For the BBC I Saw Here

I found the picture of your fabulous cock released from the confines of your jeans most provocative.I can only imagine the strain that monster must have put on the fabric.Perhaps I will.
I am sitting on a bench in Birmingham Garden wearing a pastel yellow skirt that comes to mid thigh showing the start of my sheer beige stocking welts.My shoes are 4" matching yellow open toed pumps.My blouse is white silk covering my bra filled with double D breast forms.My wig, of natural human hair,is shoulder length.My face is "done up" conservatively except for my nails and lip-stick,all deep red.I give the impression of a typical southern matron.
I see you approach and catch your eye and hold it for a moment before I drop my gaze to your crotch.By the time you stop in front of me a huge bulge has me slowly running my tongue over my red lips before I look up to see your handsome face.We introduce ourselves and you ask if I've ever been to the "secret spring"?When I say no,you ask if I'd like to see it? I slowly nod yes and you tell me that it's off the beaten path a bit and to follow you.I pick up my bag and as I start off my heels sink into the soft earth.Seeing this,like the true SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN you are,you pick me up and carry me into the woods to a secluded spot with a bubbling spring,a bed of soft pine needles and a cool breeze.
When you put me down,you don't release me but pull me back into your arms and kiss me lightly,at first,then deeply with our tongues dancing with each other and one of my hands around your neck with the other frantically trying to free your cock.When we break for a moment I reach into my bag,take out a blanket which you spread on the pine needles.I take the time to freshen up my lip-stick before taking my place beside you.I immediately undo your belt,button and zipper and pull your pants and drawers to your knees freeing your BIG,BLACK COCK.I draw in a breath,pleasantly surprised at this bounty lying before me.I see that you've shaved your pubic hair. My soft white hand caresses you then pulls back your foreskin as I lean over to take you into my wet mouth.I run my tongue around your head and glans.Then it's your turn to take in a breath as descend deeply down your now rock hard ebony monster.You are MUCH too LONG and THICK for me to deep-throat but my hand surrounds what my mouth can't cover and the red drool dripping down keeps you well lubricated.It also allows me to tighten my grip to keep you from cumming when the big vein on top of your dick telegraphs to me you're about to.[I rarely get to suck young cock anymore,so I want to make the most of this.]
My pretty blond head bobs up and down, sometimes slowly, other times quickly, as you coo,moan,whisper my name and beg me to let you cum.I reluctantly remove my mouth from my dark desire and turn to you and ask for a kiss.You,once again,gather me into your strong African arms where I always feel safe and wanted,and kiss me passionately. I then ask you to stand as I want to gaze into your warm brown eyes as I bring you to orgasm.
I kneel at your feet and comfortably take half of your thick 10" ebony monster into my mouth as you place both of your strong hands on the back of my blond hair.
You begin to languidly fuck my attractive face and,with each thrust,u*********sly or not,go a little deeper each time. You soon f***e more and more of your HUGE COCK down my willing throat 'til I must take my breaths on the "outstrokes".But it's OK.I LOVE it.MAKE ME your CUMSLUT JARMAN is what I'm thinking.Thankfully, you pull back enough so that your cock is near the back of my throat when you let loose an explosive orgasm that let's off 6 impressive ropes of jizz in quick succession.Still,it overflows and dribbles onto my blouse to be sucked out later.
I freshen up and you pull yourself together.You carry me back to the bench where we exchange numbers and promise to hook up in the future for both oral and anal action.I can't wait.WHAT A COCK !
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3 years ago
Well one day I hope that u will be on your knees for me
3 years ago