Ann Summers Party Special Mum and Friends

It was middle of winter and my mun and her friend had decided to hold an ann summers party at our house, usual rules applied and no guys were allowed in the house. I was due to go out for a few drinks with mates but on the last minute was cancelled, so had to stay in my room for the night. I imagined the party was going well as i heard the usual giggles and laughs. Within the hour i got a call from one of my mums friends to come down and be there model, i felt quite embarrassed as my mum was there but agreed, as i entered the room there was three friends of my mum and her. They were all dressed in the usual stuff like nurses and policewomen, i also noticed that they were all wearing crotchless knickers, wow i could feel myself going hard.

Jane, shes our neighbour and about 40 years old small with a nice small pair of boobs and slightly on the chunky side, well tanned though.

Sharon, she a good friend of my mum and has a really fit body, nice pair of breasts and a nice slim figure with long brunette hair.

Karen, shes a short woman about 5'3 very curvy girl with huge breasts, shes only 26 so slightly younger than the rest.

Mum, well i hope youve seen the pics of her, then you can make your own mind up.

The ladies asked me to try on some male thongs and stuff to see how they fitted, so i went in the kitchen and changed into the underwear. I went back into the room and the ladies were giggling at me saying i had a nice package, one of them threw me a cock ring and said, put that on and show us your meat, i laughed as i knew they only having a laugh with me, but i said go on then if you want me to, there was a small silence before they all said yes.
I slipped my cock out of the pouch and jane grabbed it immediately, stroking it whilst playing with my balls, i was rock hard.
I was then told to lie on my back as they wanted to play a game and what a game it was, the three of the said they were gonna take turns squatting on my cock for 3 min a time and who ever i cummed in ,the other two women had to lick it out of her pussy, game on.
There had been two rounds passed and my mum was laughing watching em all ride me senseless she was having a tickle of her clit whilst watching, dirty bitch. And it was karens turn next, she was the best of em all as she had a bit of size to her and was easy the best fuck, BOOM i shot my load all up her pulling halfway out to finish of leaving cum drooping from her cunt, the other two then lapped it up and they said, right now fuck off youve done your job, and that was it no thanks or nothing, they just carried on with the party laughing and joking about what they did to me saying i didnt measure up and that i had the cock of a 15 year old lad.
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More depth needed
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A little more detail would have been nice, but I enjoyed the concept. Thanks for posting.