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When we moved into our new house I got first pic of bedrooms, instantly I chose the bedroom in the loft with a nice big skylight, I love having the sun in my room and when it's raining I like watching it drop all on the window.

One day I decided to have the blind open while I went to bed, waking up the next morning I had discovered my favorite place ever. I stripped naked and lay on my bed again, my huge tits flat on my chest as I lay there I began to wank. Where we had moved to was across the road from an all girls school, what I noticed was at the right angle I could see up under the bridge going across the busy road outside, this bridge was just a metal grid with loads of holes so I could clearly see right through it, my favorite bit of all was the girls all had to wear tiny short skirts for their uniform, my view from my bed saw directly up their skirts.

I was obviously home alone at this time and lay there with my massive erect cock in hand watching all of these girls walk across the bridge, all wearing tight panties covering everything, some girls so tiny and skinny, some really chubby, I was in heaven. Some of the older girls had the best bodies ever, slim, big round asses, perfect long legs and tiny thongs and I got a perfect view of their big tits from underneath, everything bouncing and wobbling.

I got so turned on watching all of this, I could feel my climax rising but it wasn't enough to make me cum for some reason. Instantly this one girl came up onto the bridge, she was absolutely perfect! She was alone and obviously waiting for her friends, she had big thick tanned muscular legs, a perfect big round muscular ass and her pussy looked so tight in the tiny black lace thong she had on, this was exactly what I needed. If that wasn't enough she then sat down on the bridge floor, legs crossed, her skirt didn't cover anything, her big ass cheeks spread wide, I could see the edges of her tight asshole her thong was that tiny. This pushed me over the edge as I began moaning so loud, my climax was building, I closed my eyes and imagined fucking her tight asshole and tight pussy so deep, I shot my cum everywhere, all over myself, I was drenched. I lay there for a little bit, eyes closed, panting. When I finally opened my eyes she was staring down at me, her phone out pointing at me, she had caught me, FUCK!! She instantly got up and ran down the stairs of the bridge again, my heart was beating so hard, all of a sudden there was a knock at the door.

Not thinking right and running downstairs totally naked and still drenched in cum I could see through the frosted glass it was her! I slowly opened the door poking my head around making sure not be flash everyone in the street I saw her staring at me, she was stunning, this is the girl I saw stood on my doorstep

As she stood there she looked at me smiling, I said nothing as she spoke first "Fuck me." I was shocked, hearing her say that made my cock twitch as I got hard again.
I let her in as she stood there staring at my body, she didn't say a word and instantly stripped to her thong and matching bra, she was so hot and my cock was solid staring at her. "Wanna go to your room?" I took her hand and pulled her to my room.

When we got there she pushed me onto the bed as she stripped totally naked now, her pussy was so tight and looked so perfect "Shemales turn me on, seeing you cum like that has got me so insanely horny" She crawled up the bed and began sucking the head of my cum covered cock, she looked so tiny next to my huge cock, she looked up at me with hungry eyes as she then rammed her head down getting halfway gagging on my cock, as she pulled back up my cock was covered in her spit.

I was still in shock that she saw me, let alone her coming onto me like this as I lay there I just watched her crawl up even further before standing over me, one foot each side of my waist as she lowered herself down, squatting on my cock she slipped it into her tight and soaking wet cock and began squatting even further until I was all the way inside of her, I was even more in heaven, this felt amazing. As I looked down her tiny body I saw her tiny perky tits with her puffy erect nipples, then down further to see her toned stomach, what pushed me over the edge was seeing her stomach bulging out, it was my cock, my cock was so deep and was bulging her stomach out! She began pounding me, her pussy soaking wet, my cum all over my body mixing with her juices as she began slamming down making slapping noises as she began to fuck faster and faster until suddenly she rubbed her clit and squirted all over me! That's when I lost it, I needed to take control, I needed to fuck her so bad.

As she hovered over me shivering from squirting I slipped out and laid her on her back at the edge of the bed, lifting her legs up high I put her feet on each of my shoulders, standing next to the bed I lent over and slipped inside of her again, again seeing her stomach bulging out, as I lent over my huge tits pushed up against her tiny tits as I began to pound her so deep, I began moaning so loud as my balls began to slap against her asshole, she looked up at me with a shocked expression, she loved it, I was so deep and I could feel my climax rising, I was going to fill her with cum, I continued to pound her harder making her scream for more.

I could feel my climax coming, it was gonna happen, I was going to fill her womb and I was going to impregnate this little slut, she reach out her hands and grabbed my big tits hard as I fucked her even harder "I'm gonna cum!" I shouted as she screamed back "Not in me! You'll get me pregnant!" That spurred me on even more as I pushed as hard and deep as I could shooting a huge load deep inside her, there was loads "Fuuuuck!!!" She screamed as she squeezed my tits hard squirting as I cummed. She laid there shivering from squirting while I slowly slipped my huge cock out of her now impregnated womb followed by a big flow of cum. "You fucking got me pregnant!" She picked up her stuff, getting changed she ran out "I'm gonna be late for school, we're doing this again, I don't care that you got me pregnant, that was the best I've felt ever!" I watched her as she ran out the door, I ran up to my room and looked out the skylight as she ran across looking down at me smiling, I couldn't wait to fuck that ass again!
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1 month ago
your getting me crazy reading your stories my cock is throbbing
6 months ago
I liked it, not a bad read
9 months ago
another gr8 one thanks
10 months ago
Its awesome but there is a small mistake :/

"squatting on my cock she slipped it into her tight and soaking wet cock and began squatting even further "

doesn't sound right
11 months ago
great story
11 months ago
great story, very sexy!!
11 months ago
great story!
11 months ago
Made me horny while reading this story !
11 months ago
Damn that was good.
11 months ago
I'm not into shemales, but that was way too hot.