A promise is a promise...

Fuck Buddies, Friends with Benefits, whatever you chose to call it - they had it all worked out. Sheri was a lover of the ocean, William was a Master Diver, she was just discovering the kinky side of her nature, he had been there before, she was having the time of her life with him, he had found her to be an interesting and fun companion and a total surprise at times.
They had weathered six months of unbridled passion and sex and there were still no quiet lulls in the conversation, in bed or out. Truth be told, the majority of their sexual exploits had taken place outside the bedroom. Sheri admitted freely that she was addicted to him, his touch, his kink, his cock. He found her to be highly curious about everything and willing to explore whatever he suggested (at least most of the time).
It was early summer and life was emerging to squint at the sun and feel the warmth penetrate the skin. They had discussed swinging before. He was, once again, experienced in the scene whereas she wavered on the decision but longed to experience it at least once. The idea came upon them one late night and it snowballed into a full fledged plan. Vacation, beach rental, week on the beach, he could do his diving during the days and she could experience the loving company of one, maybe two couples who shared their rental. At night it was a free for all, wild uninhibited, unrestrained - who could ask for more?
It took a while but they were finally able to locate a couple,Lauren and Frank, a young, single male named Mark and a young, single female named Ashley who wanted to accompany them on their "vacation".
What she didn't remember was telling him that she had wanted to reward herself with a gangbang upon reaching her weight goal - he remembered because he had promised to help her with that. In his eyes she was good, nice firm, large tits, smaller waist and wide hips. She would never be thin but she had the body the Romans and Greeks sculpted, a feminine body, a welcoming and receptive body, a body made for sex. He thought she may have already hit her weight goal and he wanted to enjoy her reward along with her. Maybe the vacation was a good time, the couple, Lauren and Frank, could only stay a few days, the single male, Mark, was the only one who had no problems staying for the duration, he could probably find a few more guys amongst his dive buddies...
The drive was uneventful and the house was perfect. A little isolated, as most beach front homes are, but it was the view... Frank and Lauren arrived an hour after Sheri and William, Mark and then Ashley arrived shortly afterwards. Once everyone had arrived, music started, wine flowed and the atmosphere changed into a party. With everyone participating in the dinner preparations there was no time for awkwardness or shyness. After a dinner of fresh seafood and wild rice with plenty of wine, everyone settled in and began to become acquainted. It wasn't long before he found himself dancing with Lauren while Frank danced with the Ashley and Sheri was making out with Mark on the couch. He watched her for a moment and she looked up and caught his eye. She walked slowly towards him and slowly pulled his head into hers as she kissed him deeply while rubbing her aroused nipples against his chest. She watched his eyes and smiled as Ashley began to kiss the two of them at the same time, it was impossible to determine the owner of any of the tongues and lips that were gliding erotically along one another. Soon they were both kissing him, tongues meeting inside his mouth, hands fondling his nipples and cock. He fell to his knees and they joined him on the floor. Mark readily joined in, kneeling behind Sheri as she traced her tongue along William's inner thigh. Mark ran his hands up and down her curves and finally slid his hand underneath her shirt to cup her breast in his hand, his hard cock pressing into her back with urgency, his other hand finding her wet pussy. Ashley sucked William's cock while Sheri leaned back against Mark's hard cock. Her nipples were a secret weaknes and he had just found one with his fingers. William held her gaze as he held Ashley against his cock. Frank and Lauren joined in easily, grasping, stroking, licking and sucking until it was impossible to distinguish one hand, tongue, nipple, pussy or cock from another. The best times were when anyone decided to take a break to visit the restroom, grab a drink or get some fresh air. Sheri was in heaven, this was her first group sex experience and she would have to remember to thank William later - what a wonderful friend! She leaned back and smiled as Mark filled her mouth with his cock while he sucked and pinched her nipples and Frank fucked her pussy. She had never felt anything like this, multiple hands and mouths on her body - she felt her pussy spasm just thinking about it and she knew this was what she'd been looking for. It wasn't long before everyone was back in the room and the party started all over with Sheri and Frank, Lauren and Mark, Ashley and William, everyone fucked everyone else. It was well into the wee hours when they all finally parted company for the night and William smiled when Sheri told him later that this was going to be her best vacation ever - she had no idea...
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