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Handelingen en prijzen

Hierbij op verzoek de handelingen en prijzen, wie toevoegingen heeft hoor ik graag.
Handeling voor:___________Toy boy___Linda
pijpen slikken:____________2.00______10.00
Neuken KUT Zonder condoom:nvt_______25.00
Neuken Kut met condoom:___nvt_______50.00
Kont zonder condoom:______5.00______30.00
Kont met condoom:_________15.00_____50.00
prijzen per 15 min of zaad lozing.
Natuurlijk ben ik de gehele tijd naakt beschikbaar. Ik zal geen kleren bij mij hebben.
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Mij is gevraagd om wat ervaringen met jullie te delen.
Ik zal deze regelmatig aanvullen en daar waar jullie het willen aanpassen... Ik hoop dat jullie het lekker vinden.

Zoals vele van jullie weten hou ik ervan om altijd naakt en beschikbaar te zijn. Dat was vroeger ook al zo. Wij woonden midden in de polder en ik kon daar altijd vaak naakt zijn.
Mijn ouders ware weg en ik wilde wat geils doen. Ik was naakt naar buiten gegaan en dacht wat zal ik eens gaan doen. Ik bedacht mij opeens dat het wel geil zou zijn als ik naakt het dak op klim en mijzelf daar klaar trek...
Zo gezegd zo ge... Continue»
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[Story] Muscleman Ball Bash

Muscleman Ball Bash

They were holding his flexing massive right arm, Matt Mendenhall
grabbing onto that giant corded left arm, Luis Freitas wrapped
around Strydom's huge right thigh and calf, Bob Paris grinding his
oversized cock against the South African heavyweight's kicking
left leg, spreading him wide and holding on, opening his cock and
f****y jewels to extensive work by Scott Wilson.

All of them ripped, all of them pumped, all of them naked
and all of them hard. Get them to work on Strydom till they
somehow get him to beg Wilson to hit him in the nuts.

Freitas jumps ... Continue»
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[Story] Playing with wine bottles

Object Confessions

Let's get this out of the way right up front - any woman can have any guy she wants. So this isn't about whether or not I can get a guy or have sex with a guy. No man I've ever met is going to turn down pussy or ass, and if he does then either a gal is doing it wrong or his interests are invested in other men. And a lot of gals do it wrong, or get all messed up in their head over "Is it love?" and "Is it a LTR?" and other crap - and none of that has a thing to do with providing an available pussy and ass for an available cock.

I had to get that off my chest because peo... Continue»
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[Story] Playing with wine bottles (continued)

But it's there, this totally consuming intense feeling that makes my whole body shake and my knees go weak, and I slump down on to the bottle with all my weight - reaching down with my hands to hold the serving set ring in an attempt to manage balancing my whole body on my pussy. My arms are pushing my breasts together in front of me, and I can't see past my cleavage and the lace, so all I can do is feel how my pussy is still stretched and yawning, the burning continuing as I slowly slip further down the smooth glass sides of the bottle. My belly is shaking, and there is nothing I can do to ge... Continue»
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Extreme holiday slut part 5

Part 5 The last of the new stuff

When next Sarah awoke, it was morning. She couldn't believe she had slept the rest of the night away like that. Kel wasn't lying next to her any more either.

"Kel?" she asked, "Where are you lover?"

"In the bedroom, Sarah. You were dead to the world, so, after I played with my pussy for a while, I went to the market and got myself a little something. Why don't you come take a look."

Sarah got up and walked, naked and sticky, to the bedroom. She could feel her asshole gaping slightly from last night, though her prolapse seemed to have retracted... Continue»
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Extreme holiday slut part 4

Part 4 - The New Stuff

They slept most of the day away with Sarah's arm elbow deep in Kel's ruined twat. When they woke, they showered, ate a light meal and had a few drinks to relax themselves with. After a few hours though, they were both so horny that they couldn't hold back anymore. They were passionately kissing, rubbing and tonguing each other. Kel's cunt still gaped wide open and a bit of her cervix was hanging out of her distended twat-lips.
"Fuck! Your ruined pussy looks hot, Kel," Sarah moaned.

"I do like the new look. I wonder if it's permanent. Wouldn't that be so ... Continue»
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Extreme holiday slut part 3

Part 3

After cleaning up, the girls prepared to go out shopping in the holiday town they were staying. Sarah got dressed in just a bikini and sandals due to the heat, Kelly tried to do the same till Sarah stopped her. "Kel hun, the tops fine, but do you think the bottoms are ok?"

Kelly looked down and laughed as she noticed that the crotch of her bikini bottoms didn’t cover her still gaping and abused hole.

"See what you mean there, I wish I could go out just like this, it'd be so fucking hot, but they'd probably kick us out of the store. If I wear shorts though, I'm gonna make it wo... Continue»
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Extreme holiday slut part 2

Part 2

Sarah awoke the next day, still cuddled up next to her sexy mate. Sarah remembered the previous day and in a mischievous mood, ran her hand down her naked friend's body till she found her well used pussy. Without warning, she managed to shove her clenched fist up into her friends worn out hole, Kelly let out a moan in her sl**p and wriggled her body on Sarah’s hand, yet she didn't wake.

Amazed at how loose Kel’s pussy still was from the day before, Sarah began to work fingers of her other hand in as well. At this point Kel opened her eyes dreamily and smiled at Sarah, exclaiming,... Continue»
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Extreme holiday sluts part 1

Part 1:

Sarah returned to the hotel room she was sharing with her flat mate, Kelly, with some cold canned drinks. The weather was baking. The girls were spending a week in Tenerife to celebrate their College graduation. Hence the girls spent most of their time wandering around in their bikinis, sunning their slender bodies.

As she approached the unlocked door to the room where Kelly was supposed to be getting ready to go down to the beach, she heard some faint gasping and groaning. A smile crossed her face as she knew her more than horny friend couldn't leave herself alone if she had a c... Continue»
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[Story] My slutty exhibitionist trip...

My slutty exhibitionist trip...

I just returned from yet another trip to the wild, wild West. I was in Arizona
on a business trip and took a couple of days off to visit the Grand
Canyon. After securing the proper Park Service permits, I headed off for a three day backpacking
trip into the mighty canyon. I purposely picked a little-visited part of
the canyon to I could indulge in my exhibitionist ways. I drove over what must have been 30
miles of washboard Forest Service roads to get to my remote trailhead. As
I stepped out ... Continue»
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[Story] Pumped-Up Teach

Pumped-Up Teach


A female student gets down and dirty with mature, hot female teacher in an all-girls' school. Contains schoolgirl, stockings, shaving, high-heels, female ejaculation, and pussy-pumping fetishes.

Alysha is the sexiest senior (just turned eighteen) at her private school for girls. She has a slender, athletic body (mainly from the field-hockey she plays), with a mane of platinum-hued hair that always seems to be perfect; it cascades down to the mound of her pornstar-ass. The orbs of her tits, with nipples that are always erect, have the roundness of g... Continue»
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[Story] Tommy's Play Toy

Tommy's Play Toy" - Part 1 of 2

(M+F reluc va tv toys fist oral anal)

Things all started a while back when I met Tommy. We met at a cafe after
he answered my personal in the newspaper asking for an attractive open
minded male. Tommy was just that... attractive and incredibly open.

I walked into the cafe and started talking to him and we immediately hit it
off. This, I knew, was going to be a great match. After chatting for about an
hour he got up and asked me to follow him, that he was going to show me
how open he was and test h... Continue»
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[Story] Every Girl Has Her Price

Every Girl Has Her Price

"Do you want fries with that?" "No thanks," Kyle answered looking at the girl's name tag.
"Okay, your order comes to five dollars and twelve cents." Kyle watched the girl behind the
counter get his food. She was physically attractive, but there was also something else about
her. Something else that made him think that she would go along with his plans. "Here's your
order, sir. Thank you, and have a nice day." "Excuse me, there isn't anybody in line. Could
I ask you something, Juana?" "Sure." "Can I talk to you when you get off work?" "I'm sorry.
I alread... Continue»
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[Story] Down on the Farm

Chapter 1

I use to think from time to time with fond memories of what brought me to this point in my life. I enjoy what I do; I’m a CPA for a medium sized accounting firm in Chicago. I’ve never married and I’m fine with that. I would have no problems finding a man if I wanted one. I’ve been told I’m attractive. I have brown hair that I keep neck length, good complexion, and my mother’s frame. She is pinup model quality. Large hips, thick thighs, narrow waist with a bit of belly. I thought that was from my birth and she just never got rid of it, but I’ve got one too. It formed around my ... Continue»
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