. I felt her shudder.

I pounded the ass and rode her hard. She was a puddle, when I finally pulled out and gave her another slap for for the effort.

Without hesitation she turned to face me. On her stomach, on the bed, with me standing in front of her, she took my bulging dick in her mouth. She had grabbed her own ankles as I pulled back on her hair. I fucked her mouth as she gagged and dripped.

Just before I was ready, I removed myself from her thankful mouth and rolled her over. With her head hanging off the edge of the bed, on her back, tits in the air, I straddled her face and she licked my balls. I blew my load all over this perfect creature. She rubbed my cum onto her tits has she continued to tongue fuck my nuts.

I licked my hand and gave her dripping pussy a nice tap. She squealed with delight.

I collapsed on the bed next to her, and without a word, we kissed and kissed each other like lovers.

Finally, we knew it was time. I gathered myself, stuffed her panties in my pocket, and headed for the door.

'I will send you an email', I whispered.

She smiled, 'You better'
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3 years ago
mmmm, What a well written story, very erotic, something that we all want it a way....
4 years ago
we would all like to turn our messaging into reality.
4 years ago
4 years ago
CINNAMON's BROTHER here, your story was perfect. Fantasy inferred accurately, you push my sister's buttons with each keystroke. Imagination conceived and confirmed now transends static dimensions. Reach in your pocket, her panties are really there.