The naughty neighbor affair

The Naughty neighbor affair...

The apartment was all quiet ,I was home all alone for the day.. I was wandering what
I could do to keep my self entertained? Hmmm I thought "Booty call" I decided
to text my neighbor since he was off work and see if he was tied up with the wife
or see if he had some free time for some fun... fingers crossed.. he was was free
and he could stop by ... my body began to tingle with anticipating his reply ,
than my phone buzzed and he said yeah he was free he stop by after lunch
which certainly put a smile on my face, so I went up and took a shower and
done my hair and make up and slipped on a leopard silk lingereah with
thigh highs and some heels... because it was certainly goin to be a wild ride ...

i heard a knock on the front door so I went down stairs to answer the door.
a smile was all that was needd as he looked me up and down my gown gaping
open to reveal my lingereah,.He pounced through the door grabbing me and
flingeing me against the wall as he started ravishing my neck with kisses,sending
tingling sensation from head to toe, we slowly started up the stairs as I was
pinned against the wall he spins me around and i grabbed his hands and I
led him up the stairs with excitement ..we burst through the bedroom door,
I ripped off his shirt before flinging him on to the bed.

I climbed on top of him and leaned forward slowly grinding against
his cock, my breast just perched infront of his face. I start to kiss his tender
lips,slowly inserting my tongue wrapping it around his.I than start kissing his
face moving towards his ears nibbling gently and quietly moaning as I
continue to grind against his hard cock. I then start to move down his
body kissing and nibblinghis chest and letting out a soft moan . I get
down to his jeans and begin to unbutton them I pull his boxers
down slightly to reveal his rock hard cock, ready for some action.

I perch my self on the bed with my head directly over his hard
throbbing cock, I start by licking his balls around n around til
they were nice and wet. I clenched my lips and mouth over his
hard cock .than I started to move up and down his shaft licking
and twisting my tongue as i go up and down so he can feel me
ticking and teasing the head and tasting the precum dripping
out of his cock. I start going faster and faster and faster . increasing
the intensity of the sucking so it gives him the effect of a tight wet
pussy .He can here me moaning ,groaning as I move further down
his body til im off the bed. I then remove his jeans and boxers off
and make my way back up his body til I 'm perched back over his cock.

I slowly slide his cock into my wet pussy .I start rocking back and forth
on his cock as I caress my breast and pinching my nipples with my hands
then I start running my hands through my hair as i let out a groan. I than
lower my my hands back down my body to pull my leopard lingereah
over my head and flinging it to the floor. I than start moving faster and
faster I can feel his cock sliding between my wet pussy lips, the faster
I go the louder I scream,my breast bouncing and as i move up and down
his cock, than all of a sudden he lifts me up and lays me down in the
pillows He spreads my legs out and pulls me close to him as he licks
and flickers his tongue on my swollen clit tasting all my juices .. the
more he licks and sucks on my clit the more i gush squirting filling his
mouth with all my wet juices as he makes my legs tremble from the
satisfaction of cumming, and squirting so much.

He than comes up and pulls me up and I get on all fours and
he spreads my legs he runs his hard wet cock up and down
my pussy lips and my ass teasing them both ,, he put in my
wet pussy as hes thrusting hard and pumps his hard cock in
and out .. takes it out as its all wet and slides it gentle in my
ass goin nice and slow at first and as the saying goes if your goin
to ride my ass pull my hair .. the faster he thrusted the harder
he pulled my hair and pulled me into him... im moaning and
groaning as he spanks my ass to and said you like the way
this hard cock feels deep in that ass baby.. I say fuck me
with that hard cock as I scream with excitement . I can feel
the orgasism building up in me again as I fingured my pussy as
he fucked my ass harder my clit tingling as the intensity grows
hes pounding the life out of me .. my breast moving and bouncing
with every thrust, Than I let out an almighty moan as i was squirting
everywhere and and it was dripping alll over ..than I heard him groan
as he slowed down as he said, Im fixing to shoot a huge load in that
sexy ass of yours ,,I could feel his cum dripping out of my ass as he
slid it out and rubbed my wet pussy with it teasing it.

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wish the story was a little longer. Please keep having fun and writing about it!