meeting investors

Two months after Laura introduced me to girl on girl lovemaking, she told me to free a Saturday night because it was time to “show me off”.

Laura said to wear my hair down, wear a sun dress, thong and no bra.

We were invited over to her friend’s home, a wealthy woman in her 50’s. Pat was nice looking woman with short reddish blonde hair, had kept in shape but was as I know now as rather butch in tendency. She was not married but lived with another butch type named Sue that owned a restaurant.

Both were very good hosts and very homey and friendly. Both Pat and Sue were very touchy people, constantly touching hands and shoulders as they showed me around the house and then led us into a big living room. We had very good light appetizers and some very good wine.

Pat then spoke up as Sue put on some smokey jazz in the background. “Laura, is it not true Sherry here has an extraordinary sexy but innocent body? “I would really like a look “

Laura came over and pulled my sun dress over my shoulders exposing my breasts, gave me a peck on the cheek and lowered the dress to the floor. Pat looked like she was ready to pounce.

Sue came over and fondled my tits and pinched my nips. I was a bit afraid. Laura had a small video camera and took a few minutes of tape. Sue ran her hands on my waist and hips commenting how well I looked in the bathing suit shots. …so that is how I ended up here…these two were investors that Laura had in her company. Pat got up and told me to follow her. Sue and Laura went down a hall. Pat brought me to her bedroom.

She pulled me close and kissed me deep. I returned her kiss and was feeling excited with this new encounter. Pat removed golf skirt. She had me unclasp her bra. She had firm breasts, larger than I thought they would be. Her nipples were huge. Large areolas… What my hubby calls pancake nips, her actual nips were hard like thimbles in a turgid sea of brown against pale white with a spray of freckles on her chest.

Her panties came off and I saw a full rusty color bush on her pussy…what a contrast to my shaven bald pussy that Laura had taught me to maintain.

We were on the bed making out, lot of kissing and touching that I crave. Pat was so good, she had my body on fire. She was playing with my pussy as I fed on her nipples. Pat rubbed her muff against me, it was such a turn on. Pat’s clit was extended like a mini penis, I could feel it rub on my body.

Soon Pat had me between her legs, her pussy was flowing, she called me sweetie and honey as she told me to make her cum. I did my best, her bush absorbing her pussy juice and what I found the next day, actually roughed my face and chin.
My mouth and fingers brought Pat to a climax. She was very happy with me. Pat then said she was going to fuck me.

She went to a walk in closet and came out with a harness and large black dildo. I was a virgin for all purposes! Laura had told Pat this and Pat wanted to fuck me. Evidently, I was a prize for this butch lesbian.

Pat stepped into her harness and adjusted the cock. She approached me and began kissing me again. She was good! I was wet from her and fingers and she went down on me again. Fingering me and opening me up with two and three fingers. Pat climbed up over me and we kissed some more, her hand went down, I met her hand with mine and we guided the fat black mushroom head to my pussy lips…slowly she pushed forward, in the matter of 8 to 10 strokes she was deep in me, being a gentle lover. The fullness of each stroke had me in heaven, my head tossing and hips arching to meet her slow strokes.

Pat rolled me to my side and slide in scissors style, the cock felt so good against my clit and I was getting wetter. Her hands were free and she guided my hip with her top hand and with the hand under my waist she played with my tits.
To finish our fuck she positioned me doggy, my ass up in the air. As she got into her final position she had me lick my juices off her cock, nuzzling her pussy as I did so.

She enter my pussy from behind, grabbed my hips and fucked me with a stroke and intensity few men ever did since. We both came hard, me very hard. I was bruised, my tongue sore and my face roughed up from that full muff.

We were arm and arm and looked for Sue and Laura. Sue had Laura doggy too…but was drilling her in the ass, Laura loving every bit of the fuck.

Later that night Pat took me back to her bed and we fell into a sweet 69. She played with my ass as I did hers. She taught me how to find a G spot with my fingers. I was in heaven that night.

We had several such nights until I graduated from college. Eventually, Pat let me use toys and a strap on with her. Once both Sue and Pat used me but that was more humiliating than pleasurable. Sue was a bit more on the sadistic side than what I care for…..

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1 month ago
Pat's bush and clit sound very fun, butch pussy can be very enjoyable and gets very wet...
2 years ago
Enjoyed the story. Sounds like a fun time. I'd love to hear more of your girl/girl fun.
And as I know you enjoyed my video,, I am adding a couple more in the next 2 days.
Hope you enjoy.
2 years ago
Yuk. Use a lawn mower on that dykes brillo pad
2 years ago