Miss Beatty Pt. 2

Lauren had been ill at ease since her encounter with Miss Beatty. Five days had past since she was spanked and fucked on her teacher's desk. She trembled with lust at every thought of it. She had to sit through Liz Beatty's class twice since her experience, and that had proven to be very difficult. She couldn't keep her eyes off of the young teaches ass and her mind was a clutter of thoughts. Lauren's pussy poured out her juice and soaked her panties for nearly the entire 40 minutes of BOTH classes. She wanted Liz, again, more than ever

At one point during the second lesson, Miss Beatty had called up a couple students to finish some problems in front of the class. Liz was one of them. She shyly sauntered up to the front of the class and conspicuously brushed up against the teacher's desk. Miss Beatty locked eyes with her and looked less than pleased with the teen girl.

At one point during the exercise, Miss Beatty had come up behind Lauren and whispered in her ear, "I have your panties on."

Lauren nearly collapsed. She was flushed and she tingled all over. She imagined her lovely teachers pussy wrapped around her face. She stumbled through the math problem and then had to excuse herself from class.

That was two day ago and she was a beside herself with sexual frustration. Through all of this. Lauren was well aware that she had not see Barb Johnson. This worried her a bit, not that she was concerned for the woman, but she just found the lack of interaction a bit peculiar. This fact was doing nothing to ease her anxiousness.

Barb Johnson was a beautiful woman. She was confident, educated, and fun loving. Three years ago, when her sons had moved out of the house, she felt reborn. Now, at 43, she was as happy as she had ever been. She loved her husband, she loved her life, and she craved the young girl next door. Her control over Lauren had started about two years ago. Lauren had just started to drive, and late one afternoon, while Lauren's parents were away, the girl had 'borrowed' her parents car to go to the mall with some friends. When she returned, she backed onto Barb's flower bed and destroyed some prize rose bushes.

Barb, took the opportunity to become quite familiar with the girl's well sculpted ass. What began as a simple, disciplinary, corporal punishment, culminated with an unabashed, violent spanking. Both women were so overcome with emotion and feelings for each other, that the relationship evolved. Now, Barb 'owned', the young girl, and Lauren had learned her rightful position in the woman's life. They needed each other.

The sun had risen on a Saturday morning and Lauren could not pry herself from the window. Looking down at the Johnson's driveway, waiting for a glimpse of the Matron, she saw nothing. Lauren was not in any position to go over there, she could never intrude, but she had to do something.

She slipped on some tiny workout shorts over her little, silky, pink and black panties. The panties were tight over her firm ass and the shorts hugged her perfectly. She snapped a matching bra in place over her 36 C breasts. Over her head she pulled on a white tank top. Her bra shown through the T, she was pleased when she looked in the mirror

Lauren ran down the stairs of her empty house. She was going to get Mrs. Johnson's attention one way or the other. She went out the door and started to sweep the driveway....right outside the kitchen window of her target.

She thought, at first, that she may look a bit ridiculous with a broom in her hand, dressed as she was. But that thought soon passed when she heard a tapping on the window behind her. She turned and saw Mrs Johnson motioning her to come inside. Lauren dropped the broom and bounced up the steps to the side door. Barb Johnson let her in.

Barb had been cleaning up after breakfast. Her husband had left early to play golf, and she was thinking about filling her day with odds and ends. When she noticed Lauren outside, her pussy became wet, her nipples hardened, and she knew, with all the pleasant thoughts in her head, what the next few hours held in store.

With the perky teen playfully bouncing around in her kitchen, Barb had to steady herself. The taste of the young pussy was on the forefront of her mind. But it was her duty to wait, and wait she would.

'It has been too long, Lauren. How have you been?' Barb tried to sound confident and unhurried.

Lauren's stomach was in knots, she began to blush, 'I have been good.'

'NO, you have not! tell me about your detention' Barb raised her voice.

Lauren knew this was coming, she wanted it , she need it. 'I don't have any excuse, Mrs. Johnson, I am sorry for misbehaving', she whispered.

'Come with me', snapped Barb, as she grabbed the girl by the back of the neck.

Mrs Johnson directed the girl down the hallway into a spare bedroom. There, in the corner, was an ottoman. Lauren's knees were weak. Barb grabbed at the teen girl's perfect tits and tore away at her tank top. Lauren gasped and tried to kiss the women. Barb, backed away and slapped the girl's breast. She pulled her right tit out of the sexy pink and black bra and pinched the nipple. A rush of ecstasy engulfed Lauren.

Just then the girl was on her knees, chest down over the ottoman. Mrs Johnson skillfully had manipulated the pull ropes from the d****s and tied the girls hands to the sturdy piece of furniture. The masterly way which this was achieved was not lost on Lauren. She wanted what was coming to her more that ever.

Unable to move her hands, her legs still free, the teenage girl thrust her hips up and cried for Mrs. Johnson to give her what she deserved.

'Please, Mrs Johnson', she wailed, 'Please, I have been a naughty little whore.'

'I know you have my dear,' came the calm reply. 'That is why your punishment will be so severe.'

Lauren's pussy opened up like a faucet. She began to cry, so overcome with emotion.

the next thing Lauren knew, Barb Johnson was off in the corner of the room, She seemed to be on the phone, but the restraints kept the girl from turning to see.

'Can you get here soon? I have a surprise for you.' Barb breathlessly said.

As she took in the glorious sight of her beautiful little neighbor, tied to her furniture, face down, ass up, waiting, dripping, anxious for her punishment. Barb was overcome with her love for the you girl. She moved to an angle where Lauren could see her, and slowly started to undress. 'Please, Please, Please Mrs Johnson', Lauren begged.

Lauren watched as her dominant lover removed her shirt, then her jeans. Her glorious mature body was a masterpiece. Lauren fought the restraints.

Barb was left with only her matching white bra and panties. She too was soaking wet and had already felt the pleasure of at least two orgasms during the bounding of the girl.

Barb walked in front of the teenager and placed her wet pussy just out of reach of the girl's tongue as Lauren strained to lick at the moist pie.

'Not yet, my sweet', Barb purred. with that, she walked behind Lauren and yanked down her shorts. They were so tight against the girl's ass, she ripped them a bit as the reached the floor. Barb was flush when she saw the little pink and black panties. The sight was one to behold. a perfect ass with sexy little panties.

'Did you put these on for me?' Barb inquired, as she felt the onset of another orgasm.
'Yes, Yes...Please' Lauren moaned.

Contently, Barb knelled down, took a deep breath and inhaled the sweet smell of the girl's wet pussy, her soaking wet panties, and her wonderful, intoxicating ass.

From out of nowhere came the SMACK. Shocking both women with the intensity. another, SMACK! SMACK! Lauren yelled out. She had not seen the ruler, but knew the sensation, The stinging briefly startled her but soon she regained her senses. She tried to spread her legs further apart, but Mrs Johnson had left her shorts around her ankles. SMACK

With every hit, each woman shuddered. Barb was beside herself with shear pleasure...the pink panties, the wet pussy, the glowing red ass. It was perfection.

Lauren was tearing uncontrollably. The waves of orgasms was exhausting. She whimpered with pleasure.

Then she felt nothing, but a sharp, lingering pain. Barb Johnson was soon gently stroking the girl's aching ass with her long fingernails. Lauren got goose bumps.

Miss Beatty had quietly entered the room and had watched, excitedly, the spanking Barb administered to the girl. With a break in the beating, She took the opportunity to advance on Mrs Johnson. The two women were ravenous for one another. Kissing, grabbing, biting, sucking. They were all over the room. Lauren was able to turn her head and witness the two insatiable women tear at each other. Shocked, she did not know what to do.

Now on the floor directly on front of the girl, Liz Beatty was on her hands and knees with her face buried in Barb's pussy. The white panties pulled to the side, Liz licked and licked at the woman's hardened clit.

'She is wonderful at eating my pussy.' Barb gushed in Lauren's direction.

The girl had nothing to say, still shocked, stunned, confused, beside herself with arousal, she was speechless. The tongue fuck went on for a few more minutes. When the women stopped, they liked their lips and glared at the bound teen. Lauren felt a wave of excitement.

Liz was still partially dressed in a jean skirt and T shirt. She undressed in front of both women who eyed her eagerly. Barb then pulled out a strapon dildo from under the bed and helped Liz buckle it on. Barb moaned with anticipation though she knew it wasn't meant for herself. Lauren knew as well.

From behind, Liz grabbed Lauren's perfect ass, gave her a nice spank and removed the girl's panties. Before handing them to Barb, Liz took a nice sniff of the wonderful aroma which as part of the silky material. Barb did the same, then stuffed the panties in the girl's mouth.

At that instant, Lauren felt the firm, thick, rubber dildo begin to probe around her asshole. She came hard. Mrs Johnson had once again placed her pussy within inches of Lauren's nose. With her own panties being used as a gag, Lauren could do nothing but breathe in the magical scent.

Barb knew that Liz had entered the tight asshole of the young girl when she notice Lauren's eyes grow wide.

Liz began to slam the girl and spank her ass. With every thrust, the 24 year old math teacher experienced an earth shaking orgasm. She wondered, oddly, what kind of grade the 18 year old girl , she was merciless fucking in the ass, deserved. She came again.

Barb held the girls head in her hand as she writhed with pleasure. Lauren' body was moving rhythmically with the pounding she was receiving and her muffled moans told Barb all she needed. Her girl was in heaven.

Lauren's nose was now pressed up against Mrs Johnson's pussy. and with every push from behind, she felt as if she was fucking her neighbor with her face. The panties shoved in her mouth were stifling. The ass pounding she was receiving from her sexy calculus teacher was a Divine, aching, pleasure. The intense orgasms, her dripping pussy, her bound hands....she loved it all.

Lauren felt as if she may loose consciousness, her senses so overloaded, when Barb pulled the panties out of her mouth. She took a much need breath of air and a audible gasp. 'FUCK ME! HARDER!' she implored her teacher. Liz was loosing strength, she was dripping from every pore on her body, yet she could not dare let go of the sexy little girl she was fucking.

Just then, Barb Johnson had turned and placed her own ass right in front of Lauren's face. With one hand she grabbed the girl's hair and pushed her between her ass cheeks.

'Lick me, you little whore', Barb moaned.

Lauren's tongue darted in and out of her mouth as she tickled her neighbors asshole. Lauren was overcome and weak, yet the pleasure was unrelenting. With her own saliva dripping down Mrs Johnson ass and mixing with the woman's pussy juice, Lauren lapped and sucked at every drop.

Each woman soon collapsed in a heap of ecstasy. The room was wrapped in the scent of dripping wet sex. No one spoke.

Finally, Mrs Johnson untied the girl and told her to gather her things.
'Leave your panties for me!' Liz Beatty chimed, with a quick wink in the direction of Barb.

The young girl with a sore ass, tried to compose herself and headed for the door. The two women watched as she silently exited the room. They loved her.

Lauren returned to her own, still empty, home. She knew that now, both of these women owned her. That she was their play thing. She knew she would do anything for them.

She quivered with excitement as she began to think of another plan to seduce her sexy neighbor who she wanted so badly. Now she had Miss Beatty as well. She smiled in spite of herself as she slowly made her way up the stairs to her room.
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3 years ago
very good but over to fast
4 years ago
awsome story
4 years ago
Loved part 2
4 years ago
Loved it, keep up the good work.. it keeps me wet ..
4 years ago
Very erotic story. I give it 5 stars.
4 years ago
great fantasy