My First time "bi" anal

My first time happened in my mid 30's up to that point I had only sucked a cock but never really tried antything else. There is a highway reststop very near our city and I had read on the chat boards that is was the place for hot action. I drove past it and always saw cars parked there but never knew how or what to do.

One day in October I went there after work. I pulled in and parked, in the distance was a utilitarian style restroom, so off I went. Inside was a single urnial and a single stall with a pit style toilet. The toilet stall was made of plywood with 4 foot high walls and a plywood door that closed with a simply eye and hook latch.

I decided to go into the stall and sat down on the toilet and dropped my pants and underwear around my ankles thinking I was all alone I leaned back and began to play with my cock. After a short while I heard the bathroom door open and soon A guy in his early 20's was watching over the wall as I stroked my cock. He said hi so I replied back, without asking he moved to the stall and opened the door (I never set the latch!) There he stoood with his cock sticking thru his zipper, 7 inches cut, and hard and pointing right at me.

As he entered the stall he said "So what do you like to do?" All the while moving his cock closer to my lips. Before I could even say that I really had no experience, his cock was working its way in my mouth, so I just started sucking. After a few minutes of slobbering on his cock, he asked if if I wanted to get fucked, and reached down with his hands to help me stand up.

Although I willing went into the restroom up to this point I had not really given this much thought, or worse planning. I've never been fucked before and here I was without any condom or lube. As he moved to get behind me he pushed his had on my back so I was bent over at the waist, trying to keep my balance as my pant were around my ankles. Without any talk he spit in my ass and then began to work his index finger in my hole. "Boy are you tight" not knowing what else to say I said "thanks." Then before I knew it he pulled his finger out and I could feel the head of his cock at rubbing up and down my ass, then he guided his cockhead to my hole, and slowly pushed against my ass. I gave a small grunt as the his cock felt like it was ripping into my ass. As soon as his cockhead was completely in he waited for a second and then grabbed my hips with each of his hands and plowed completely into me. I remember feel of his pants rubbing upr against my ass cheeks. But he wasn't stopping now, I bent forward as far as I could and grabbed onto the bathroom stall door as he began to hammer his cock in and out of my stretching asshole.

Then as quick as it started he gave a brief grunt and I think I could feel him unloading deep in me. After a few seconds his cock began to shrink out of me, he pulled some kleenix out of his pocket wiped up his cock zipped up his pants and left me standing there. Alittle sore I took some toilet paper and wiped my ass, pulled up my pants and walked back to my car.

As I started to drive away I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass for the entire ride home, my underware were soaked when I finally got home to ake a shower!

From that moment on I never stopped at that rest stop again, and I never make any plans without a condom or lube.

But I won't lie I did like the feel of his seed eaking out of my very worn ass.

100% (29/0)
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4 months ago
hot. put a condom on me and
3 years ago
still looking for that reststop.good story
3 years ago
That's so nasty... mmmhh! Reminds me of an experience I had years ago. Have to write that up and publish it here.
3 years ago
sounds like lots of fun lucky guy
3 years ago
Oh ya very hot I remember my first time and my ass was so sore great times!!!!!
3 years ago
i'd like to hit that rest stop - hot action. Is it still there or is it a apart of the demise of outdoor cruising spots?
3 years ago