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If I could get my little brother to knock me up...

I’ve been having a lot of baby-machine fantasies lately. In this one, I talked a bit about my surrogacy fetish, then had a couple hard orgasms while fantasizing about what’d I’d do if I got my little br*ther (what odd censoring xHamster has...) to knock me up… things like how’d I’d cover my tracks (I had a pretty great plan for a coverup gangbang...)

As per usual, I added note markers so you can skip around to the ‘good’ parts (and so people can tell when I was saying when it got kind of hard to hear…)

Posted by sheilastretch 1 year ago
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1 year ago
I also thought of a deliciously sick fantasy with surrogacy. You are a surrogate for a couple who know all about your fetishes an activities, and they watch you as you do all the very naughty things you do with their baby inside of you. The whole nine months.... whaddya think?
1 year ago
Each time I cum to this, I try assigning different ages to your brother... having an incest baby ... omg. So hot.
1 year ago
I think I listened and came to this one at least twenty times - I'm so sore now!! God, it was good though. I really got off on this.
1 year ago
Sexy kool
1 year ago
wow nice
1 year ago
That was so hot! How old is your little brother? Have you ever done anything sexually with him and if not does he know you fantasize about him? Do you think he fantasizes about you?