His Emerging Creation - Internet Dating (part 3)

Once again I was at work when my phone alerted me to a text. I have been on a mission the last three months, trying to find someone that I liked, someone who would introduce me to moresomes, help me explore BDSM and my submission, someone kinky,fun,trustworthy and real. I want a relationship, consistency, a partner...I've been corresponding and chatting with several men but I've only met a handful and none of those were men who were interested in helping me explore, they were more interested in sex with 1kinkygirl, my screen name. Expecting the usual, I was very happy to see that it was from HIM, the one exception to my description above. HE is very real, very trustworthy, very kinky, loads of fun and has a cock that I am totally addicted to. We had agreed that we could be friends with benefits and I was fairly happy with the arrangement. It made it altogether easier to avoid the on-line predators but I was finding myself less and less interested in the men I was meeting on-line. I'm trying hard not to overthink or analyze or project, whatever happens with him will happen and I will enjoy the journey without any expectations other than honesty, trust and respect. He knows how I feel about his cock so his text was very direct, "Wanna come suck my cock". I smiled and my body temperature elevated several degrees. I squirmed in my chair and tried to hide my reaction, after all, I was in a room full of people and it wouldn't do for them to notice the Boss in this state. As luck would have it, I had to work late and he had plans for later so we decided I should visit him the next night. The anticipation was overwhelming and I had a very difficult time keeping my hands away from my pussy the rest of the day. I wasn't much better the next day, knowing that in a few hours I would be HIS. I really do have a desire to be HIStoy, HIS slut, HIS sub. I showered quickly after work and started dressing. Once again, his directions included no panties but this time he wanted the corset,stockings, clamps, an egg vibrator and restraints. I put the wrap dress on over it all and was on my way out the door when his next instructions were sent, "Have your breasts exposed when you come to the door. Its open so just come in". I got in my car and thought about his instructions, a naughty tingle in my nipples and I wasn't at all surprised that my pussy was wet as I slid a finger along my lips. I exposed my breasts for the short drive to his home and I squirmed with anticipation. I walked through his front door with my large breasts on view, a very wet pussy and a huge smile. I was irrationally happy to see him and it wasn't just his cock or the sex, I really do like this man. I sat across from him at his kitchen island, breasts resting against the cold tile, and thoroughly enjoyed his company. I played with my breasts and nipples as we talked, stroking, pinching, pulling and kneading and he would smile and stroke his cock occasionally during our conversation. He is very intelligent, capable of conversing on anythign and we discussed a multitude of topics, including his request that I find another woman for us to play with. I've never experienced another woman or sex with more than one other person so this is a huge step for me and I'm very happy for his guidance and instruction and yes, a little nervous too. We discussed the possibilities, the requirements and a few thoughts on what we both wanted. He eventually pulled the bag of toys out, found the clips he wanted and attached them to my nipples. When I tried to play with him he stalled me and we sat there and talked a while longer while I toyed with the chain attached to the clamps. He would occasionally reach over and pinch or flick a nipple and I would feel the juices in my pussy flowing from the sensations. He is a fantastic kisser, something I really didn't realize until tonight and I quickly found myself wanting more. I think I could have spent hours just kissing him - kissing is another one of my secret pleasures but I'm rapidly discovering that everything I do with him is a pleasure. He hooked his hand around the chain connecting the nipple clamps and tugged, I was instantly on my feet, the pain was perfect and I followed him as he towed me into the living room. He sat on the couch and pushed me to my knees where he allowed me to suck his cock. He occasionally fed it to me, forcing it's length down my throat and I loved it. I love watching him while I lick and suck him, sometimes he smiles, sometimes he closes his eyes and I think he's enjoying it. I'm not sure that I'm very good at sucking cock, he never seems to want me to do it for very long. He stood up and walked around behind me, lifted my dress to expose my bare pussy and ass and rammed his cock into my pussy. I nearly came from that alone but when he started pounding into me from behind it was incredible. My face was buried deep into the couch at first and I couldn't breath as he slammed into my pussy, several times he actually bottomed out and I could feel his hard fat cock hitting my cervix. My knees became weak and I had to stop or collapse, he simply rolled me over, stretched my legs up to his shoulders and pounded away again,forcing that cock in and out of my tight pussy, over and over - I was in heaven. This man could do anything to me and I think I'd love it. He fucked me hard for a while and then he stopped, helped me up and we went back to the island for drinks and conversation. We eventually pulled chairs out so we could watch porn and we both started masturbating, he eventually started playing with my pussy and when he started fucking me with his hand I came hard, really hard. Afterwards his arm was wet up to his elbow and the chair I had been sitting in was completely soaked. I was amazed at how hard he could make me cum and how messy I was. He left the room at one point and I moved to his chair, grabbed a toy and started playing. I was having a very hard time finding a good angle so I put one foot on a stool and the other on his desk. When he returned I was really into it, legs splayed, vibe teasing my pussy and clit. He smiled and told me what a nasty girl I am and I smiled - if only he knew...
I just can't get enough of HIM, all of him - the conversations, the kissing, the touching, the Dominance, the sucking, the fucking, the teasing, the tenderness and the roughness. This is working for me and I hope it's working for him too. At any rate, I really, really don't want to stop, it seems to get better every time we're together.
As we were saying goodnight I slid my hand to his ass and giggled - he was soaked from sitting in my cum. That's a good omen, right?
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