Nastyman - Internet Dating (part 2)

We had met on an adult internet dating site and our first meeting had been incredibly hot and satisfying, at least for me - I couldn't wait to do it again!

I was hard at work a few weeks later when I received his text and, after a few pleasantries, he invited me over. The next text I received stated, "be here at 7, wear slutty makeup, do not wear panties and bring toys". I honestly read and re-read that message several times, my pussy clinching tightly each time and the moisture from it soaking my panties and clothing. After work I rushed home showered and dressed, tossed an assortment of toys into a bag and knocked on his door at exactly 7, all my senses on alert. We sat and talked, drinking and laughing like two old friends for several hours and we were both pretty relaxed when the toys were brought out. I opened the bag, not entirely sure of what I had tossed in, and spread them across his kitchen island. There were the small vibrators, an egg, a larger vibe still in it's packaging (the size of it disturbed me so I had never used it or the anal beads that lay next to it, still in their package as well), a baggie of clothes pins, tweezer clamps, clover clamps and a snake bite kit. After testing the clamps, he chose the tweezer clamps and attached them to my nipples, I was instantly squeezing my thighs together and fighting the urge to play with my clit. He toyed with the chain that connected the clamps and I was his. I should probably state that I had never done anything even remotely like this before, all of my toys had been used by myself in the privacy of my own home. I'm not a virgin but,up until this point, I had led the most repressed, vanilla life you could imagine. I look very all American, rosy cheeks, big eyes, nice skin - I look very respectable but underneath there's always been a deep need to be dominated and to be entirely submissive, a need that hasn't been met. I've always had a desire to be a slut for one man too, to explore and be explored, to be shared by him if it's his desire but to be his toy, his slut, his submissive, his partner. I've never found the right man to even discuss it with but this man held great promise. He stood behind me and played with my nipples and the clamps, but when he sucked on my neck and shoulders I felt it all the way down and I shivered with pleasure - my neck, shoulders and back are very sensitive and I felt the moisture flowing from my pussy onto the leather stool I was sitting on when he touched, licked or sucked on them. I desperately wanted to suck his cock and he teased me with it and allowed me to suck it into my mouth before he wound his big hands into my long hair and fed it to me. It was a first for me and it was fantastic! I loved being fed cock, even as I gagged and fought for breath I found it to be very hot and something I instantly loved and wanted more of. We moved to the bedroom at some point and I removed my wrap dress, standing there in a corset, garterbelt, stockings and heels. I climbed onto the bed and sucked and played with his cock for a bit before he pulled me to the edge and stood there fucking my pussy while I watched him. I've mentioned it before but his cock is perfect for me, not small and not a monster but very sweet and thick, it stretches my pussy and fills me completely, I can feel each thrust for days afterward - I love it!
After some serious pounding, he decided that we needed a break so we returned to the kitchen and chatted a bit before he suggested we watch porn. We got comfy in his chairs and he pulled up some of his favorites from xhamster. I fished around in my toys until I found an egg amongst them and I handed the remote to him while I played with my clit. We watched the porn and each other as we masturbated and when he finally put his fingers in my pussy I soaked the chair, his hand and the floor as he fucked me with his fingers. We returned to watching porn and playing, I think we could have done this all night long but I had to work the next day. We eventually decided to call it a night and I pulled myself together, packed my toys and left him standing at his island, hoping that he had enjoyed the evening as much as I had and would soon call again.
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