Caught In The Act.

When i was a teen i'd love to stop in on my own and get some of my s****rs tights on and put one of fathers hot vhs videos on to pull myself to.

This was a very frequent event, i loved the smoth and sexy femenine feel of the nylons and was soon finding the pleasures of my naughty little butt hole too.

One afternoon while getting amongst one of my sessions i was pulling away on my young hard cock when i've never been so shocked in my life.
Our neighbour, a single parent in her mid 30s had came in and was standing open mouthed at the sight in front of her.

The silence and stillness seemed to last for ages. Hand still on my now flopping nylon cock i did not have a clue what to do. "Sorry" i mumbled as she covered her eyes but didn't leave.
She told me she wouldn't tell my parents but wanted to borrow the video as she was much in need of a release.

Of course my services were quickly offered but alas she would not due to the age gap and being a f****y friend. This became one of my main fantasies while playing with myself, even to this day. I was given tights by her a few times with a naughty smile and wore them out to bits but, god how i wish i'd got my way!

Kate, that day lives on forever, and gets naughtier everytime i think it x.
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2 years ago
Okay then, tell us some of the naughtier versions from your head then.
2 years ago
Yummm, your so lucky