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I had seen his profile weeks ago but dismissed it because he looked more experienced than me in the kinky department and I wasn't sure I was kinky enough for him.
Weeks passed, men appeared in emails and disappeared just as quickly. I'm looking for something specific and I really don't have a lot of free time to waste in chats and meetings so I tend to dismiss them very early if they don't have potential. Then he contacted me. I was surprised to see that he had revised his profile, it was a much milder description of his preferences than the one he had previously posted. I responded in a polite, non-commital way and asked a few questions to facilitate communication. His responses, like his profile, created a very comfortable rapport. I felt very relaxed and accepted for who I am from the very beginning, there was no need for pretense or secrets. He seemed to feel the same way.
Our first call caught me completely off guard since I was preparing for a huge work project. I was alone in the office, laying out my plans for my employees, organizing the little details when my phone rang and I answered it without looking. It took a moment for my brain to catch up with my heart - all he said was "I prefer the beach myself" in reference to a prior email. My heart literally leapt out of my chest while my mind tried to process the information. His voice alone affected me that strongly. I started chattering away, wanting to pour everything out at once but unable to do much more than sound foolish I thought. I was mesmerized by him - his attitude, his voice, his honesty. Our conversation was fairly short but it was enough for me to know that I really wanted to meet this man. I called him back later that night and it was magic. We agreed to meet the next night after I left work.
The next evening it seemed like everything that could go wrong did and it was quite late before I arrived at his house (he's less than 8 miles away - how convenient!). He met me at the door and I was captivated - his photos didn't do him justice. We sat at his kitchen island and drank and talked about everything for hours before he touched me. From the first touch, I couldn't get enough of him and I couldn't wait to try. I finally got him to sit down and before we knew it I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth. He has a great cock, not a monster but quite thick and large, beautifully shaped. I was too horny to do his cock the justice it deserved but I asked him if we could move this to the bedroom which we did. When I say I wanted this man, I mean I REALLY WANTED this man and we once in the bedroom we were magically naked - I have no idea how it happened and I wouldn't have been surprised if I had undressed the both of us. I really wanted to feel him against me, over me, inside me, everywhere at once. When he slid his finger into me I came quickly. At some point he replaced his finger with his mouth and I'm not sure how many times I came - they were all too fast. When he slid his cock into my tight pussy I thought I would cry - it felt absolutely incredible, wonderful, fantastic! We rolled into a variety of positions for the next hour or more and I'm not sure whether I ever uttered a recognizable word during that time. I remember wanting his cock in my mouth and I found myself once again tasting him and licking and sucking his balls. Sex with this man was the most sensation filled, brain numbing experience of my life - I loved it! That fantastic cock slid in and out, pounding me so hard at times I couldn't think of anything else. We continued well into the morning when I had to leave so I could catch a few hours before going back to work. I felt awful leaving him - I think we could have gladly spent a couple of days in bed exploring one another and sharing some of the best sex I've ever had.
I'm fairly certain that I remember moaning loudly at one point but I can't be sure - I'll have to ask him the next time we meet, I have a feeling that next time will be even better!!
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3 years ago
Very nice, sometimes I have so much trouble trying to develop a story in a few paragraphs. You have combined brevity yet enough detail and feeling to draw me into the story. I am inspired to shorten the stories I write without leaving out detail and emotion.
3 years ago
NICE, I love it when everything ads up like that
3 years ago
great, but maybe you ought to try a gal darling. I'd be happy to convert you if you're interested
3 years ago
liked it very much!!!