Black Cannon of Aberdeen

In the late 70's I met a handsome and hung black soldier from Aberdeen Proving Grounds in a bar that catered to mostly a black clientele.EXACTLY my kind of place.I had prepared carefully before I sashayed in that night swinging my creamy white ass atop 4 inch heels.Smoky eye shadow above a dark green that brought out and emphasized my hazel eyes,red lip-stick matching my toes and long acrylic fingernails.My bra was filled with Double DD silicone breast forms,that when warmed by my body heat,felt VERY real.I wore a garter belt with sheer full-fashioned stockings in a nude shade as I was still quite tan from the Summer.Over this was a white rayon dress with small red polka dots that clung to my body like a second skin.My shoes were 4 inch sandals in red.My wig was blond and shoulder length.Chanel#5 was my scent of choice.
I made my way to the bar and quickly took a seat and ordered a double Jack Daniels,straight up, cause I had REALLY gotten nervous all of a sudden.
I had trolled for black lovers before,mind you,but that always entailed DRIVING up to attractive men and innocently asking the whereabouts of a fictional bar where "GIRLS" like me could meet BLACK MEN like YOU.I'd be ALL DOLLED UP and showing A LOT of leg.You wouldn't believe how successful this is.I've sucked and swallowed more cock and cum using this ruse.
As I put down half the Jack a muscular six footer sat down in the stool beside me.I looked up into the face of a smiling bald hunk.The arms and chest of the banlon shirt he's wearing threaten to come apart at the seams from the work- out his muscles are giving them.
We introduced ourselves.His name was Alex and he'd just been posted to Aberdeen from somewhere in Kansas.He was still waiting for base housing so that he could bring his wife and k**s East.As we're chatting I'm looking around.I notice I'm the only chick in there and I'm not even a chick.Now,I really change my mind and want to split.He picked up on my discomfort and asked me what was wrong.
"Well,it's like this,I was looking to meet a man,but with my particular situation,I'm really uncomfortable in here alone."
He said,"Nothings gonna' happen to you while I'm here,I assure you."
So I told him,"You're a nice guy,I like you,but you don't know my SITUATION."
"OK,Sheila",he says,"fill me in."
I used a red acrylic fingernail to beckon him closer and whispered in his ear,"I'm a man".
He slowly sat up,ran his eyes up and down my body and mouthed the words "You're k**ding me".I slowly shook my head no.He then called the bartender over,asked what I was drinking,ordered another round and one for him too.When the booze got there,he started telling of some of his adventures in S.E. Asia.His "experiences" with "ladyboys".Just blowjobs,you see.Hey,I knew where he was coming from.Alex wanted me to suck his black cock like a cheap,dime a dozen Asian drag queen.And that was fine with me.
I couldn't tell what kind of equipment he was packing it was so dark,but when a slow number came on the jukebox,Alex surprised me and asked me to dance.I'm 5'11" in those heels and my eyes were even with his thick sensuous lips that I desperately wanted to kiss.He held me delicately for half the song then drew me tightly to himself for the final half.I felt his cock on my warm stockinged thigh grow in length and thickness as we ground ourselves together and I was duly impressed.Alex was built best where it counted most for me.
Before we could sit down Alex asked me if I wanted to go somewhere else?I asked him what he had in mind.He said,"Some place quiet where we can talk."I thought a second and said,"Sure." We finished our drinks and walked out front where I leaned against the door of my '74 deVille.
I got to the point."Where's this quiet place you want to take me to,Alex?"
Alex said," On Aberdeen,Sheila, there's all kinds of out of the way places where we can be alone,you know?"
"Yeah,places where people can't hear me scream."
"NO,NO,No,it's nothing like that.I think you're beautiful.I want to be with you.HEY,I knew you were a guy and I STILL got a hard on when I danced with you.What's that tell you?"
"Good answer,Alex.OK.But I'd rather we split a cheap motel room on 40, you buy the booze but before any of that happens,you have to come over here and kiss me."

I've got to give it to him.With no hesitation he came over,pulled me up to him,took me in his strong arms and kissed me.Lightly at first,then squeezing me tighter and with more passion 'til finally his tongue entered my mouth and danced with mine as he ground his now quickly growing cock once again against me.

I was trembling in his arms when the kiss ended and he stepped back and he asked,"How was that,Sheila?"I barely got out,"Just fine,Alex"reached up to wipe the lip-stick off his mouth and continued,"you'd look funny going into a liquor store like that." He said,"Yea,motel office too."

We hopped into my car and off we went.

In the room Alex unwrapped a couple of plastic glasses,filled them with ice,poured some Jack Daniels for us and turned on the TV.I set down my pocketbook carrying assorted necessities I always brought with me:Oils,lotions,rubbers,joints,poppers etc.I then took off the bedspread,turned back the covers and sat at the headboard waiting for my new lover to join me.He handed me my drink,got into the bed,we clinked glasses and he smiled at me as we each took a sip and turned our attention to the TV,the only light in the room.Alex was laughing at Carol Burnette and caressing my thigh when I remembered I hadn't touched up my lip-stick.I excused myself,grabbed my bag,went into the powder room,readjusted my stockings while there and reapplied my lip-stick.Then,recalling his length and thickness added a veneer of VASELINE.

I slinked back to the bottom of the bed,kneeled at his waist and said,"Want to see how I compare to those South Asian sluts at sucking cock?"

"Oh yeah,I do,Sheila."

With that I took off his pants and G.I.undies leaving me gazing at 6" of flaccid,coal black cock.I leaned over and took him all in my mouth to his pubic hairs and slowly sucked him hard back up to the head.After a minute of this I could no longer reach "bottom" and at full erection he had to be 10" and impossible for me to get down my willing throat.A pool of drool,Vaseline and lipstick was collecting in the cup of my hand where I held him as I lovingly sucked the rest of his monstrous prick.He was a quiet lover,only murmuring now and again.But when he said,"I'm gonna cum!", I tightened my grip on his dick and suspended my oral efforts. I was having too much fun. There is NOTHING I like better than a HOT,BLACK COCK in my mouth! I got off the bed when I knew he wasn't gonna go "off" and once again went in to freshen up.

Alex is like,"Yo,Sheila,where you going?You're killing me.Hell,my wife won't even do what you're doin' to me."

"What did you have to bring her up for?"I asked.

"I'm sorry,"he said,"won't happen again."

But I'm thinking,what else won't his wife do for him?

When I came back,I turned on the bedside light,took a pillow off the bed and put it on the floor next to it for me to kneel on.I patted the edge of the bed and told Alex to sit here and to lean back and get comfortable.I then took my position and with one pale white hand with pretty red nails caressing his hard black body took his massive manhood back into my mouth.Now we could look each other in the eyes as I kissed, licked and sucked his beautiful cock.My gaze never left his except when my eyes would blink by themselves whenever I tried to f***e that huge,dark dick down my throat. I wanted to do that SO bad.

I could feel him getting close and I KNEW he was when he bolted straight up and grabbed the back of my head and started f***efully fucking my face and screaming,"TAKE IT,SHEILA! TAKE ALL THAT BLACK COCK! YOU LOVE IT! YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT! TAKE IT BABY!

It's the truth,I love it.And I loved it when he came.He must not have been jerking off since he last saw his wife.The first jet hit that thing that dangles from the middle of your throat and sent it vibrating.The rest quickly filled my mouth to overflowing which I caught in my cupped hand so as to not lose any.Alex is now screaming,"DRINK IT DOWN SHEILA! DRINK IT BABY! YOU LOVE IT!

When he finished cumming he collapsed back onto the bed.I licked up the jizz in my hand and joined him.

Alex suprised me for a second time that night by once again pulling me close and kissing me deeply.We held each other close and he gently caressed my legs anf fake breasts.That's OK,it's the thought that counts.We ended up smoking a joint I brought,drinking some more and watching Saturday Night Live. I gave him another blowjob that filled my tummy and we fell asl**p in each others arms.

In the morning,before we parted,I asked him what else his wife denied him sexually he wanted to try.

Alex answered,"Anal sex." I kissed him,winked,handed over my number and told him,"Honey,give me a couple day's notice and my ass is yours for the taking."

To be continued..........
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4 years ago
Well that was fun i would have liked tobe in his palce but my cock in not big and i'm not black had to jack off to your story again thanks
4 years ago
that super nervous feeling while you are trying to find the "one" who will satisfy the night's craving is absolutely intoxicating. then getting together in a cheap motel--- LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago