To the Up-Tight Wives of Black Men

I told this to some one I met on XHamster who's considering meeting me.I hope he says yes.
Darrel and I have been lovers for 15 years.He's been married for 10.As a long time Mason he attends meetings frequently.When he wants to hook up, he simply calls me and we arrange to meet.He keeps my name in his cell under my male name,one of his white buddies.
There's a Mc Intosh motel near my house.I check into a room there a couple of hours before Darrel to get ready.I start with a long,hot bath and shave completely,arms,underarms,legs and chest.I pat dry and do my nails,usually a bright red.This all takes 45 minutes.
Then I spend another 45 putting on my make-up.My eyes are hazel so I emphasize them with dark green eyeshadow bordered in black.My lashes are also long and black.My lip-stick is bright red to match my nails.Then I begin to dress.
I've brought along what Darrel likes me to wear.Black lingerie.The bra I fill with natural looking and feeling DD prosthetics.I attach my ultra sheer black stockings to a garter belt that rides just above my hips.I tuck my tiny white penis under and put on a tight red thong.Then I slip into a mid thigh black skirt and a red semi see through silk top that is worn outside and comes to my waist.4 inch red heels complete my ensemble.
When Darrel arrives he takes me in his strong arms and gives me a long deep kiss. He ALWAYS tells me how nice I look.Then,he goes to take shower.[to avoid any suspicion,he never takes one after work when he's going out]He returns wearing just gym pants and breaks out a bottle of Chivas and pours us both a drink.
We lay on the bed,sipping our drinks and making out but his hand on my legs has his crotch getting bigger and I can't help sneaking my hand into his pants.He's got a COAL BLACK COCK that rivals yours,but I like to get that fucker in my mouth and feel it grow.I don't know.It gives me a sense of power that I can make it do that.Anyway,once I wrap my hand around it there's no turning back.I pull his pants out of the way and engulf his monstrous tool.He rubs my ass and legs,which I love, as I take more and more of his beautiful cock down my willing throat.All the time Darrel saying:"oh yes Sheila,oh yes,baby,oh,you're so good,Oh never stop Sheila!Oh,I LOVE you,Sheila!After about ten minutes of my eager efforts I actually feel his heart rate increase in the pulsing prick in my mouth and then I get MY reward.A HUGE load of THICK BLACK MAN'S cum.So sweet and tasty.
We lay there and catch up,drink a little more,start making out some more and now Darrel wants to fuck me.Now,I have to be pretty high and horny because he's BIG,like you.So,I break out a joint and we smoke that and drink some more and finally I get comfortable enough to go for it.He removes my thong and I grease his rock hard cock with copious amount of Vaseline he takes a small applicator filled with baby oil and squirts that up my bum and starts with working one then two of his fingers in and out.When I say,OK,Honey,he rolls on top of me as I spread my nylon clad legs wide.His HUGE COCK maintains a constant pressure at my ass until I relax enough for him to enter,and deeply,when sudden waves of pleasure emanate both ways out from head to toes.And it's these moments that I cherish as Darrel and I slowly fuck,kiss,coo and look deeply into each others' eyes.When he starts to increase his pounding I wrap my legs around him knowing I'll soon have to hold on for dear life.Then,as he nears the little death,he begins to drive into me with a determination to send me through the bed springs,which I LOVE.When he blows his load deep inside me he SCREAMS,SHEILA!!!
My little unit usually joins in.
It's only about 10pm so we've got time.Darrel goes and washes his cock for me.No ATM for this girl even if it is my ass.I usually end up laying there giving him a LONG leisurely blow-job while he bitches about how his wife won't do ANY of the things I do.How many times have I heard that?
100% (15/0)
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2 years ago
hot story Sheila! Too bad I am not black or have a huge dick.
4 years ago
very enticing story!
4 years ago
You know Sheila you are one hot lady you must be the best laye around you know how todo everything to make a guy cum well thanks
4 years ago
nice! most wives won't even attempt the shit sluts like us will do...
4 years ago
hot rendervouz
4 years ago
Beautiful darling...simply beautiful....