Kathy's Day With Slutty Sherri

One Hot sunny afternoon I received a phone call from a
girl I had met on the internet. I was elated to hear
her sexy voice.

"Hi! Is this Kathy Hall?" she asked.

I said, "Yes it is."

She then said, "This is Sherri Townsend! Slutty Sherri
as you know me."

"Okay, Hi! Glad you called," I greeted her somewhat

"I thought I would take you up on your invitation. You
busy or tied up today?" she asked, making my bl**d run
hotter than usual. I long awaited a meeting with her
and now she was on the other end of the line.

"No! I'm not," I blurted out.

"Would you like for me to come over Kathy or would you
like to come over here?"

"I'll come over there Sherri," I said, wanting to
enjoy all the things we had talked about.

"Okay!" she quickly responded, "how about an hour or

"Sure," I agreed, excitedly, "What is your address?"
She gave it to me. I knew I could get there in a few
minutes so I hurried fixing things for my husband for
when he got home from work.

I was at her house within an hour like we had
arranged. Just as I pushed the doorbell she opened the
door dressed in a black cup bra and panties only. My
heart skipped a beat.

"Hi I'm Kathy Hall," I said shyly.

"Well I'm Slutty Sherri Townsend and I love to fuck,"
she cooed, "Welcome Kathy. You are just as cute as I
pictured you."

"You are too," I cooed stepping in past her. She felt
my ass as I walked by. I loved the bold feeling of her
soft hand caressing my butt, saying, "You have a real
nice ass."

"Thanks, glad you like it," I offered turning facing

"I'm sure I will," she said staring at my blue eyes
while closing the door.

Our eyes were locked with smiles on both our faces as
she locked the door stepping up to me briefly and
kissing me on the cheek.

She asked me if I would like to get a little more
comfortable and I slipped my dress off revealing my
red wet looking leather bra and red bikini panties.

"Oh my God look at you. What a sexy bitch you are."
she cooed feeling my big firm breast half covered by
my bra.

"You like them slut?" I asked, touching her small
breast with very big nipples that appeared to have
been played with for most of her life.

"Yes I like those. They are not as nearly as big as
yours. Do you like mine?"

"Oh yes, of course I do," I said.

"Come with me Kathy baby, I have so much for us to do
today," Sherri said.

I watched her nice firm round ass sway as she lead me
to her recreation room with all sorts of straps and
gadgets hanging off the walls and ceiling. She was
really into sex which seemed to even include S & M
action. My heart fell and my pussy started getting wet

"Like it Kathy?" she asked.

"Oh yes! Yes I do," I said when she stepped around
behind me cupping my tits, biting and sucking me on
the neck, then rubbing down my body feeling my wet
pussy. She slowly squatted down biting each cheek of
my ass with little nibbles, gripping my thighs pulling
me back to her face.

"Oh I like this," she said, easing her way back up
kissing my lower back and on up to my shoulders. Her
hands cupped my big firm tits again squeezing even
harder now.

"Mmmmmmm yes," I let out a slight moan to let her know
I was getting hot, then answered her, "I figured you
might like it." I turned facing her taking hold of her
small well used titties.

Her nipples were so hard, jutting out against her
skimpy bra. I pulled it aside twisting those hard
nipples making them even harder causing her to lay her
head back enjoying the pain. She really seemed to like
it. She seemed as though she enjoyed a little pain for
pleasure. I love it also.

"You like that don't you whore?" I asked, grabbing a
fist full of her tit in each hand pulling them toward
me, then downward forcing her to bend toward me. She
then knelt at my feet.

"Oh Kathy! Hurt me good!" she cried out. "I love it,
you fucking bitch."

"Smell this hot wet cunt slut!" I demanded, pulling
taking hold of her hair pulling her face up to my
cunt. She took in a deep breath and opened her mouth
just as I stepped back walking away, smiling, saying,
"Glad you wanted me to 'cum' over you fucking whore."

"I'm glad you wanted to 'cum' over Kathy," she cooed,
getting up walking over to me. She took hold of my
hand leading me around showing me her "play room".

"I bet you will like this one Kathy," she said,
standing by a big wheel with straps at four places on

"Yes, I probably will like it a lot," I said. "Do

"Oh yeah," she said. "Let's see if you look good on it
okay?" she asked, as she lifted my hand toward the
wrist straps on the wheel. "Oh yes! I bet you will
like this," she said, stepping up to the wheel hooking
my other arm up.

"Okay," I moaned in a sensuous voice as if game for

Sherri then fit the leather straps on each wrist
smiling very big. Then turned a crank stretching my
arms out to each side, cooing, "Mmmmmm you look so
good stretched out waiting for me. I think I'll take
that sweet pussy now."

She stepped up leaning up to me kissing me while
taking hold of my crotch squeezing my hot wet pussy so
hard I know she must have felt the juices being wrung
out of my panties. Her other hand took hold of my tit
squeezing it so hard she made me cum even more.

"Ahhhhhhh hell yes! You are so ready," she moaned
still pressed up to me feeling my hips roll up to her
hand. "Let me get my hands on you slut!" I whined to

"You will whore! You certainly will... in time! Right
now it's my time to take that pussy!" she stated,
unhooking my bra in the front, pulling it away. She
let it hang on my arms, bent sucking each nipple,
biting them hard. She was making me whine for her to
stop. or do more.

Sherri then kissed her way down my body, biting me
before she pulled my panties down looking at my naked
pussy, "Oh my god it's shaved!" she said, "Oh yes."

Sherri continued on fixing the leather straps onto my
ankles. Once she had those fixed she turned another
crank spreading my legs wide. Her hands caressed me up
and down. She wasted no time ripping off my panties,
she was hell bent on taking advantage of me.

'Oh my God what a beautiful pussy - all shaved clean
just for me to eat. You will like that my pretty
bitch!" she said pressing up to me dry fucking me,
kissing me hard this time, then smiling, "You are my
bitch now Kathy, are you not?"

"Yes! Yes, I'm your bitch Sherri," I whined just as
she kissed me, twisted my pussy lips making them hurt,
but bringing erotic pleasure between my legs.

"Ooooh, all wet already, huh you fucking whore?" she
whimpered, poking a finger into my twat then pulling
it out and tasting it. She then put two, three, and
even four fingers into my soaking pussy and then
pulling them out and tasting them. "Very sweet tasting
cum too," she said. "I bet you will love tasting mine
too you fucking slut." She then pressed her body up to
mine kissing me more and more, letting me taste my own
pussy juices.

"Mmmmmmm," I moaned in her mouth, tasting her saliva
alone with my pussy juices. I loved the sensuous

"Do you like me whore?" she asked, backing up removing
her sexy bra and panties tormenting me with each
piece. She took time rubbing her panties in my face so
I could smell it.

"Yes Slutty Sherri Townsend! I like you a lot. Suck my
cunt please," I said.

"All in good time you fucking tramp," she said,
pulling my head down asking, "Do you like my big hairy

"Yes! Oh yes! Let me have it slut." I said. "In time
you pretty bitch!" she cooed, stepping up rubbing her
body up to mine, fingers exploring my ass hole now.
She pulled her hand around tasting the vile taste of
my ass hole then rubbed the finger over my lips,
asking, "Do you like tasting your own ass hole?"

"Yes!" I said sharply. It wasn't but a few seconds
before she turned me upside down sucking my pussy
making me go crazy not able to move. She then rubbed
her pussy in my face making me smell and taste her
sloppy cunt. After getting wound up she backed up,
turned backing up over my face parting her nice firm
heels pressing her ass hole to my lips saying, "Suck
it bitch."

I sucked it catching her cum she gave up for me. It
all oozed right in my mouth with me swallowing it all
as fast as I could. I found it very erotic. I went
after her ass hole for a long time before she turned
making me suck her cum out of her pussy.

She sucked me, chewed on my pussy like mad, and then
began to finger fuck my ass hole with three fingers
until I could not hold still for a second. I was still
fucking when she turned me right side up.

"You liked it upside down didn't you?" she said.
"Helpless weren't you bitch?"

"Yes. Will you let me go now slut?" I begged.

"NO! Not yet. I was just getting you ready for the
fun," she cooed and she walked over opening a door
letting in her big German Shepherd. He ran in, turning
his nose up under her pussy and licking it. He then
ran around until he saw me on the wheel. He wasted no
time smelling cunt and then went after it like mad.
His long tongue wiggled its way into my cunt dipping
out the juices Slutty Sherri made me give up.

I then noticed the dogs big red cock slide out making
me so hot I about passed out. His cock had to be at
least 10" long and about 3" round.
He pulled at my pussy lips with his teeth and began to
lick even more.

"Ohhhhh Sherri, Let him try and fuck me please," I
begged. "Please let him fuck me.

"I thought you probably would like my dogs cock up
your pretty ass whore," Sherri said.

She let me loose from the straps and said "Get on your
knees bitch." I did, letting her dog get on me in

He had me pinned under his belly with his strong paws
wrapped around my hips poking his huge hard cock at my
fuck holes. It didn't take him long until he hit my
ass hole first.

"Ahhhh yes! He's in my ass hole," I whined arching my
back taking his big cock easily. I loved it. He jerked
it all up in me with one powerful lunge of his hips. I
felt it hit my belly, then he started hammering me so
fast I could not handle it. It wasn't long before his
cock swelled twice its size stretching my ass hole
around it like a rubber surgical glove.

He then jerked one last time trying to get his knot
locked up inside my ass hole but was unable.
When he backed off it slipped out like I wanted it to.

"You liked that didn't you Kathy?" Sherri Asked.

"oh yes," I said. Sherri took hold of my hair leading
me to a leather couch laying down spreading her legs
saying, "Now eat my big hairy pussy. I know you want
to. You will love it."

I dropped my head between her legs sucking that big
sloppy pussy until she screamed. I kept at her and
would not stop until she was so weak she could hardly
move. I then placed three fingers into her soaking wet
cunt and they slipped in so easily, I decided to add a
fourth finger in and it too went really easy so I
added my thumb and started fucking her with my hand
until I actually was able to slide my whole hand into
her with very surprising ease.

Sherri had the absolute biggest pussy whole of any
woman I had ever been with. I was able to fist fuck
her well past my wrist up my arm. After doing this
awhile I pulled my hand out of her huge gaping pussy.

I then straddled her head lowering my wet cum filled
ass to her mouth rubbing it until she sucked my tight
pussy all clean. She begged for more dog cum. I could
hardly stand it and had to drop my head back between
her legs sucking her while she drained me.

WE both lay there exhausted, when her dog started
licking me.

"Oh yes big boy! I know you want more ass hole, huh?"
Sherri asked him reaching under him taking hold of his
big cock pulling back the sheath showing me. "You like
that cock Kathy?"

"Yes! I would love to see you take him now, okay
Sherri?" I said.

"Yes! Sure!" she said, rolling over pulling at his
cock until he jumped up on the couch with his front
paws. Sherri eased under him nut was upside down and
before I realized what she was up to she was sucking
his huge cock.

He pawed at her sides until he had a hold of her and
then he began to fuck her mouth shoving his big red
cock down her throat like she loved it, so it seemed.

"Oh my God! If I never seen it I would never thought
it possible." I hollered out feeling my body scream
for cock.

I saw a beer bottle on the table, got it. crammed it
into Sherri like she deserved. I put the bottom in
first and was fucking her with it, when I noticed a
huge black dildo on her wall. I shoved the bottle all
the way into Sherri's hungry pussy until you couldn't
see the top of the bottle. She had a whole 12oz.
bottle shoved all the way into her huge cunt.

I grabbed the black dildo and was fucking myself while
watching Sherri's dog fucking her in her mouth well
down her throat and with the beer bottle still jammed
all the way into her cunt.

The dog then started cumming into Sherri's mouth with
her trying to swallow as fast as she could. A lot of
dog cum was running from her mouth. Her dog then
pulled his cock from her mouth and I crawled over to
Sherri and started licking her face clean. We then
kissed and I helped get the bottle out of her pussy.

We then showered together and I left about two hours

Sherri and I and her dog have had a lot more fun since
this first meeting. Sherri has also introduced me into
another of her favorite things. I now not only enjoy
being fucked by dogs, I also enjoy sharing Sherri's
love for black men, but that is another story.


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1 year ago
mmm love to have been turning her on the wheel first sucking her tits and then her possy
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Lucky dog.
2 years ago
hot story :)
2 years ago
fucking hot