My 1st Mature

This story is completely true.

A while ago i was in a pub after work down my local and after about my 3rd pint a group of 6 mature women walk in so as im male i look over and give them the once over. 1 caught my eye so after a while she came up to the bar to order a bottle of wine so i say the usual chat up lines but none of them worked and my mates laughed. When she walked back to her mates she must of said something because they all looked at me and giggled like a school girls. So after being rejected i said to my mates "Going for a piss" while i walked away to the loo's i thought to my self what a shit chat up line. So when i got to the toilets i do the usual releive my self and while i was washing my hands i heard the door go and i just thought id woule be another regular but when i turned round there was that mature lady. She was a ginger haired lady quite tall but the figure of a 18 year old nice tits and an arse that u could rest a drink on. So without saying anything she walked over and put here hands down my trousers and then said "so u wanna fuck me then young man" so me being a horny 19 year old my reply was "Of course". So she dragged me to a cubicle and hitched up her skirt and bent over the toilet, so i pulled down her thong and started to rub my hard cock down her slit to tease her. So after bout couple of minutes of teasing and fingering i finally slipped my cock into her suprisingly tight pussy and started to fuck her the hardest i have ever done. After a while i felt i was gonna come so i told her i was near as soon as i said it she turned over and went to her knees and took my whole length in her throat then i shot my load in her throat and she looked at me with satisfaction in her eyes. She then swapped places to me and sat me down on the toilet she too off her thong gave them to me then sorted her self out then walked out. Baring in mind this is my 1st mature and the most random fuck ive ever had so i calmed down walked out and she and her friends had gone. Ive never seen her again but i still have her thongs and i still have the memory of my 1st mature.

My 1st story please tell me if good or bad i dont mind.
80% (16/4)
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4 years ago
did like it
4 years ago
good but short
4 years ago
This was hot i would have liked more story but it was great thanks
4 years ago
good bit short :) could of explained abit more! but good