A promise is a promise... (part 2)

William was excited about his dive and he was even more excited about having Ashley suck his cock while he drank his coffee. He was surprised to find her up and about at such an early hour and admired her youthful ass peeking at him from underneath the tee shirt she was wearing. If he hadn't already planned this dive he would gladly stay in and participate in what he knew would be a full day of sexual fun. He switched on the television to catch the weather and noted that the forecast called for rain the next two days. He'd have to monitor that, diving in the rain wasn't an issue, it was the oceanic conditions that came with rain and storms. And it's not as if rain was going to affect the vacation they had planned, if anything, it would only make it more pleasurable for everyone. William kissed Ashley and thanked her for the morning blow job, collected his gear and drove off to the pier.
Slowly the house began to awaken, Frank and Lauren were the next ones into the kitchen and they sat with Ashley at the table while they shared the remainder of the coffee. Sheri wandered into the kitchen and added coffee beans to the grinder while they all laughed and talked about their plans for the day. Sheri, Ashley and Lauren all planned to sunbathe while Frank planned to fish. Mark joined them and professed his desire to just relax in the sun. Sheri pulled an assortment of food from the refrigerator and began crafting omelets for everyone. Ashley sliced and diced the additions and Frank graciously served the food while Lauren stroked Mark's hard young cock. Everyone fell quiet as they listened to Mark's soft groans and Lauren's slurping noises as she slid under the table and took him into her mouth. Breakfasts were soon forgotten as everyone became aroused. Frank led Sheri and Ashley into the bedroom. Both girls began to lick his cock at the same time and he couldn't control himself when their mouths met over the head of his cock. Grabbing the back of both heads, he mashed their faces together over his cock and started fucking their mouths. He rolled Sheri onto her knees and entered her tight pussy from the rear, sliding his hard cock in and out slowly while Ashley licked his balls and enjoyed the view above her head. Ashley's fingers soon found Sheri's clit and Sheri's loud moans filled the air. Sheri came hard, squirting a volume of nectar all over Frank's hard cock and Ashley's face. Frank nearly came, the feeling of Sheri's pussy muscles clamping down on his cock was incredible and her nectar made her even slicker. Frank pulled out of Sheri and Ashley was anxious to clean his cock. Sheri, after catching her breath, lay alongside Frank where he was able to suck and bite her nipples. Ashley mounted Frank's cock and lowered herself until she was facing them both. Sheri slid her hand down and moistened her fingers in Ashley's juices and then slid one into Ashley's tight ass. Ashley went wild and Sheri slowly added another finger. Frank soon replaced Sheri's fingers with his cock and Sheri explored Ashley's pussy with her fingers. Frank's slow ass fucking coupled with Sheri's slow exploration of her clit and pussy made Ashley cum so hard that the entire bed shook. After catching their collective breaths, Ashley and Sheri led Frank to the shower where they all took turns soaping and bathing one another, laughing, kissing, fondling and thinking about what was to cum. This was going to be a very good day indeed.
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3 years ago
great story so far. cant wait for part 3..