My First Sexperience

I had been very close with my cousin growing up. We looked a like, she was close to me in age. When I turned ten she started to grow as a girl. Got tits, realized how much fun her pussy was, yet my balls hadn't dropped.

One day when i was at her house when she was doing homework I went to find her b*****r. He was 16 at the time. I knew he had a playstation in his room that we used to play Madden on. I opened the door, and there he was on the bed with a playboy. He didn't hear me come in, so I closed the door behind me and walked up to him. He finally realized I was there and that seemed to add a new fire to his pleasure. This was the first real dick I had seen and couldn't take my eyes off of it. After a while he asked if I wanted to see what he was looking at. I was amazed by what I saw, but since I hadn't developed yet had nothing to do. He told me that one day my dick would grow and I'd discover how much fun it was. I asked what he meant and he said he'd show me if i "pet" him too. After a few minutes he jizzed and said that's what he meant.

My cousin had finished her homework at that point so I went to play with her. We were left alone in the basement so I told her what I saw, and she said she'd seen his magazines too. She then asked if I wanted to see the real thing. I said sure and she stripped down for me. After a little bit of me staring at her she asked if I was gonna take my clothes off too, it wouldn't be fair if she was naked and I wasn't. So i did, and this was the first "boner" I can remember. It was the first one she had seen other than her b*****rs so she asked if she could touch it. I said only if I get to touch you too. She grabbed my cock and the feeling of pleasure shot through me and I jumped, she thought she had hurt me and apologized. I said it was ok, then shoved a finger into her pussy and it did the same thing to her.

After a few minutes of playing I told her I had seen her b*****rs dick spurt and wanted mine to do the same, she wasn't sure what at I meant, so I showed her what he had done and she obliged. After a few minutes I jizzed on her and she jumped, she tasted my pre-pubescent cum only to spit it right back out. She then told me she had watched her s****r do the same thing, although she used a toy. I was confused by this, and she said she would show me. We went into her s****rs room and after a few minutes of searching found her box of sex toys. She showed me what she had been doing, so I said I would work the toy if she played with me. As I was dildoing her, I accidentally pressed the button for the vibrate feature and this sent her over board. She grabbed my dick harder and pumped faster. A few seconds later she squirted all over me and that made me cum onto her. We wiped each other off using her s****r's sheets and then went back down stairs where shortly after I got picked up.

We continued to play for a few years until we got to high school. I miss playing with her tits (at least DD now) and she got knocked up. I'd like to re-visit our c***dhood, but haven't mustered up the courage to ask. Maybe writing this will give me the zest to fuck her again, although this time I will get the full experience
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1 year ago
Fuck that was hot! I think u should both revisit ur childhood, imagine how good it would be now, specially if she has DD tits now. Hot first time.
1 year ago
1 year ago
This is sweet! Thanks.
1 year ago
Learning is learning!