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Wrecked holes, broken taboos, and wanton cumsluts

For this one, Mr. S played lead author, and I helped him edit, rather than the other way around like usual. This one’s a little different from Alone on the Farm ( ), but I suspect some of you will be able to see our influence on one another’s work :D

The story is written in 3 parts, separated by the main kinks involved, so if one particular fetish isn’t really your thing, you don’t have to worry about just running into it unexpectedly :)
Part 1: Continue»
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Anyone can have what we have: How I got my kinks,

This is from a post I replied to on RoganBoard. It seemed worth reposting here.
You also keep saying over and over again "we have by far the best sex of anyone we know... (We talk about this sort of things with our friends openly...)" . Who in the fuck are you trying to fool? Or are you trying to convince yourself of this?

I claim to "know" we have better sex based on the questions we're asked when people ask us for advice. In our circle of friends, we're very open with the things we're into. We're specifically known for not mincing words out of emb... Continue»
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If I could get my little b*****r to knock me up...

I’ve been having a lot of baby-machine fantasies lately. In this one, I talked a bit about my surrogacy fetish, then had a couple hard orgasms while fantasizing about what’d I’d do if I got my little br*ther (what odd censoring xHamster has...) to knock me up… things like how’d I’d cover my tracks (I had a pretty great plan for a coverup gangbang...)

As per usual, I added note markers so you can skip around to the ‘good’ parts (and so people can tell when I was saying when it got kind of hard to hear…)

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Swinging with a (secret) Fleshlight in me

Short version: Mr. S and I went out swinging with some friends of ours. I had a funny idea for a unique practical joke pop into my head, and I couldn't let the idea go... so I stuff a Fleshlight inside myself, then went out and got fucked.

The couple we were with had no idea it was in me til I birthed it out in the livingroom afterwards :D

Pictures, more backstory, and a hidden audio recoring of me being fucked, then their reaction to the revelation... (don't worry, they said it was okay to post!)
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Public orgasms w/ an inflatable dildo pt 2

Short version: I put an inflatable dildo in myself, dressed up in a nice lady's suit, then went out in public and pumped myself up while surrounded by people.

Longer version: I recorded myself doing it, talked about what I was doing as I did it, and took pictures too. You can find them organized here:
(I posted to sound cloud because it lets me add notes to the audio so people can just skip to the 'good' parts of the recording... Stuff like me pumping the dildo and actually moaning out loud while surrounded by people.
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I fantasized about my s****r is that bad? + Audio!

Posted this on my tumblr last night, but it probably fits here too...****r-was-attractive-but

(Just copy paste the entire URL - it'll work as is)

I’ve always thought my s****r was attractive- but while talking with a new friend on xHamster recently, I basically realized that I really find her attractive. That was a couple days ago.

Just last night, I bashfully admitted to Mr. S that I’d started secretly fantasizi... Continue»
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