Linda's Black Boss

Linda's Black Boss


I'm not sure when I developed an interest in black men. Maybe it was the whispered comments of other girls,
about the size of their cocks? At any rate, thoughts of sex with black men faded from my conscious thoughts
when I met and married Sam. A year later Carol was born, further burying any thoughts of black lovers Three
years later Tina was born and I was wrapped up with taking care of my f****y and my job. Sex became just
another task. Gradually Sam and I realized that something was missing. After long discussions we discovered
that we missed the sexual spark that had made our lives so exciting. Which led us to talking about things we
could do to spice up our lives. Soon we began voicing some of our sexual fantasies during sex. Among all the
fantasies, the one that got us the hottest was role playing. I began encouraging Sam to play the role of a black
stud, out to knock me up. This led to Sam buying me several big black dildos to play with. One of these dildos
had balls that you could fill and make them squirt. Naturally, we began experimenting with various liquids in
the balls. Some didn't provide enough lubrication others failed for various reasons, mostly based on taste.
However, one evening, I came up with the idea of mixing up a thick custard sauce to fill my favorite dildo's
balls with it. In bed that night, I told Sam that my "friend" had a special treat for him. To my surprise he
sniffed the dildo and licked at the tip. Without comment, he eased it into my pussy and began enthusiastically
fucking me with it. I quickly began meeting his thrusts and our combined f***e began causing me to grunt each
time my "Friend" hit the very end of my pussy. Several minutes later, Sam asked me if I liked how my "friend"
was fucking me. I told him I loved it and couldn't wait until I felt him fill my belly with his hot cream. Sam
continued fucking me with my "friend" as he moved to take my nipple in his mouth. Delirious with lust, I
whispered. "Oh, yes, Sweetie. Suck my nipple while my friend fucks me." Just as I started to tense for my
climax, I felt a jet of hot cream blast into my pussy. That triggered a climax so strong, I lost track of reality
until I felt someone sucking and licking my pussy. After bringing me to another climax, Sam moved up over me
and slipped his hard cock into my stretched sloppy pussy. Although, I wondered how he could feel anything
after the fucking my friend had given me, Sam appeared to enjoy himself and soon added his own juice to the
mix. With his climax finished, Sam lay on me, kissing me and telling me how much he loved me. When I started
to express my love for him, he slipped down my body and resumed licking at the creamy froth seeping from my
well-used pussy. I started to protest that I was tired and didn't want another climax when I noticed, Sam's
licking and sucking was very gentle and more of the cleaning nature then intending to arouse me. When Sam
finished cleaning my pussy, I thanked him and told Sam, that was the best sex we've had in ages. He just
grinned and cuddled up to me From that day on, Sam showed an interest in cleaning my pussy after sex It didn't
appear to matter if my friend had filled me with custard or not. I really didn't care. We were happy.


Our girls were growing and life plodded along filled with the ususal lumps and bumps. However we had no
way of knowing about the curve that we would soon be facing when Sam took a job teaching in another state.
For the first couple months after we moved, I stayed home to sort out the chaos of moving. Despite the
significant increase in Sam's salary we decided that it would help if I went back to work. What with both
girls now in school, I really didn't need to be home. For the next month I read the want adds and made
countless job interviews Frequently, they told me I was under-qualified and just as frequently, told I was over
qualified. I began wondering what I was, qualified for. Finally I got a job working in a fitness and
rehabilitation center. The pay wasn't great but I didn't have a lot of stress either. At first I was nothing more
then a receptionist but I gradually found myself becoming involved with ordering supplies and the scheduling
of physical ther****ts. One fringe benefit of working there was I could use the equipment after hours.
Wanting to get rid of some weight I had gained from Tina's pregnancy, I began using working out. It was
during one of my work out sessions that I met Arthur, six foot four inches of perfectly sculpted, black male.
The only flaws, I could see, were scars on his knees. As I watched him, workout I noticed that he didn't
appear to have a problem using his legs. Having not seen any paperwork of a rehab, patient, I got curios and
asked if he was here for rehabilitation. He smiled at me and said. "No, those are old injuries from when I was
playing ball." Without thinking, I said. "Oh what football team did you play for."When those words left my
lips, it dawned on me that, Arthur had a strong British accent and probably never been to a football game.
However, instead of making me out to be a fool he answered, "The Manchester Rockets. I played what you
Yank's call, Rugby." I apologized for being stupid. Arthur laughed and told me that no apologies were
necessary. We chatted for several minutes before resuming or workouts. I found it almost impossible to focus
on the rest of my workout. Instead of counting my reps I was watching Arthur. God he was beautiful, His
massive muscles rippling under his coal black skin, intoxicating me like a powerful d**g and his every word,
replaying like seductive music in my head. At some point, I must have been so involved with my daydreaming,
I didn't notice Arthur leave. When I came out of my fog and looked around, I became angry at myself for not
learning more about the most exciting man I had met since I got married. When I got home, Sam asked why
I was is such a gloomy mood. At first I was afraid to tell him because I was afraid it might hurt him if he knew
I was looking at another man, a black man. Instead of telling him the truth, I mumbled something about work.
Sam, kissed me and said he was sorry I had a bad day. I was so relived that Sam, accepted my excuse that
I didn't notice the doubt in his eyes. All evening my guilt festered and by the time we crawled into bed,
I confessed my sinful thoughts. Strangely, Sam was not as upset as I feared and even stranger, I noticed that
his cock had stiffened without me touching him. Grateful that I had escaped I major conflict, I kissed Sam,
goodnight and tried to get to sl**p. Several weeks went by and I didn't see Arthur. Just when I was sure that
I would never see Arthur again, he walked in as I was working out. To my surprise he walked over and started
talking to me. Feeling like an awkward school girl, I tried to carry on an intelligent conversation. I guess I
must have impressed him a little because he began asking about my work and what I had done before this. I
think I gave my life's history and my home phone number. Little did I know how that conversation was going to
change my life. Two days later, Arthur called me at home and asked if he could take me to lunch. Still acting
like an awe-struck, school girl, I mumbled something about only getting a half hour for lunch and that I usually
eat lunch in my office. Then he floored me by asking if my husband would mind if he took me to dinner. I put
Arthur on hold and ran to Sam. "Remember the guy I told you about that comes in to work out?" Sam looked up
from grading papers and stared at me blankly for a second before saying. "Do you mean the big black guy you
were drooling over?" "Yeah, yeah that's the one. Well he wants to take me out to dinner, something about my
job." I babbled excitedly. Shaking his head and with an amused smile on his face, Sam said. "Go ahead. I'll
order pizza for dinner that night." I'm sure that Sam had doubts that I would be talking business with Arthur
and to be honest, I had my doubts. However, there was no way I was going to pass up this opportunity so I
took a deep breath and picked up the phone. The moment I heard Arthur's voice, I felt my panties getting wet.
After I blurted out that Sam said, it was OK, Arthur said, he would pick me up at seven the next day. My hands
were shaking and my nipples were rock hard as I replaced the receiver. Has Sam really given me permission to
have sex with Arthur or was he testing me? In all fairness to Arthur, he had never made any sexual implications
in the times we had spoken. Was I imagining that Arthur was interested in me sexually?


Feeling guilty, excited and nervous, I went to Sam and kissed him before saying. "I love you." Sam started to
look up from his papers but his eyes stopped as they peered down my blouse at my dangling boobs. "Is he
really going to offer you a job?" Sam asked as he raised his eyes and smiled at me. Slightly flustered, I told
Sam that Arthur had never made a pass at me or made insinuating comments. Sam reached up and cupped one
of my boobs and asked if we had discussed my job. With Sam rubbing my hard nipple, I was having trouble
remembering what Arthur and I had talked about so I said. "I guess so, I'm not sure." He brought his other
hand up to tease my other boob as he said. "I'll bet you would have a hard time keeping him out of your
panties." A moan escaped my lips as Sam teased my nipples, making it even harder for me to think about what I
should say. Finally I whispered. "Yes." "When is he coming for you?" Sam asked as he looked down my blouse.
"He's coming at seven tomorrow." I blurted out. Sam let go of my nipples and asked what was for dinner.
Chuckling, I straightened up and put my hands over my boobs as I said. "Not these." Sam laughed as I turned
to fix dinner while I wondering how our relationship would be affected if I succumbed to Arthur's charm.
What would happen if our c***dren discovered I was having an affair with a man, a black man? I was so deep
in thought I hardly knew what I served for dinner. It wasn't until Sam and I were getting ready for bed that
Sam stepped up behind me and cupped my boobs as he kissed my neck. He then whispered. "Stop worrying,
everything will work out." After taking my shower, I returned to our bedroom to find my big black dildo laying
on my pillow. Sam patted the bed beside him and mentioned that it had been a while since my "Friend" had
fucked me. As Sam slid my Friend in my pussy, he started kissing and nibbling on my nipples, something that he
knows turns me on. However, tonight felt different, instead of being gentle, Sam was sucking hard as he
fucked me with unusual vigor. Surrendering to the strong sensations my husband was creating, I closed my
eyes and found myself fantasizing that it was Arthur, having sex with me. Although I wasn't aware that I had
mentioned Arthur during this time, Sam began asking if I like the way Arthur was fucking me. Instead of
shaking me from my lust induced fantasy, I picked up on Sam's comments and began telling "Arthur," that I
didn't want him to make love to me, soft and gentle like my husband does. Discussing his voice, Sam asked if
my husband would get upset if he made marks on my boobs. Lost in the lust of the moment, I told him he could
do anything he wanted. Sam took me at my word and got even rougher with my boobs as he pounded my pussy
with my "Friend." Delirious with pleasure, I reached a climax that was much stronger then ususal. When Sam
pulled my "Friend" from my pussy, I felt a little sore and empty but very satisfied. Opening my eyes, I looked
at Sam and whispered. "Thanks, Sweetie, that was great." Sam kissed me passionately but gently before
asking if it was all right for him to have sex with me. I kissed Sam and told him, it was fine with me but after
the pounding my "Friend" had given me I doubted that he would feel very much. Sam smiled and said. "I know
but your pussy always tastes better after I've stirred it." I was correct, the only thing I felt was Sam's pubic
hair rubbing my clit. However, that was enough to give me a small climax and get Sam off. As before, after a
brief rest Sam slid down my body and began licking my pussy. Several minutes later, I was in the throws of
another climax. It wasn't until I was getting ready for work the next morning that I noticed all the passion
bites on my boobs. If fact my boobs were so sore, I thought about not wearing a bra. However, since my
nipples were still hard as steel, I rummaged through my drawers until I found an old nursing bra A bra, one
cup larger then I usually wear. As I finished dressing, I remembered the only other time Sam had given me
passion bites and how I gave him hell for doing it. However, this time I couldn't say anything about it as I had
given him permission. This got me wondering if Sam thought my fantasy lover should leave passion bites. I
shook my head and scolded myself for being so silly. After all, Arthur had said he was taking me to dinner to
discuss business. At least a dozen times during the day, I had to remind myself that this was going to be a
business dinner and nothing else. Business dinner or not I still hurried home to get ready for my date. As
ususal our k**s used my arrival for an excuse to break from their homework. After a round of hugs and kisses,
I hurried into Sam's den and kissed him as he graded papers. Sam gently patted my boobs and told me that he
loved me. As I started to straighten, I noticed that he was staring down my blouse. I also noticed a look of
disappointment when he saw that my boobs were encased in the old nursing bra. As I was trying to decide
what to wear, I remembered that I had some pasties that I had used with a low-backed dress. Since even the
oversized bra was getting uncomfortable, I decided just to wear the pasties and no bra It wasn't until I was
checking myself out in the mirror just how sexy my outfit was. My dress was a soft jersey that molded to my
body, covering but not cancelling, everything. If you looked closely, you could even see that I was wearing a
garter- belt and stockings instead of pantyhose. When I stepped into Sam's den, he looked at me and whistled
softly before saying. "You did say that this was a business meeting?" I leaned over and kissed him before
asking. "It's not to reviling, is it?" Sam glanced down the top of my dress and I swear I saw his cock stir as
he grinned and said. "I'm sure you'll get the job." "They are too sore from last night to wear a bra." I said
defensibly. Sam grinned and said. "Next time, you'll have to tell your boyfriend to be gentler or get used to
going braless."

The sound of the door bell interrupted further conversation and I left Sam with a quick kiss and a promise not
to be too late. I yelled to the k**s to be good and that I would check on them when I got home. Arthur took my
breath away when I opened the door. His cream color summer suit barely concealed his beautiful body while
accentuating the darkness of his skin. As he said, "Good evening." his eyes devoured me. Instantly, my nipples
hardened to the point that I thought my pasties were going to pop off. If I had ever felt a man's eyes
undressing me now was the crowning moment. However instead of making a lewd or suggestive comment,
Arthur just told me that I looked stunning. To my surprise the evening was just as advertised. Arthur was
interested in hiring me and although his eyes undressed me all evening, Arthur never made a pass at me.
It was just nine o'clock when we pulled into my driveway. When he stopped the car, Arthur hopped out and came
around to open the door for me. Without acting slutty, I gave him a peek at the tops of my stockings as I got
out of his car. Then smiling, I asked. "Do you treat all your employees like this?" With a deep throaty chuckle,
Arthur said. " I like to have a comfortable relationship with the employees that work directly with me."
I kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for dinner and a new job. He offered to walk me to the door but I
insisted that wouldn't be necessary. Pausing with my hand on the front door knob, I waved to Arthur as he
pulled out of the driveway. As I watched Arthur drive away, I remembered how Sam reacted when he looked
down my dress before I left.

With a soft chuckle, I reached in my dress and pulled the pasties off my nipples.
My nipples rejoiced with their new freedom and were making two very noticeable points in the front of my
dress as I walked into the house. Carol was in her room doing homework and Tina was watching TV and didn't
look at me when she asked if I had a good time. Sam however, sprung an erection when he saw my nipples
pointing at him. Trying to contain his curiosity, Sam hurried over to kiss me hello before motioning to me to
follow him to the bedroom. In our bedroom, Sam closed the door and asked how things went. Smiling, I
casually turned my back to Sam and asked him to unzip my dress. Sam got a bit flustered and said. "But the
k**s are still up." "I know, Silly. I just wanted to get out of this dress." I said as I stood patiently. Sam
started asking me about my date and I reminded him that it wasn't a date, it was strictly business. When Sam
finally unzipped my dress, I let it fall as I turned to face him. His eyes, got huge and the bulge in his pants
also grew as he stared at the passion marks on my boobs. Pretending that everything was normal, I explained
that I was going to give my two weeks notice and then I would be going to work for Arthur as an executive
secretary. Still, Sam was fixated with my blemished boobs and he only muttered. "That's nice." He then
glanced at his watch and said. "Damn, it's only nine thirty." Moving close, I kissed Sam and promised that we
could play later. Reluctantly, Sam left the bedroom, leaving me wondering if Sam was turned on by the idea
that I would be horny when I got home or was Sam thinking of me having sex with Arthur? As much as I'm
turned on by the thought of having sex with Arthur, I didn't want to hurt Sam or my f****y. Several minutes
later, I found myself grinning as I heard Sam tell Tina to get ready for bed. Was Sam going to be 'Sam' or
was he going to be my boyfriend, tonight? Either way, I figured it would be a good idea to make up a batch of
'cum' for my black friend. When Tina was ready for bed, Sam was urging Carol to get to bed. I took that as
my cue to fill my black friend's balls. Not ten minutes after Carol was in bed, Sam walked up behind me and
gently cupped my boobs as he kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear. I whispered. "Is my boyfriend going to
join us tonight?" Sam whispered. "Do you want him to join us?" Turning my head, I kissed Sam before
whispering. "Would you be upset if he got a little rough with me this time? I like how he made my boobs feel
last night." Sam kissed me tenderly and said. "I guess you'd have to go braless again, maybe pantie-less too."
Nibbling on his lip, I whispered. "You'd let him get that rough?" He slipped his tongue in my mouth and kissed
me passionately before saying. "How can I stop him? He is bigger and stronger then me." Cupping my hands
over Sam' s, I gave them a squeeze as I said. "I can't stop him either." "If you can't control him, we could tell
him to stop visiting." "I can't get over the sensations I get from him. I guess, I'm becoming addicted to big
black cock." "Well let's go see if he is waiting in the bedroom." As we walked to our bedroom I felt my pussy
getting very wet and my nipples began throbbing in anticipation of the rough treatment they were going to get.
My thoughts were also wandering to thoughts about Arthur. Did his performance in bed equal his appearance?
In our bedroom, Sam saw my black dildo waiting on the bed and said. "I see your friend is anxious to get
between your lips." Chuckling, I asked. "Which lips?" Patting my crotch, Sam said. "The ones that are
drooling." Seconds later we were nude on the bed and Sam was teasing my pussy with my black friend. As he
teased my pussy, Sam began sucking and teasing my nipples. In seconds the only thing on my mind was the
wonderful sensations racing though my body. At some point, I felt gentle nips on my boobs and nipples but I
didn't protest as they seemed to heighten my sexual high. The only thing that really mattered was the climax
that was growing like a ball of fire ready to consume me.

The ball of fire in my belly kept growing and growing until it consumed me in a huge climax. A climax so
strong, it left me in a fog of sexual bliss. As the fog began to clear, I felt my pussy suddenly become empty,
then a moment later someone was on top of me pushing something in my pussy Although my pussy was stretched
out from my "Friend" and I barely felt the cock inside me, his pubic hair was teasing my clit and pushing me
toward another climax. Knowing that Sam was now fucking me, I asked if he was stirring the pot. He kissed
me as he ground his pubic area against mine but didn't answer me with words. I was soon to learn that Sam
would never openly encourage me to have sex with another man. However, Sam did do subtle things that told
me the idea turned him on.


The day I went to work of Arthur I half expected that he would throw me on my desk and fuck me by noon.
However, Arthur was all business and gave me meaningful work to do. He did give me studying glances, as if
he was trying to decide if he was interested in me. After several weeks, I began to feel that all I had gained
was a better job. I was puzzled with how much I had misjudged Arthur's physical interest in me. Slightly
frustrated, I began dressing slightly more provocatively. Although the guys and gals at work studied me more
intently no one openly commented. Arthur didn't comment but he did check out my assets on more then one
occasion. Over the next several months, Arthur began involving me in important projects and spending more
time with me. Gradually, I began feeling that I was moving up from just being a secretary. When I had been
working for Arthur for six months, he called me in his office. As he told me to have a seat, he handed me a
piece of folded paper and told me to read it. To my surprise it was a memo stating that he was promoting me to
an executive assistant and getting a significant raise. Thrilled beyond words, I jumped up and hugged Arthur.
He sat grinning as I kissed him. Later when I calmed down, I realized that part of his grin was probably due to
the view he had down my blouse. Knowing that I had been working hard, I didn't question my good fortune as
I left a message on Sam's voice mail. A short while later, Sam called to congratulate me. After my initial
frenzied babbling, Sam chuckled and told me that he knew that once I had gotten Arthur's attention, he would
recognize my assets. The way Sam emphasized the word 'Assets,' I knew he was teasing me a little about my
subtle flirting with Arthur. Defensively, I reminded him of the long hours I had put into my work. Sam assured
me that he knew I deserved my promotion and that he was going to take me out to dinner to celebrate. Arriving
home, my jubilant f****y, swarmed me. When Carol and Tina calmed, Sam told me to hurry and get changed.
As I entered our bedroom, they surprised me to see that Sam had laid out my clothes on the bed. When I saw
his selection of clothes, I knew that Sam had plans for later, after the c***dren were in bed. Instead of panty
hose, Sam had laid out stockings, garter belt, and thong panties. To complete my underwear ensemble, Sam
laid out my half cup bra, a bra I had bought just to tease Sam The only time I had worn it before was in our
bedroom. On several other occasions, Sam had tried to get me to wear the bra in public but I pointed out that
my nipples wouldn't stay hidden in the cups. Hopping in the shower, I thought about the outfit Sam wanted me
to wear Looking down my body, I glanced at my boobs. Since we hadn't played with my black friend for a
while, my boos were unblemished. Glancing down further, I noticed that my bush, needed some trimming.
Grabbing my razor, I began scr****g off gobs of hair as I tried to visualize how much my panties would cover.
Unable to decide how much hair to shave off, I shaved all of my pubic hair off. By the time I had a bald
pussy, I realized I was getting turned on by all of this. Then as I dried my self and examined my shaving job,
I got the wild idea of going Sam one better and decided I would leave the thong panties on the bed. Just as
Sam called for me to hurry up, I asked him to come and zip up my dress. He took one look at me and whistled
in approval. I guess, I so impressed him with my appearance that he didn't notice the panties still on the bed.
However, I was acutely aware of the cool air wafting over my bald pussy. While we were waiting for our
dinner to come, Sam whispered in my ear. "Did you wear everything I laid out for you?" Grinning, I snuggled
closer and whispered. "No." A disappointed look swept over his face and he started to say something.
However, I sealed his lips with a kiss and placed his hand on my stocking clad thigh. As my tongue began
searching for his, I felt his hand slide up my thigh. Since we were sitting in a booth and the lighting was
subdued, I wasn't to worried someone would see where my husbands hand was. Higher and higher Sam's
fingers wandered. When he felt that I had worn the garter belt his mood brightened slightly. When he couldn't
find my panties, Sam broke our kiss and looked at me quizzically. Glancing around, I was satisfied that no
one was paying any attention to us before I whispered. "I thought this would be more fun." Sam was too
stunned to speak but his hands weren't too stunned to continue probing around my crotch. I was sure he was
feeling for my pubic hair as his fingers got closer and closer to my bald pussy, while the look of surprise on
his face, grew. Seeing his eyes get really big and his chin, drop, I giggled and said. "Close your mouth,
someone might notice." In a startled whisper, Sam said. "Your hair! It's gone." I kissed him passionately as his
fingers stroked my bald labia. Then noticing our waiter approaching, I pulled back and said. "I love you." Sam
pulled his hand back and tried to collect himself as the waiter began setting our food on the table. Leaning
forward, I gave the waiter a peek at my cleavage while watching Sam's reaction. Right away, Sam noticed
where the waiter was looking. After the waiter left us, Sam leaned close and whispered. "Do you think your
boyfriend will like your new hairdo?" "I don't know but I hope he likes them as well as my boobs." Referring
to the passion bites, I had gotten on my boobs, the last time we had role-played.

After playing touchy-feely all during dinner, Sam took me to a club for some dancing.
This surprised me considering that Sam had never been that big on dancing. When I asked him why the sudden
change, Sam grinned and said. "Oh! I know how much you liked to dance and I figured that plenty of guys would
love to dance with a sexy gal like you." Stunned, I whispered. "Do you really want me to dance with other guys?"
Looking as if I had asked a stupid question, Sam smiled and said. "Well you want to dance, don't you?" "But no
one will ask me to dance if I'm with you." "I know. That's why I'm not going to sit with you. I'll just sit over there
and watch you have fun." I started to tell him he had too much to drink but quickly decided that teasing Sam by
flirting with a few other guys would be fun. With a quick kiss I took a seat at the bar as Sam settled into a booth
across the dance floor. Before I could order a drink, a handsome man in his twenties came over and offered to buy
me a drink. I smiled and accepted as he slid onto the stool next to me. Jack introduced himself and we chatted for
several minutes before he asked me to dance. Out on the dance floor, I felt Jack's eyes undressing me and saw his
interest in my hard nipples. Smiling to myself, I wondered how he would react if he knew that it wouldn't that my
pussy was completely nude. When the band started playing a slow number, Jack's smiled as he eased himself close
to me. When I offered no resistance, he snuggled up to me and cupped my ass. As I felt him rubbing against
me I decided to see if his equipment was as impressive as the rest of the package. Deliberately rubbing my
nipples against his chest and my crotch against his, I was disappointed to only feel a weenie, much smaller then
Sam's. Immediately, I lost interest but decided that I still could have a little fun teasing Sam. When that song
ended, I thanked him for the drink and dance before excusing myself and going to the ladies' room. On my
return, I saw Jack still waiting for me so I sat next to Sam and asked if he were having fun. He smiled and
asked why I ditched the guy. I grinned and told Sam that there were three strikes against him. He was cocky,
white and had a small dick. Sam grinned and asked if I would be interested in a tall, dark, well-hung black
stranger. I kissed Sam passionately and glanced to see if Jack was still waiting for me to return. Seeing that
Jack had moved on, I patted Sam's lap and told him to have fun before heading back to the bar. No sooner
had I started sipping of a fresh drink when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and Arthur smiled at
me. My heart started pounding real hard when I saw Arthur. When he asked what, I was doing here, I told him
that I was celebrating my promotion and that my husband had to work late so he wouldn't be joining me until
later. Then, I invited him, to keep me, company. As the band struck up a new song, Arthur asked me to dance.
Without a moment's hesitation, I slid into Arthur's strong arms and glided out onto the dance floor. The song
was a slow sexy one and I didn't hesitate pressing myself against him. Arthur leaned his head toward my ear
and whispered. "I hope your husband isn't the jealous type." I don't know what possessed me to reach up and
kiss Arthur's cheek. However, I got a delightful tingle and wondered if Sam saw me. Then I whispered. "No,
He is very open minded." Arthur relaxed and looked at where our bodies were touching. As his hands slid
around to cup my both my butt cheeks firmly, I leaned my torso back just enough that he could see the tops of
my boobs and my bare nipples. Smiling, Arthur stared at my boobs and said. "Your husband must feel very
secure to let you go out in public dressed so enchantingly." "Oh. He picked out this outfit." Without looking at
his face I felt Arthur's surprise. Grinning to myself I pressed my nipples against Arthur's chest while glancing
around to see if Sam was watching. I didn't need to worry. Sam was watching us intently. Clearly I had
found my, tall, dark, well-hung, black stranger, only Arthur wasn't a stranger. After the slow dance finished,
I told Arthur that I didn't really enjoy the fast dances and asked if we could sit out the fast dance. He
smiled warmly and looked around for an empty table. Although several men including Jack looked at us with
questioning looks, I didn't pay any attention to them as Arthur pulled out my chair and politely seated me. The
only thing I could think of was Arthur's big cock pushing against my belly while we danced. As he sat next to
me, he again told me how stunning, I looked. I giggled and told him he was just saying that because he had
been staring at my boobs. If seeing a coal-black man blush was possible, I'm sure Arthur was blushing at my
bold comment. Sensing that maybe I had been too bold, I said. "Sometimes, Sam likes to see how men react
when I tease them. So on special occasions I dress like this to please him." Arthur grinned and said. "Your
husband is very lucky to have a wife like you." Now it was my turn to blush. However, I didn't want the
conversation dwell on Sam so I started asking Arthur questions about himself, reminding him that we had met
almost a year ago and I still didn't know much about him other then he likes to work out and he owns the
company. After four or five slow steamy dances and conversation I told Arthur I needed to go to the ladies
room but hoped he would be there when I returned. He promised he would as I got up. On my way to the laies
room, I walked past Sam and motioned for him to follow. Sam almost knocked me over as he turned the corner
by the rest rooms. As we steadied each other, I noticed a damp spot in his pants. "Who's your friend?" Sam
asked breathlessly. "Oh. That's Arthur, my boss." "That's the guy you've had so many wet dreams over?"
Smiling, I nodded yes and then Sam said. "I can see why and I don't have to ask if you are having fun."
Glancing around, I quickly told Sam. "I told Arthur that you had to work late and were going to meet me here."
Grinning, Sam said. "Do you want me not to show up?" I kissed Sam and whispered. "You started this. You
tell me." Sam looked at his watch and said. "Maybe I'll go check on the k**s and let the sitter go home." I
kissed Sam and went to the ladies room. When I returned to Arthur, I saw Sam sitting at his table watching
us. Although the band had just struck up a fast number, I asked Arthur to dance. As we moved out onto the
dance floor I knew that my partially encased boobs would move around a lot and my nipples would probably
become more noticeable. My predictions were correct, my nipples were putting on a shameless display as I
danced. A display that Arthur and others enjoyed. Standing at the edge of the dance floor, Sam was enjoying
my shameless display, when I shook my boobs and gyrated my pelvic for Arthur, I swore that Sam almost came
in his pants. At the end of that song we remained on the dance floor. As the band began playing a slow song, I
molded myself against Arthur. He had one hand on my waist, and other firmly grabbing ass, I rested my head
on his broad chest, our bodies tightly pressed against each others, we danced and gyrated slowly to the music.
I was so turned on he could have fucked me right there on the dance floor in front of my husband for all I
cared. Looking past, Arthur's shoulder, I caught, Sam's gaze. He smiled at me and blew me a kiss, before
turning and working his way through the crowd. At first, I thought, Sam had just returned to his table.
However, when I saw a couple sitting where Sam had been, I knew he had left me Arthur's hands. The
realization that Sam had left me with a handsome black stud, gave me a thrill I had never felt before. Did it
mean that Sam was giving me permission to have sex with him? My reverie was broken when the music stopped
and the band announced that they were taking a break. Upon returning to our table I made a show of looking
at my watch and telling Arthur that it looked like my husband got tied up with his work. He responded by
asking if I needed a ride home. Since I had come with Sam, I truly did need a ride so I told Arthur that would
save me from having to call another cab. Five minutes later I was in Arthur's car. Fifteen minutes later Arthur
surprised me by pulling into my driveway, without hinting about taking a detour. When the car stopped, Arthur
hopped out and came around to open my door. Still feeling naughty, I spread my legs as I swivelled around in
the seat Without looking down I knew that most of thighs and possibly my nude pussy was on display. Judging
from the sparkle in Arthur's eyes he liked what he saw. However, he was a gentleman and e****ted me to the
front door without even an improper gesture. As I unlocked my front door, I pulled Arthur close and kissed
his cheek before thanking him for bringing me home


With my hand on the door, I asked if he would like to come in for a cup of coffee. Arthur smiled and said it
was getting late and tomorrow was a work day. As I regretfully closed the door, I noticed for the first time
that my pussy was so wet the tops of my stockings were damp. A moment later Sam swept me into his arms,
hugging and kissing me. As his tongue probed my mouth, he slipped a finger into my hot pussy. Feeling how wet
I was, Sam insisted on taking me straight to bed, stripping me as we went through the house. In our bedroom,
I started to protest that I needed a shower but Sam quieted me by pushing me on my back and diving for my
pussy. After several minutes of frenzied licking and sucking my pussy, Sam reached for my black dildo. I had
a feeling that my imaginary lover was going to get quite wild and I soon found out I was right. My fantasy
lover quickly had the dildo was racing in and out of my pussy as he sucked and nibbled on my boobs and
nipples. All of that wild action, stirred up the passions that had been brewing in me from teasing Sam and
Arthur. I began calling Sam, Arthur and telling him to show me how a black stud breeds a white wife. Twenty
minutes later I knew two things. I was going to have a very strong climax and my boobs would be too sore to
wear a bra. The first, thrilled me and I didn't care about the second thing. Really all that mattered was I had
fun and Sam (Arthur) had fun. Once Sam, pretending to be Arthur, brought me to a climax, he switched back
to himself and slipped his cock into my stretched pussy and added his juices to my already sloppy wet pussy.
As ususal, I didn't feel much except for Sam's pubic hair tickling my now nude clit and labia. Mmmmmm. Sam
just convinced me to keep my pussy shaved. Later in the shower, Sam carefully washed each bruise on my
boobs and yes, also the first ones ever to appear on my pussy. As I watched Sam, I said. "Darn my boyfriend
got so rough. I won't be able to wear any underwear." Sam grinned and kissed my tummy before saying. "I
wonder if he knocked you up this time?" I smiled down at him and asked. "Would you be upset if he did?" He
looked up at me with a horny grin and said. "You did look so sexy when you were pregnant and your milk was
so sweet." In bed, Sam lifted my night gown and kissed my belly before cuddling up and going to sl**p. In the
morning, I caught Sam staring at the marks on my body as his cock came to half mast. Moving closer, Sam
gently touched one of the bruises as he asked. "Does it bother you that your boyfriend gets a little rough as
he tries to breed you?" "I expect my black stallion to be proud to let you know that I've been bred." I said as
I pulled a dress on. The sound of our c***dren getting ready for school put a halt to us going any further with
our game. With a quick kiss, Sam and I returned to the real world.

At work Arthur was Mr. Business. He wasn't cold or distant. He just focused on work.
However, about eleven, he called me into his office. Like most people, I was a little nervous about being called
into the boss' office. Arthur was talking on the phone when I entered his office. With a quick glance at me
he motioned for me to have a seat. From what I heard of Arthur 's end of the conversation I figured that he
was talking to someone about an upcoming business convention. A minute later he hung up the phone and turned
to me. "I would like you to help me at the convention. Do you think Sam could spare you for ten days?"
Swallowing my surprise, I told him I would have to discuss it with Sam but I thought we could work it out.
Arthur smiled and mentioned that if I could go for the full ten days, we would have a little time to sightsee.
That evening at dinner I asked Sam and the c***dren if they could survive. Carol and Tina quickly assured me
that they could take care of Sam. Naturally they had a million questions, which I answered as best I could
Later in bed, Sam asked me if I was going to have sex with Arthur. I kissed Sam and said. "I'm not sure,
the night I met him at the club, he looked but never made a move on me. He didn't even do anything when
I showed him lots of boob and thigh. There is also the problem of birth control" "You could get some of those
morning after pills." Sam said softly. I nodded and said I would call my doctor and get some. We said nothing
more of the matter and Sam cuddled up to me. However, several minutes later, Sam lifted the covers and pushed
up my night shirt so he could kiss my tummy. Then as he replaced the covers he said. "You will call me every day
and tell me how things are going?" In the darkened bedroom, I grinned and assured Sam that I would stay in touch
and if anything special happened, I'll call as soon as possible. He snugged up to me and said. "Good night, I love you.
" The next day, I called my doctor and got a prescription for 'Morning After' pills. That night I showed the package
to Sam and said that if I thought I needed to take them, I would call and ask for his opinion. Sam kissed me and said.
"Don't you have to take then within seventy-two hours?" "Yes." "Oh." Two days later when I was packing for my trip,
Sam came in the bedroom. Without comment, he looked to see what I had packed. After doing a quick inventory,
Sam removed the nightgown I had packed and went to the drawer where I keep my sexy clothes. A minute later
Sam carefully placed several pairs of thong panties and a see though, baby-doll nighty. He then picked up
several of my bras. Sam returned these to my dresser and replaced them with several semi cup bras and
several soft cup bras. Bras that I usually don't wear because my nipples show when I wear them. Sam grinned
and gave me a kiss before turning to leave the bedroom. At the door, he looked over his shoulder and said.
"Now, you'll be dressed for the occasion." Shanking my head in amusement, I said to myself. "I guess he
wants me to come home with a black baby in my belly." Just thinking that made my pussy and made me go and
look at my calendar to see when I was going to be fertile. As I picked up the calendar, I thought. "That's silly.
My period just ended two days ago. I would be at my peak during the trip." When it was time for bed, Sam
came in and asked if I needed to do something in the kitchen. I started to remind him that I had cleaned up
the kitchen hours ago then I realized, Sam wanted me to make some cream for my black friend. Helping me
pack, had made him horny. In the kitchen as I made a batch of cum for my friend, I slipped my hand into my
panties and discovered that my pussy was beyond wet. A man, could drown in the flood. Having filled my
friend with hot cum, I started toward the bathroom to take a shower. However, Sam pulled me into his arms
and kissed me very passionately. As he rubbed his crotch against mine, he whispered. "I think your friend is
very horny tonight. Do you think he will leave marks on you like the last time?" "He might. Last time my
husband did get a little concerned that maybe we had over done it but I assured him I was fine." "Oh, then I
guess he won't mind if you go back to him like that again." I looked down and my smooth unmarked flesh and
said. "I think he expects my lover to be a little rough. Like a stallion, marking a mare, he has bred." Sam
looked at me as if in thought before he softly said. "Maybe you are right." A moment later, Sam was gently
guiding me to our bed as he took my black friend from my hand. As I sat on the bed, Sam leaned over and
kissed me before saying. "I think your lover is waiting for you. I'll be back after he leaves." Joining me on
the bed, Sam became my black lover. Sam had left the room. If I needed any proof, my lover sucked my right
boob in his mouth and sucked hard. The suction was relentless as I felt him pressing his teeth into my flesh.
Instantly, I knew that I wouldn't be able to wear underwear for several days and I would be walking funny.
I also knew that I was going to have one hell of a climax. After giving me love bites on both breasts, my lover
slid his cream filled cock into my dripping pussy and locked his lips on mine. Very quickly, I was moaning and
thrusting my hips up to meet the thrusts of my black friend. Reality was gone, it was my lover who was fucking
me. There was nothing gentle in his technique, and he wasn't trying to be Sam. He was going to show Sam,
what a woman looked like after a good breeding session Finally, my lover broke our kiss, letting me breath. An
instant later, I discovered my lover's true motive as he grabbed my nipple between his teeth and a moan of
passion escaped my lips. As I lay on the bed humping back at the pumping cock in my pussy and stroking my
lover's hair, I began wondering. Why was I playing this game? Back when Sam and I were first married, I
gave him hell for giving me a hickey on my boob. Ever since, Sam has been a kind, gentle lover. However, when
we started our role playing, Sam's whole persona changed when he was playing my lover. Besides the passion
bites, his language also became more explicit. Shaking those thoughts from my head, I focused on the building
fire within. My body was beginning to arch up off the bed and my boobs were throbbing. "Would Arthur be
this good or was he just a man with a big cock?" I asked myself. A minute later I was incapable of thought.
My lover, had brought me to a huge orgasm. Before I fully recovered from my orgasm, Sam returned to make
love to me tenderly. As always, I found myself enjoying Sam's love making, enjoying the dramatic shift.


The next morning, I awoke early and slipped in the bathroom, trying not to wake Sam. As I looked at myself
in the mirror, I wondered if Arthur really would treat me like breeding stock. Up to now he has always been a
gentleman, even when I teased him. While waiting for the water to warm up, I decided that my pussy needed a
quick shave. Grabbing my razor and shaving cream, I adjusted the water temperature and stepped into the
shower. As the warm water washed the sl**p and dried sex juices from my body, I tried to imagine how my trip
would go. Was sex with Arthur just a fantasy? The click of the shower door opening jolted me from my
thoughts. "Can I wash your back?" Sam asked as he reached for the soap and washcloth. When he felt my
back was clean he turned me around and lovingly washed all the marks left over from our sex play. As he
finished, I noticed that his cock was half hard. For a moment I thought of taking care of Sam's growing
problem but a glance at the clock told me, I didn't have time "I'm sorry, Honey. I've barely got time to dress
and grab a bite before Arthur will be here." Sam pulled me into his arms and kissed me passionately before
telling me I would just have to make it up when I got back. I gave him a quick kiss and stepped out to the
shower, feeling guilty. I was just washing the last of my breakfast bar down with a cup of coffee when the
door bell rang. Before I could swallow the last of my coffee, I heard Sam talking to Arthur. Trying to sound
casual, I hollered that I would be right there. Inside, I was anything but feeling casual. On my way back to
the bedroom, I stopped and said, good by to Carol and Tina. Each gave me a sl**py kiss and told me to have
fun and not work too hard. I smiled and tried to suppress any thoughts of double meanings of their comments
as I hurried to get my bags. To my surprise, Sam had already taken my bags out. When I got to the livingroom,
I expected to see Sam and Arthur talking. Instead they were outside and Arthur was showing Sam his new
Cadillac. Relived that they were acting friendly, I hollered my final farewell to the girls and hurried out.
Seeing my approach, Arthur smiled and said to Sam. "You have a lovely wife. I hope it won't be too
inconvenient for you while I borrow her." Sam shook Arthur's hand and said. "Oh. I'll manage and I'm sure
our daughters will help out." Pausing for a moment, Sam glanced at me, then looking, Arthur in the eyes, said.
"Please take good care of her." A charming smile lit Arthur's face as he gave Sam's hand a final shake and
said. "She'll be in good hands."


The flight to Atlanta was uneventful. Once we got our baggage, Arthur hailed a cab that took us to the
Hilton. As we went to check in, I asked if my room would be on the same floor as his. Arthur smiled and
casually said. "I rented a suite with two bedrooms and a common room." "Oh." On the way to our suite, Arthur
and I talked about business and what our schedule would be. I was beginning to think that this trip was going
to be just business. For the first two days, Arthur and I worked our butts off. Both evenings we had dinner
with possible clients. By the time we returned to our suite, the only thing on our minds was a shower and sl**p.
The third day, Arthur knocked on my open bedroom door. As he asked what I would like for breakfast, I sat
up forgetting my nightie was see-through When I saw Arthur' s eyes get big, I realized that he could see my
boobs though the gauzy material of my nightie. Instead of covering up, I stretched and yawned before
answering Arthur. As I told him what I wanted for breakfast, I could feel my nipples hardening. Suddenly I
remembered the passion marks from my last night with Sam. Could he see them? Would they turn him off?
Other then his eyes scanning every inch of my torso, Arthur didn't let on that he'd seen anything unusual.
Then having taken my breakfast order, Arthur said I could catch a few more winks. He then closed the
bedroom door. Damn! Had I, completely misread his interest in me? Perhaps it was just unrealistic thinking,
on my part. I laid in bed for several minutes debating if I should get up or go to sl**p. With prospects of my
fantasy fading, I decided that I might as well get dressed and enjoy a good breakfast. As I was putting on my
shoes, I heard room service bring our breakfast. Going to my bedroom door I stood waiting until the bell boy
left before joining Arthur for breakfast. A faint look of disappointment, swept over Arthur's face as he
looked at me. Then with a small shake of his head, a smile lit his face as he showed me what was for
breakfast. While we ate, I kept getting the feeling that Arthur was trying to take my clothes off with his eyes.
Oh, he wasn't rude about it but he didn't try to disguise what he was doing. Feeling another naughty spell
coming on, I made a comment about being warm as I undid two buttons on my blouse. There was no mistaking,
Arthur's interest, his eyes noticed every movement of my fingers as he swallowed a mouthful of food. He
studied me for several minutes as he sipped his coffee before saying. "Does your husband know you brought
such a flattering nightie?" "Oh, yes. He packed it for me." Arthur's eyes opened more and he asked. "Does
your husband know you flirt?" I took a bite of food and made suggestive moves as I ate it. Before our
conversation went any further, the phone rang. Knowing the conversation was about business, I knew that the
mood was gone. When he ended the call Arthur told me, we were going to meet with a very important client.
Twenty minutes later we were sitting in a restaurant eating dinner with Harry W. and his assistant. I tried my
best to follow the conversation but they appeared to be talking in some type of code. After we finished eating
Harry and Arthur shook hands and talked about having lunch together, the next day. When Harry and his
assistant left the dinning room, Arthur turned to me and asked if I had brought some dancing shoes. Slightly
puzzled by his sudden change of mood, I said. "Sure, I've got shoes I can dance in but I can't dance in a
business suit." Grinning, Arthur said. "Well lets go up to our suite and change into some partying clothes.
We've just landed a multimillion dollar, contract." "But I didn't see anyone sign a contract?" Grinning, Arthur
said. "When Gene shakes my hand that is as good any signature. Our luncheon tomorrow, is just for us to meet
casually." Shaking my head in amazement, I asked. "Do you trust everyone that much?" Laughing softly, Arthur
said. "No Dear. Most people have to pledge their wife and first born." I noticed that he called me Dear, but I
just attributed that to the exuberance of the moment. Before I could ponder his comment, the doors of the
elevator opened and we were at our floor.


Walking down the hall toward our suite, Arthur we had a meeting Thursday with another client.
Then with a twinkle in his eyes, he said. "This one if just the opposite, I have to hold a gun to his head and
sign over his wife, c***dren and his dog." Feeling a little playful, I asked. "Have you ever had to collect?"
Arthur opened the door and as he gave me playful swat on my butt, said. "Someday, I might answer that. Now,
put on some sexy, party clothes." I smiled at him and made a big show of rubbing my butt as I went into my
bedroom. How sexy did he want me to dress? I pondered as I took a quick shower. Several minutes later as I
toweled the last drops of water from my boobs, I pondered if I should go braless. However, as I thought
about dancing braless in public, I grabbed on of the half-cup bras, Sam had packed. Then a naughty thought
ticked my brain, picked up my lip gloss and painted my nipples and areola. Standing in front of a mirror, I
decided I didn't look too much like a slut. Reassuringly, I told myself that casual observers wouldn't know that
a garter belt was holding up my stockings and my pussy was completely nude. If you looked closely, you could
see my nipples making small tents in my sheer blouse. Looking down at my nipples, I said. "I suppose you girls
are going to put on a show when Arthur gets you all hot and bothered?" Then as another wave of naughtiness
swept over me, I gave my nipples a tweak and stepped into the common room for Arthur's inspection. "Jesus!
Does your husband know you dress like this?" Grinning, I said. "Mmm. He packed this outfit." I then spun
slowly, giving him a look at the complete package. When our eyes met, there was no mistaking that Arthur liked
what he saw. If the lust glowing in his eyes didn't tell me enough, the bulge in his pants surely did. Gathering
himself up, Arthur moved to my side and offered his arm to me as he said. "May I e****t this sinfully delightful
woman to dinner and dance?" Slipping my arm into his, I said. "Why thank you sir, I would be delighted." I
have no idea, what we talked about during dinner. All I can remember is that Arthur charmed the socks off
me and the food was fantastic. After a brief cab ride, we arrived at a night club and to my surprise we
walked past a long line of people waiting to get in. When the bouncer saw us coming, he smiled and welcomed
Arthur by name. Out the corner of my eye, I saw Arthur, slip something to the bouncer as the bouncer said. "I
hope you have a good evening." Arthur put his hand on my butt and guided me into the club. My nipples sprang
to attention, Arthur had finally touched me. No sooner then that thought flashed through my brain then I
scolded myself for acting like a horny teenager. The live band was playing some hot music that instantly got
me in the mood to dance. By the time we got to a table I was dancing not walking and Arthur was right in step.
Instead of heading to a table near the dance floor, Arthur guided me to an elevated area. A low wall that gave
some privacy to the plush booths separated this area from the main floor. The vary-large and muscular
bouncer standing at the steps led me to believe that we were entering the VIP section. Again, Arthur slipped
the bouncer something and the bouncer smiled and showed us to a booth. To say that I was impressed, would
be a huge understatement. It was almost as if the people running this club knew Arthur. With my curiosity
aroused, I put my mouth near Arthur's ear and asked. "How do you get such special treatment here?" Grinning
he turned to me and said. "Several years ago, I came here and the staff was rude so I went to the manager
and complained. Well, the manager gave me a lot of static. It pissed me off so much, I bought the place and
fired the manager and everyone else who gave me any grief." "Remind me, never to piss you off." I said with a
grin. A moment later a waiter appeared and set drinks before us. "How did you know that I like Pina
Colada's?" "I remembered what you were drinking the first time I danced with you." We picked up our glasses
and toasted as Arthur said. "To success." Feeling the rhythm of the music stir me, I told Arthur I wanted to
dance. In a flash we were on the dance floor moving to the pulsating sounds of the music. The only thing that
mattered was enjoying the moment. When the band finished the fast number, they switched to a slow sultry
song. Without any hesitation, I allowed Arthur to pull me close and cup my butt with his large hands. Several
times, I caught him looking down my blouse but he didn't do anything except rub his chest, against my nipples.
I wasn't sure with this dim light if he could see the fading passion marks on my boobs. However, he hadn't
said anything about them when he saw me in my nighty. By the time we sat again we had worked up a good
thirst and we eagerly downed the remainder of our drinks. Then if by magic, there were fresh drinks before
us. I pulled Arthur close and asked him, if everyone got this kind of service. He grinned and kissed my neck
before saying. "No only sexy women like you, rates this." Not knowing how to respond, I smiled and said.
"Thank you, I think." Because of the noise level carrying on much of a conversation was hard but our bodies
weren't having any trouble communicating. No longer was Arthur keeping any distance between us when we
sat and out on the dance floor he was practically fucking me. Arthur was tall and his tree trunk was pressed
against my belly, he couched down so our pelvics could meet. His hands were clasping my butt cheeks tightly
as we gyrated to the sultry music. I was wet beyond imagination. I was having the time of my life.

About ten thirty, I glanced at my watch and excused myself to go to the ladies room. Once in the
quiet of the ladies room, I called Sam. I told him about getting the contract and that Arthur had taken me to
dinner and dancing. After taking about the k**s and generally avoiding any other mention of Arthur, Sam
asked if Arthur had seduced me yet. I chuckled and said. "Do you want me to fight him off if he does?" "Like
you could resist his charms, your pills are in your makeup case." Sam said after a short pause. "You know, I
have to take them within seventy-two hours? Do you think I should wait a day or two before taking them?" "I
don't know. Perhaps in a day or two, I'll have an answer. I love you." Sam said, his voice sounding strange.
Concerned that Sam might be having second thoughts, I asked if he was all right then added that I could be
good and keep our fantasy, a fantasy. With more cheer in his voice, Sam said. "Now listen. You've wanted to
experience this. You've been lusting after this black man for ages. Give me call tomorrow evening and tell me
if it was as good as you've dreamed." A tiny tear welled up in my eye as I said. "I love you." Sam said. " I
love you too, now go get laid." After a quick potty stop, I returned to Arthur and told that I had called home to
check on my k**s. He smiled and asked if I had told Sam what I was wearing. I smiled and leaned close as I
whispered. "He knows." We danced and teased each other for another hour before Arthur suggested that we
got back to our suite. I knew, I was about to get laid by this Black God finally.


Back in our suite, Arthur took me in his arms and said. "Those things have been trying to poke holes in your
blouse, all night. Why don't you let then free?" I glanced down and saw that my nipples were trying to burst
through my blouse. Grinning, I said. "It is all your fault. You kept rubbing that tree trunk in your pants
against me." Glancing down, Arthur saw the huge bulge in his pants and said. "That is all, your fault." Rubbing
my pelvis against his, I said. "Maybe we should do something about it?" With a hard tone in his voice, Arthur
said. "Maybe it is time to find out if you are just a cock tease?" Without any hesitation, Arthur stripped off
my dress and skirt, leaving me wearing a semi-cup bra and a garter belt holding up my stocking. Upon seeing
my nude pussy, he said. "Damn girl, your husband, sure is brave to send you off with clothes like these. It is
as if, you are begging me, to fuck you." Afraid to speak, I just stood waiting Reaching for his belt, Arthur
said. "You've been dying to find out what I've got in my pants ever since we first met. Now you are going to
find out." My pussy was wet and I felt pussy juice drooling down my leg. My chin must have hit the floor as I
saw Arthur's cock. Calling the black tree trunk standing from Arthur's loins, a cock just doesn't do it justice.
It was at least as long as my 12 " dildo but it was much thicker and darker and uncircumcised. This was the
first time I had ever seen an uncircumcised cock and I couldn't wait to see his cock head unveiled. Without
giving me any time to study his cock, Arthur grabbed my under my arms and carried me toward his bed. As he
carried me, my nipples tried to poke holes in Arthur's hard chest. At the same time, Arthur's cock was trapped
between my legs rubbing against my dripping pussy. Having been dropped on Arthur's bed, I expected him to
throw himself on top of me. Instead, he knelt next to me and began kissing and nibbling my boobs. Right
away, I knew Arthur knew his way around a woman's body. Around my boobs his teeth teased, down my
stomach he licked. Arthur kissed his way back up my stomach and then breasts as he slid back onto the bed
next to me.

As he did that I found myself kissing my way down his chest and stomach as I slid in between his legs, I've
never much liked giving oral sex but tonight I was completely willing as I kissed down his stomach my hands
massaged his erect cock, soon I felt his thick curly pubic hair brush across my chin as I moved down, by now I
was on my knees between his legs, I kissed up the shaft of his large cock and then slowly slid my lips around
the black head and began to suck him, I felt his hands move down to me as I sucked him deeper, he massaged
my neck and shoulders as he guided me up and down on his cock. After a while I pulled off and kissed down
the underside of his cock and began to kiss his balls and lick my way back up to resume sucking him. It felt
incredible almost slutty and I didn't care at all. I continued to suck him for a long time, and his pre-cum was
ozzing into mouth. Then he pulled me off him and laid me down. I spread my legs for the Black God exposing
my married white wanting pussy to him. However, just when I thought he was going to dive into my anxiously
waiting pussy, Arthur moved down to my thighs. Although Arthur was gentle, I was sure there would be fresh
marks on my body. For what felt like hours, Arthur teased me, coming within a hair's breadth from my clit then
moving off only to return, slowly building the fire of need, in my belly. A need that had stripped away any
thoughts of stopping. At some point, I began begging Arthur to stop teasing me. He lifted his head and looked
into my eyes as he said. "I'm going to show you who is, Master. You'll pay for all the teasing." "Please don't
hurt me." I said with some concern. "Oh don't worry, I won't cause any permanent damage but you are going
to see who is the Master." With that, Arthur moved between my thighs and pinned my arms to the bed.
Lowering his hips, he rubbed his cock-head against the wet lips of my pussy. I tried to hump my hips up to
capture his cock but each time, Arthur would pull back just enough to prevent penetration. After enduring his
teasing for several minutes, I began begging in earnest. Arthur grinned and said. "Now who is in control,
who's the Master?" "Please fuck me. I can't take any more teasing. My pussy is going crazy." "Tell me what
you want. Tell me what you are going to do for me." "Oh God! Please fuck me. Stretch me with your huge cock.
I'll stop teasing you and you can fuck me, all you want." "Who is your Master?" "You are." "Oh God, please.
You are my master." "Are you going to be my slave?" "PLEASE! Master, I'll do anything, I'll be your slave." "I
don't believe you. I think you are just a cock tease." Tears welled up in my eyes as I said. "Master. Please,
fuck me. I need you so much." Arthur pushed his cock head against the entrance to my pussy. When his cock
didn't go in, I panicked. 'Oh, damn, was his cock too big.' I tried thrusting upward but without success.
Frustrated, I pleaded. "PLEASE, Master. Fuck me and I'll do anything you wish." He laughed and said. "Oh,
you'll do anything I want anyway." As those words left his mouth, Arthur thrust his hips, driving about an inch
of his cock into me. Oh, shit did I take on more then I should? I wondered as I bit my lip to keep from crying
out due to the burning pain in my pussy. Arthur noticed and stopped thrusting. When I opened my eyes and
looked into his, Arthur pulled back slightly and thrust again. The pain wasn't quite as bad but it still felt like
he was shoving a torch into me. Again, Arthur stopped and gave me a chance to adjust to the monster in my
pussy. Knowing that the Master "thing" was just a game and that he did care about me, caused me to relax.
And as I relaxed, I felt more of Arthur's cock ease into me. Instead of Arthur pushing the last of his cock in
me, he grinned and pulled all but the head out as he said. "You didn't think I was going to give in that easily,
did you?" Ever so slowly, he slid his cock back in. Every time I would thrust up him, Arthur would pull back.
His teasing was driving me up the walls but it was also making me, SO FUCKING HORNY. At last I felt the
head of his cock kissing my cervix. Then I felt the tip of his cock press against the opening of my womb. Dear
God, is it possible for a man's cock to penetrate there too? Although he couldn't penetrate that entrance, I
knew that if he pushed his cock that tight into me when he climaxed, all of his sperm would go into my womb.
At that moment, I knew that I really wanted Arthur to knock me up. I wanted his black baby in my belly. I silently
prayed that Sam would tell me to throw the pills away. Feeling Arthur thrusting with a rhythm, my mind pushed
everything aside. His cock quickly put me on a sensory overload. I must say I'd never felt so full or so deeply
taken before, he was so skilled each thrust sent pleasure throughout my body. He would thrust all the way in and I
would raise my hips to meet his thrusts then he would pull almost out and thrust in me again. Soon I felt an orgasm
building in me again, more powerful and more intense, as I felt it build in me I am sure I could be heard through the
walls as I moaned "Oh my god Oh my god. Oh Yes!" Arthur didn't miss a beat, as I came he made quick short thrusts
into me intensifying and prolonging my orgasm.

As I calmed down I put my arms around his neck pulled his lips to mine and kissed him wildly and deeply as he
fucked me, meeting him thrust for thrust. This black stud was taking me to unknown heights of pleasure. He
pushed my legs up, my knees almost to my shoulders giving him even deeper access to my pussy. I moaned at this
new felt pleasure. It felt unreal. Like he was almost reaching my womb. Then he pulled out rolled me over to my
hands and knees straddled me and began to make love doggy style, it felt great his hands on my butt, with each
thrust into me he would push apart my butt cheeks giving him an extra bit of penetration, soon I felt orgasm
building again. It was a new experience for me, my husband never fails to make me come but only with his
tongue or our "Friend", but Arthur was making me come like this I imagine it is the extra thickness allowing him
to stimulate my clit even from behind. He pulled out of me and laid on the bed motioning for me to be on top,
instead lost in lust I kissed his chest quickly down to his cock still wet from my pussy, I'd never done this
before but I was beyond caring, I could taste my tangyness mixed with his flesh and precum as I lowered my
mouth on his cock. I took him as deeply as I could fast then slow. After a bit he began to moan, and I knew
what was coming though I'd never let a man cum in my mouth, I knew I would let him, my head continued to
move up and down on him, soon I felt his cock start to throb in my mouth slowly, I pulled off. I wanted this
black stallion to come inside my fertile pussy and breed me and give me his c***d. Once his furious throbbing
cock calmed down, and he got on top of me, and shoved his black meat in my married white pussy. As he kissed
and fucked me deeply, I carressed his sweaty back knowing that he was about to plant a black baby in my
married womb.

I could hear Arthur grunting and panting as he neared his climax. Pinning me against the bed, I couldn't move.
He grunted and made one hard deep thrust into me. I screamed as I felt his massive cockhead pierce my
cervix. His big body smashed against me on the bed. I felt his large black cock throbbing as his cockhead got
stuck inside me. UNNNHHHH!! YEAH!!! UNNHHHH!! TAKE IT!!!!", he growled as I felt his hot semen shooting
inside my womb, he pulled and thrust again, I felt more warm jets of his warm cum shoot into me. I squealed
as his big black cock stayed lodged in my cervix, throbbing as my pussy constricted around his pole, milking
him of his virile black seed as my orgasm ebbed through me.

Arthur collapsed on top of me, his cock still stuck inside me. I lay exhausted beneath his sweating body.
Finally his cock softened enough that it slid from my womb and he pulled himself up and started his cock
stroking back and forth inside me as I glowed from my orgasm. Once he had milked all his seed into me, he
pulled out and lay beside me on the bed. He hugged me with his strong black arms and kissed my forehead and
then instantaneously fell asl**p. I cuddled close to him and rested my head on his sweaty and hairy chest and
played with his nipples. He smelt incredibly good with the sweat and sex mixed together. Oh yeah, he smelt like
a real man. Here I was, a married white woman freshly impregnated in arms of her real man.. a black man. The
next thing I knew my tummy was protesting the lack of food.


Opening my eyes, I realized that it wasn't a dream, Arthur was asl**p right next to me and my pussy felt like
I had been fucking a fence post. Curious as to how much damage had been done, I slid my hand down and
gently explored. Although my labia were swollen more than they ever had been and that they were caked with
our juices, I didn't feel any tears. Satisfied that I had survived, the thoughts and sensations of a night of
incredible sex, came flooding back. Had I really called Arthur, Master? Had I really begged him to fuck me
and had I told him I would do anything he wanted? Yes, I had and more. My stirring awakened Arthur.
Blinking several times, he smiled as he said "how's my favorite slave?" Blushing, I said. "Did I really agree to
be your slave?" Arthur's smile grew to a huge grin and he said. "You told me that although your heart belongs
to Sam, your pussy now belongs to me. I blushed again. By the way, how are you feeling? " Thankful that he
cared enough to ask, I smiled and said. "Other than my pussy is stretched so much you could drive a truck in
there, I'm fine. However, Sam will have to settle for blow jobs for a few days." A serious look came over his
face as Arthur said. "I have no desire to come between you and your husband but I did enjoy last night. If
you aren't sure that you want this to continue, you can return to your room and I will never touch you in a
sexual manner. However, if you chose to stay, I intend to fuck you until you beg me to stop." Tears welled up
in my eyes as I realized that I wasn't just another horny white chick to him. With all the stories I had heard
about black men trying to steal white women from their husbands, I was relieved. Wiping the tears from my
eyes, I told Arthur about the role playing, Sam and I had done. When I told him about how I got the marks on
my boobs and belly, Arthur asked if having my boobs nibbled on made, made me hornier. blushing to my toes, I
whispered. "Yes, some." "Do you think, Sam expects to see your boobs and crotch cover with passion bites,
when you get home?" Pressing my head against Arthur's neck, I whispered. "Master, I'm yours. My husband
put me in your hands. Haven't you seen the clothes, he wanted me to wear for you?" Arthur was silent for a
minute then asked if I was using any protection. I kept silent as I wondered if I should tell him about my
morning after pills and that I had to use them within three days. then taking a deep breath, I said. "Sort of.
After I talk to Sam today, I'll tell you more." Arthur kissed me and told me, he was going to order breakfast
and give me time to be alone. I took that to mean that Arthur wanted me to give me some privacy while I spoke
to Sam. However, when I glanced at the clock, I knew that Sam was teaching and all I could do was leave a
voice mail for him. Crawling out of bed, I realized, Arthur's cock really did a number on me. No sooner then
had I stood then I felt, fuck juices drooling out of my pussy. Quickly cupping my hand over my pussy, I
hurried to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, I sat on the toilet and felt Arthur's sperm drooling out of my
womb as my pee hissed into the water below. Long after my pee stopped, my pussy was still leaking. I knew
that if I didn't take the pills there would be a strong chance I was pregnant. If I let Arthur have sex with me
again, the odds would increase to 100 percent. Were Sam and I ready to have a black man's baby? For at
least five minutes, I sat debating if I should take my pills now, wait another day or wait until the last minute.
During that time my pussy continued to leak. Deciding that I needed to call Sam, I stuffed a handful of tissue
in my pussy and dash to my bedroom. Grabbing my cell phone, I called Sam, knowing I would get his voice mail.
"Hi sweetie, I love you. Guess who got laid last night. Arthur is bigger then our 'Friend' and the clock, is
ticking. Please tell me when it is time for me to take my pills. Oh! We have a luncheon meeting and I won't
have my phone on until about three. Talk you then."


I was just getting out of the shower when Arthur knocked on the door and said, breakfast was ready.
Throwing on some plain panties and a robe, I joined Arthur for breakfast. When Arthur saw me, his smile
faded slightly and he said. "I guess this means you just want to be my assistant. I want you to understand,
this will not have any effect on our work or promotions." Caught off guard by Arthur's reaction, I stood
dumbly staring at him for a minute. Before my mouth would work, I got my feet to take me to him, I let my
robe slip from my shoulders. Arthur's smile grew and he said. "If you are trying to tease me, you are going to
pay." "I'm sorry, I didn't know if the bell boy, was still here." A gleam lit Arthur's eyes as he said. "Slave! Did
I tell you that you could wear panties?" "No, Master. Your slave was leaking your precious juice and your slave
didn't want to make a mess. " My master stood looking at me, obviously in thought. A minute later he grinned
and said. "I guess it wouldn't do for my slave to go around leaving wet spots. I'm sure she wouldn't want my
clients to think she was a sex slave. Let's eat first then we are going to fix your leaky pussy." During
breakfast, I tried to get Arthur to tell me how he was going to fix my leak. After just smiling and ignoring me
several times, he gave me a hard look and said. "You will find out soon enough." "Yes, master." We finished
breakfast in silence but the glances we exchanged screamed "Lust" However. I had to know the answer to one
question. Was I going to be Arthur's slave all the time? That would be something, I really wasn't prepared
for. "Put on some slutty clothes and make sure your pussy is accessible." Arthur said, firmly. In my bedroom,
I laid out what I was going to wear and said. "Master, your slave wants to know if her master will be pleased
with her selection." Dressed casually, Arthur came in. Seeing that I was nude and that my clothes were
carefully displayed, he smiled and said. "Spread your legs. Let's see what the problem is." As he spoke,
Arthur slid a finger into my pussy. "Mmm! Yes I know just the thing. Well get your clothes on." As fast as my
trembling fingers would move, I put on my stockings, garter belt, very low-cut dress and high heels. "Master?
Your slave feels that my clothing might draw unwanted attention in this hotel. Perhaps your slave could wear a
cover up, until we are away from here." Arthur's smile got huge and he said. "You are going to be a good
slave." Minutes later, we were in a cab heading across town. Without looking at me, Arthur slides his hand
under my dress and strokes my clit. Fixing my stare at the passing scenery, I try to pretend nothing unusual is
happening. "When we are engaged in business, you will act and dress like Linda. Sometimes, Master's slave
will be hiding under Linda's clothes but no one else shall know." As tingle shot through me, I wondered. Did
that mean, I was going to have the best of both worlds? Did it mean that he was going to do things to me back
at the office? All I could say was. "Thank you, Master." As the cab stopped in front of a sleazy looking adult
sex shop, Master, gently pinched my clit. I bit my lip and swallowed the gasp that was trying to escape. Master
whispered. "Master's slave is making Master very happy." Arthur turned his attention to the cabby and told
him to wait. A minute later, Arthur was leading me into a sex shop. After a quick look around, Arthur guided
me to a table full of dildos and other sex toys. When I saw a dildo like the one I had at home, I whispered.
"Master. Your slave has one just like that." Giving me a smile, Arthur picked up a box and studied its contents.
Without speaking to me, Arthur guides me over to the cashier, an old man who had been leering at me since we
arrived. "Do you mind if I open the box and see if this is what I want?" "Suit yourself buddy." With that,
Arthur opened the box and pulls out an inflatable butt-plug. Wide eyed, I watched as Arthur began inflating
it. Oh dear god. Inflated it was bigger then Arthur's cock. Suddenly I knew how my Master was going to fix
my leaky pussy. However, I was not prepared for him to deflate the butt-plug and hand it to me, saying.
"Slave, you know where to put it." Blushing to my toes, but tingling with sexual excitement, I lifted the front
of my dress. With my other hand I rubbed the butt plug in my wet slit until it easily slid in my pussy. As I
looked into my Master's eyes, I held the plug in with one hand while handing him, the inflation bulb with the
other. Master calmly began pumping the inflation bulb until the plug stayed in, when he gently tugged on it.
Pleased, my Master let go of the inflation bulb, letting it sway between my legs. God! I have never been so
sexually wound up without being touched. The old leacher behind the counter, was so excited he drooled all
over the counter and dropped money on the floor. Back in the cab, Master lifted my dress and looked at the
plug for a minute before saying. "I need to shorten the tube so it won't show. For now, I'll just tuck it in your
garter." I could see the cabby looking in his rearview mirror trying to see what Master was doing. Master
ignored the peeping eyes as he carefully fixed the inflation bulb so it wouldn't show as we walked though the


As we walked through the hotel, I was sure, everyone knew I had a plug in my pussy. The wrap that I wore
over my shoulders covered me enough so people didn't notice my nipples tenting out my dress. In spite of my
embarrassment, the naughtiness of the situation made my pussy tingle. By the time Arthur closed the door
behind us, I was ready to jump his bones and demand that he fuck me. Instead, I asked if I would be wearing
my plug to lunch. Smiling, Arthur said. "As I said earlier, when we are alone and not working, you are my
slave. When we are in public, you will always appear as Linda. If we have a lot of serious work to do, you will
be all Linda." "Will you ask me not to have sex with Sam?" Arthur touched my cheek and said. "No. I told you
before, I don't want to get between you two. If he asks me to stop having sex with you, I will. I'll miss that
because you are only the second woman I've met, that can take my cock ." I threw my arms around Arthur and
showered him with kisses before saying. "Then, I guess Sam will have to get used to sharing me, though he is
not going to feel a thing after what you have done to my pussy" Glancing at his watch, Arthur reminded me
that we had to get ready for our luncheon with Harry. I kissed Arthur again and removed my dress before
laying on the bed. As Arthur came over to me, he noticed my cell phone flashing and handed it to me as he said.
"I'll bet, Sam called while we were fixing your leak." Clicking on retrieve messages, I heard the ususal beeps
and clicks then I heard Sam's voice. "Hi Sweetie! I'm sorry, I missed you but I know you are busy so don't
feel you have to get back to me. I love you and hope your boobs aren't too sore. Well on second thought, I
hope they are so sore you won't be able to wear a bra for at least a month. Hey! You could tell Arthur to keep
your boobs on a constant boil. I'll talk to you in a day or two." Glancing at the faint passion bites on my
boobs, I asked myself if I wanted Arthur to get any rougher. While, I didn't want to tell Arthur to do anything
that might cause damage I had to admit that I liked being very naughty occasionally. Looking past my boobs, I
saw that Arthur was finishing with the modifications to my pussy plug. "Master, my husband said, I should tell
you that he thinks you should make my boobs too sore to wear a bra for at least a month. He also thinks my clit
needs lots of attention." "You said you were going to tell me what you are doing for birth control." Arthur said
with some annoyance. I took a deep breath and sat up before telling Arthur about the morning after pills.
Before he could comment, I asked him if he wanted to talk Sam into telling me to throw my pills away. He
looked at me with a stunned look. After looking at me for a minute in silence, Arthur said. "Are you playing a
game with me?" "No master. Me getting pregnant by a black stud, has been a fantasy of ours for a long time.
I already told you about our role playing, what I didn't tell you, was how Sam reacted to the idea of me being
pregnant. I also asked Sam to tell me when and if he I should take my pills." Looking confused, Arthur glanced
at his watch and said. "Get dressed. I don't want to be late." Suddenly I had a sinking feeling. Had I gone
too far? From reading all the posts on the internet, I had got the impression that most black guys would jump at
the chance to knock up a married white woman.


As Arthur had said, lunch with Harry was more social then business. However, Harry did sign a
contract. I felt awkward because I sensed that things had cooled between Arthur and me. Did he think
that I was trying to trap him to get his money? I was quite sure that Sam was going to tell me to forget
the pills but I hadn't thought this through from Arthur's point True, if I was a devious bitch, I could sue
slap Arthur with a paternity suit. After Harry left, I took Arthur's arm and said. "I think we need to
talk." He didn't smile at me but he didn't pull back either. My man of black steel wasn't as hard as I
thought. Quietly, we went up to our suite. As Arthur closed the door, I went and got my morning after
pills and handed them, to him. "Here. It was never my intention to trap you. I just wanted the fucking of
a life time and the idea of having a black baby turned on my husband and me. If you want, I'll take the
pills right now. However, I would like to see if there is a way to get my Master back and watch him, as
he sees my belly swell with his black baby." I guess, my mention of 'my Master' got though because
Arthur relaxed and began talking. For the next two hours we remained dressed as we discussed our
feelings and the future. In the end, I regained most of Arthur's trust. I agreed to sign sort of a
prenuptial agreement and Arthur agreed to establish a trust fund if I bore his c***d. Once we agreed, he
had me type the rough draft and fax it to his lawyer. Two hours later, Arthur's lawyer faxed the final
papers to us and a copy to Sam. After Arthur and I read the agreement, Arthur called the bell captain
and had him witness our signatures. When the bell captain left, I called Sam. When he answered, I
explained what had happened. I also explained that I was waiting for his instructions on what to do with
the pills. Sam listened quietly then asked to speak to Arthur. When I handed the phone to Arthur, he got
up and went into his bedroom, closing the door behind himself. For what felt like years, I sat staring at
Arthur's bedroom door. At some point, I slid my hand under the hem of my dress and began playing with
the inflation bulb to the plug still in my pussy. God! I wanted my Master to come back and take control
of my body. If he was truly afraid of me getting pregnant, I would have my tubes tied as long as he
would play with me.


I had just let all the air out of my pussy plug and was reinflating it when Arthur returned. A smile caressed
his lips as he handed the phone to me. Watching Arthur for an indication of what they had talked about for so
long, I said. "Hi Sweetie, what's up?" "Linda, because you were naughty, I told your Master, he can do
whatever he wants. He tells me that he has a thing for pregnant white women and women with big nipples. We
are also going to make some changes in your wardrobe. Oh! I almost forgot, get used to wearing your pussy
plug, you'll be wearing it until you are pregnant. I'm looking forward to seeing just how much sperm your
Master can pump in you, in a month. Love you." Sam's words scared and excited me. It was decided that
Arthur was going to knock me up but Sam had told Arthur to do anything he wanted to me. Would Arthur get
rougher then Sam did when he was role playing? Setting my phone down, I looked at Arthur and said. "Yes
Master?" "Get dressed for dinner, slave." Feeling the need to at least be held, I got up and hugged Arthur.
"Master, will you put a black baby in me?" Arthur slid his hands around to cup my butt as he said. "Do you still
want my black baby growing in your belly?" "Linda, says yes and your slave says she can't stop you." "Is Linda
OK with the fact that my slave will be with us most of the time, and would'nt see much of Sam? In the office,
you will be Linda with the big nipples and frequently, my slave will be hiding under Linda's clothes." "Master,
My nipples aren't very big." Grinning, Arthur said. "Your Master is going to fix that and he is also going to
make your clit bigger." "How is my Master going to do that?" "In a couple of months everything is going to get
bigger, your breasts, your ass and your belly. My baby is going to do that to you" I blushed hearing that.
Arthur said. "Look! We need to get something out in the open. I'm not into causing you pain. I don't plan to
leave marks on your body as your fantasy lover does. I think that Sam gets a kick out of it but feels that a
loving husband could never do that to his wife. Since you two, created a fantasy lover, it gives you the
freedom to explore the kinky side. In a way, I'm the lucky one, I've had the chance to fuck you. As I turned
quickly, I felt the inflation bulb sway between my legs, reminding me of what was in my pussy. I knew that my
pussy juices were building up in there and I knew that I wanted more baby making juice where it needed to be.

Arthur said. "Sam and I are a lot alike. We both have split personalities in the bedroom. He uses his imaginary black
lover to express his 'forbidden' desires and I use Master, to get my thinking away from business. Most importantly,
we are both in love with you. " Stunned, I shook my head. Had Arthur just told me he is in love with me? This wasn't
supposed to happen. I was just supposed to get, fucked silly by a huge black cock and wind up with a black baby in my
belly. Would if be possible to love two men without hurting either one? Taking me in his big strong arms, Arthur
kissed my neck before softly saying. "That is one thing, Sam and I discussed." I clasped my legs around him and my
arms around his shoulders as he perched me effortlessly with his hands firmly cupping my butt cheeks. He started to
kiss my neck again but I turned my head and met his lips. Having a mind of its own, my tongue began invading Arthur's
mouth. My hands began tearing at his clothes as I felt my plug being deflated. Breathless, we broke our kiss and I
said. " Master, take me to bed and put a baby in my belly." Arthur carried me to the bed and rolled me onto it. I was
now free of any clothes as was my black lover. Arthur stood by the edge of the bed, and his proud manhood stood
erect ozzing pre-cum and throbbing for me. I moved over to him as I took his black pole and licked the man juices
seeping from the tip. I felt his sperm filled balls knowing that all his black seed would soon be mine. I looked in the
mirror, it was so erotic and beautiful, my pink lips on his pitch black dick, I almost had a spontaneous orgasm as I
continued licking his clear juice seeping freely from the slit. I kissed and tasted and took it into my mouth as Arthur
moaned and pushed it to me, slowing moving back and forth with a deep sound emerging from his throat. I knew that
Arthur was more than ready for this anxious white wife. It was over a half hour before he entered my begging pussy.
I'm not sure how long he took teasing me to greater and greater sexual highs.

"Please make love to me now..! I want you so bad!" Arthur just grinned and said "Why don't you get your white ass
up and ride it for once!" I wasn't going to let him tell me twice, I quickly got up and straddled his hips, reaching
down between us, I stood his thick black phallus up and slid down his shaft moaning, "OOOOOOOH! Feels so
GOOD!!! I love it!" It was one long slow slid all the way to the bottom. I could feel his nuts against my butt as
his cock slipped into my womb. Rocking back and forth, I placed my hands on his chest I laid forward on him and
kissed him, his tongue snaked into my wet mouth as I hugged my black lover to me. I felt his big warm hands rub my
back making their way down to my hips. I felt consumed by him, as he gripped my white ass cheeks and
pulled me up his shaft and them slowly pushing me back down onto him. I moaned through our kiss as I felt his
large ebony shaft slowly slid in and out of me. I pushed myself back up on my hands and slowly started pulling my
hips up and pushing them back down taking his full length. His warm hands moved back up my body and grabbed my
swaying breasts and Arthur started pinching and twisting my large pink nipples. I thought to myself, this is how I
want it, slow and deliberate. My body began to shiver as little waves of pleasure rippled through me. "Oh Arthur,
don't ever stop making love to me. I love you.." I did'nt belive the words that came out of my mouth. Maybe I was
falling in love this Handsome Black Love God, who was showing me pleasures beyond my imagination.

I leaned forward and started kissing him again, then kissed down his neck, onto his chest and sucked his nipples.
He was so dark, my pale white hands looked so taboo as I rubbed his hairy chest. Arthur was starting to pick up
the pace as I embraced him tightly. His thrusts causing grunts of passion to escape from me as his large love wand
pummeled my deepest parts. "Oh baby! I love it! It feels soooo gooooood! " I hugged him tight, his heavy breath
blowing in my ear as he thrust harder and harder, making long deep penetrating strokes. Pushing me upright into a
sitting position on him, he roughly grabbed my swaying breasts and squeezed them in his fists. I grasped his hands
and squealed "Oh Arthur! I'm gonna cum! Oh yeah!!!" My body shook and my pussy spasmed around his invading
black shaft, throwing my head back I came. "OHHHHH!!!! YEAAHHHH!!! BABYYY!!!! ", I moaned as I collapsed
back onto his chest. I lay there not moving as Arthur fondled my quivering body.

After he made me come like that, he pushed me off and laid me on the bed my face buried on cushions as he took me
doggy style. He continued to fuck me hard and deep, alternating long hard deep thrusts with short quick thrusts
sending me into the clouds, it was so wild, so intense. Arthur moved closer to my ears and whispered "It's time slave,
I'm gonna fill your white womb with cum now" then he tensed up and I felt his cock throb inside my cunt. Then I felt
as his cum spurted into me, he was buried deep into my cunt after a long session of fucking. He came for a long time
spurt after spurt of cum filling my fertile white womb from his black cock.

I was lost and the feel of him cumming set me off into my own orgasm. He laid on me a moment after he was finished
then pulled out of me, I couldn't move so I just laid there. Words can't do justice to the exquisite pleasure my Master
gave me. However, I do know that when we recovered from our climaxes, Arthur's back and butt cheeks were deeply
scratched in places. And yes, my boobs were also displaying many passion marks.

After cleaning up and tending to our wounds, Arthur gently took my face in his hands and said. "You will need to let
Sam play when you get home. Encourage him to do anything he wants." Cupping my boobs I looked into Arthur's eyes as
I said. "I know but these are going to be very sore when he is done. I guess that I'm going to let him use the back
door." Arthur kissed my nose and said. "We'll make it work. Now, let's get dressed and get some dinner. I'm starving."
I teased Arthur by telling him he still had a lot more work to do before I would be properly bred. Oh my look you are
leaking again. Quick, where did we put your plug?" Laughing I ran into the other room and grabbed my plug. As Arthur
stepped out of the bedroom I squatted and grinned at him as I slid the plug into my pussy. "Oh my. Some of your sperm
leaked out. I guess you'll have to pump some more in later." Grinning, Arthur said. "I don't know if my ass can take
any more baby making." Laughing, I said "Did you see what my pussy looks like? That monster of yours really does a
job on it." Arthur handed me a sexy dress and asked me to wear it. I smiled and shook my head in amusement as I put the
dress on. "Jesus Christ! You want me to look like this in public?" "By the time our baby is born, your clit should be big
enough that you can do three point landings if you fall forward." Grinning, I shook my head and said. "Men!"


Even in the dimly lit restaurant, people noticed my nipples. The tingle in my nipples and clit were a continual
reminder that I was on display. If that wasn't enough, Arthur slipped his hand under my dress and slowly pumped more
air into my plug as I attempted to order my dinner. After the waiter left, I whispered. "Your ass is mine. After
tonight, you'll look like you were in a cat fight." Arthur kissed my ear and whispered. "Sam will love your tits."
Neither of us said any more about what the night had in-store for us but the looks, we gave each other were, triple x
rated. After dinner, I was all for going back to the hotel but Arthur insisted we go to his club. During the cab ride to
his club, I whispered. "I know, you are going to make me so horny, I'll fuck a fire plug." Arthur leaned over and kissed
me as he rubbed my clit. Instead of trying to ward him off, I spread my legs and pushed my clit against his fingers.
Then as out lips parted, I whispered. "Make me white hot." Moments later, we entered the club and were e****ted to
our booth. Arthur and I snuggled and sipped our drinks as we checked out the crowd. Had anyone in the crowd
checked us out, they would have seen us cuddling and kissing. They wouldn't have seen Arthur playing with my plug or
rubbing my clit. When the band started a slow number, Arthur took me out on the dance floor. True to my request,
Arthur was doing his best to get me white hot. My nipples grew so hard I was sure they were going to punch holes in
Arthur's chest. It also felt like his thigh was in jeopardy of suffering the same fate. When the song ended, we started
back to our booth. However, before we got there, Arthur whispered something to the big black bouncer. Their conversation
went back and forth for a moment then Arthur told me, he needed to take care of something. As he left, he told me to
dance with James. Before I could protest, Arthur was gone and James was e****ting me back to the dance floor.
As we danced, I was aware of, James' knowing glances at my nipples. When that song was over, James said.
"The boss told me to keep you entertained and since I don't want him upset, I think we need to stay out here."
I stood on my tiptoes and whispered in his ear. "Afraid you can't keep you hands off my nipples." The smile on my
face told him I was just teasing James grinned said. "Yes Mam." As the band began a slow song, James took me in his
arms and held me at a respectful distance as we danced. Feeling slightly naughty, I pressed myself against him and
moved his hand down to my butt. James looked down at me and said. "Please Mam. I like my job and the boss is good
to me." I apologized and thanked him for the presents. For an instant, James didn't know what I was talking about then
if a black man can blush, James blushed. When Arthur returned, I told Arthur that he should give James a raise.
When Arthur asked why, I told him that James was a perfect gentleman even when I teased him with my nipples.
Arthur laughed and James looked uncomfortable. Back at our booth, Arthur looked around for several minutes before
taking a deep breath and sighing. I kissed him and asked if there was a problem. With a far away look in his eyes he
quietly said. "Someone got greedy. It's taken care of."

"Master, please dance with me, I can't sit still." Laughing softly, Arthur e****ted me onto the dance floor.
As I moved with the music, I was sure everyone knew what was going on under my clothes, a thought that embarrassed
and excited me. What really excited me was the way Arthur was looking at me. The bulge in his pants assured me that
he was enjoying our play. During a slow dance, Arthur made a point of rubbing his chest against my nipples and asking
how much longer I could last. I told him that I was on fire but we should go. He looked into my eyes and said. "God! I
love playing with you." I kissed him and rubbed my pussy against his thigh fueling the flames of lust. Damn, I'd almost
lost this, I thought as I let myself get caught up in the sensations. About midnight, Arthur took me back to the hotel.
Closing the door behind us, Arthur looked at me and said. "You are in for a wild fucking. Strip!" What followed wasn't
the slow teasing, tantalizing love making that we had done before. This time it was rough and fast with no warm up.
Well I guess we had been warming up all evening. In the aftermath of our climaxes, Arthur helped me off the bed and
led me to the shower. When he had the water adjusted, Arthur bent me over and shoved his cock in me. To my delight,
Arthur fucked me while washing me. After our climaxes, I pulled away from Arthur and lifted his cock to my lips,
looking into his eyes. Opening my mouth as wide as it would go, I sucked the head into my mouth. The sparkle in his
eyes, told me, Arthur was truly in love with me. I sucking his pleasure rod for a while, he blew is load into my mouth.
I felt complete by swallowing his love juice. He kissed me on my lips as if to thank me.

It was our last night at Altanta, and Arthur went to sl**p like a baby while I stayed up all night. I layed with my
head resting on his hairy sweaty chest, a tiny tear rolled off my cheeks. I don't want this to be over, I want to spend all
my life slaving for this ebony God.


As all good things must end, it was now time for us to return to our real world. The flight home was uneventful, both
of napping, trying to catch up on sl**p we had missed, fucking ourselves senseless. At arrival he whispered into my
ears that he needed to fill me up one more time before I go back to Sam. I could'nt resist, and I know Sam would be
more than pleased to feel me freshly fucked and bred by this Black God. Arthur took me to his place and made love to
me for two hours. Our love making was briefly interuptted when Sam called my cell as was concerned that I was'nt home.
"Master is breeding me at his home one more time" Sam kissed and said "I Love You" and hung up. After we done with
fucking, before allowing me to get up Arthur put my pussy plug in, trapping his sperm in my pussy. "This way you'll be hot
for Sam. After all he hasn't had anything other then his hand for ten days." Suddenly, I realized that I missed Sam.
I also missed my daughters. Mentally, I shifted gears, trying to put the recent debauchery out of my thoughts. However,
when I felt the inflation bulb for my plug sway and my nipples tingle, I know my life had changed. Tears welled up
and I turned to Arthur. "Will he still love me? Especially now that I'm carrying another man's baby." Arthur took me
in his powerful arms and held me as he stroked my hair and whispered. "This was his wish as much as yours. When you
go home, show him you love him. Do the little things you have always done. Make love to him, don't have sex with him
and dream you are with me." "How did you get so wise?" His answer was a long kiss then he helped me get dressed.
When I started to put my old cotton panties and bra, he took them and threw them away. With a soft smile, Arthur
said. "Your life has changed. You have changed. Much of what we talked about wasn't just pillow talk. Sam wants to
enjoy the changes too." Before I could protest, Arthur gave me a smack on my butt and laid out, what I was to wear
home. Silently, I dressed, absorbed in my thoughts. When I looked in a mirror to check my makeup, I got a surprise.
There was a stranger looking at me. Gone was the plain wife, mother, secretary, in her place was a sexy woman with
big nipples.


My heart was in my throat as I walked into my house. Before the door closed, Carol and Tina were in my arms
hugging and kissing me as they happily babbled about all the things that had happened during me absence. Finally they
backed off enough for Sam to give me a quick glance before wrapping me in his arms and kissing me. Seeing our
passionate kiss, Carol said "Come on Tina, they are about to get gross." He said could smell Arthur's cum in my breath.
Sam slid his hands over my back and rubbed my butt as he dueled with my tongue. At one point he reached between my
legs. When his hand contacted my pussy plug, Sam broke our kiss and pulled back slightly. Oh dear God, he's upset
that Arthur, a black man has had sex with his wife. I thought as I panicked. I didn't see the lustful grin or the lump in
his pants. Before I could think clearly, Sam was quickly pulling me past the girls to our bedroom. Just before the
bedroom door closed, I heard Tina say. "That's gross." Less then a minute later, I was nude except for my stockings,
garter belt and my pussy plug. I was still sure that Sam was going to bolt from the room any second. I was so nervous,
I almost wet myself when Sam ran a finger through the cream on my labia. Instead of running, Sam sniffed his finger
then looked at my face as he said. "Is this Arthur's cum?" Swallowing a bunch of butterflies, I finally whispered.
"Yes." How long has he been using this?" How many times did he fuck you? We had only been gone for ten days but
so much had changed in that time. Realizing, Sam was waiting for my answer, I said. "12 or 15 times, I'm not sure."
Grasping the inflation bulb, stared at my crotch as he nervously asked if he could take it out. Having regained some
of my composure, I said. "It would be better if you got a towel and let me lay down first." Sam ran in the bathroom
and hurriedly spread the towel on the bed. As soon as I was on the bed, Sam was between my legs, intently studying my
pussy. With trembling fingers, Sam released the air in my plug and began pulling it out. Lifting my head to see his
reaction, I said. "Sweetie, I'm probably too stretched out for you to feel much, I'll suck you off or you can use my
ass." Looking at me in complete surprise, Sam said. "But I thought you didn't like me in there?" I smiled and said. "
Things have changed and I need to take care of My Man" Instantly I knew I had said the right things, even if I wasn't
too wild about being fucked in the ass. Holding my pussy plug in his hand, Sam took another look at my pussy. "Oh my
God! What did he fuck you with, his leg? Or was it the dildo that made you so big?" "His cock is bigger." I said,
softly. Jumping up from the bed, Sam said. "Please stay like that, I'll be right back." A second later Sam dashed from
our bedroom, leaving me with sperm oozing from my pussy. A minute later he returned, kicking the door closed with his
foot as he homed in on my pussy, flashlight in hand. "Holy Shit! That guy is some stud. I can see his sperm leaking out
of your cervix. No wonder, you had that plug in you." Sam tore his eyes away from my pussy and looked at my face as
he softly said. "Does it hurt?" "No, not now. At first it hurt, but now I'm used to it." "Did he make you wear that thing
in you all the time?" Laughing softly and feeling more relaxed, I said. "I only wore it when we went out. After all it
wouldn't look good to go to a business meeting with a huge wet spot in my skirt." Looking back inside my pussy, Sam
asked. "Are you going to have sex with him again?" Pausing for a moment, I said. "Do you want me to? You know. I'm
pregnant" "How do you know? It's only been a few days." "I knew with the girls. What makes this time any different?"
He glanced in my pussy again then placed his head on my tummy and kissed me. At first he kissed me softly then he
gave me several passion bites before looking at me and saying. "I don't think you are pregnant." Saying that he buried
his face on my pussy. I was taken by suprise, but I let him eat me up as that him happy. Sam started off by sniffing the
freshly bred pussy, and let his tongue roll into my pussy licking and sucking every drop of Arthur's cum. "I don't think
you are pregnant now." I think he needs to breed you hard for several mouths to be sure. Then maybe he might want to
slow a little." As his last words hit my brain, Sam kissed my belly and said. "Pregnant women are sexy, I hope you'll be
sexy for several years." My heart melted and I grabbed Sam, pulling him up my body. As our lips met I think I felt his
cock enter my pussy. Sam shared some of the cum he sucked out of my pussy with me as we kissed. Sam felt it too and
pulled his hips back. I grabbed, Sam's ass and pulled him back inside me as I said. "I'm still your wife and the only
reason I'll ever refuse to let you have me, is if I'm sick or the doctor says, no." Sam kissed me passionately as he
fucked my pussy. I felt him stiffen and shoot in me, I whispered. "I love you with all my heart............... but I want
Arthur's baby in my belly"
93% (76/6)
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