My first lesbian experience

Hi everyone, I hope you have been enjoying my blog, I have certainly been enjoying writing them and remembering all these sexy experiences I have had.

So It’s time to tell you a little more about me – I’m Shavbgood (always in bed) – but sometimes I like to be Shav-b-bad (that’s when I get my whip out haha) and sometimes I like to be plain ol Shav-b-naughty (well, actually that’s most of the time You see I love to let my naughty side show a bit more than most girls; I love to make amateur porn movies and pictures and generally I just love to have sex. I like to have sex with both guys and girls; my sexual appetite is large to say the least and my thirst for naughtiness just can’t ever be quenched.

I strongly believe that life should be an adventure, and if it’s not an adventure then you are just not doing it right. It should be counted not by the amount of breaths you take but instead by the moments that take your breath away. Thats why I have the attitude that I do: And that is that, you should give things a try. If you don’t like it, don’t do it again, but if you don’t try you will never know will you. This brings my onto one of the things that I am soooo glad I tried. And that is being with another woman.

The adventure below is a moment that changed my life forever. I was very young and it was my first full lesbian experience and since that day I have never looked back and always grasped every opportunity to try new things and experience life.

It was a cold day and I had only just got to London on my BIG adventure, I had spent 6 months in India before, but this was different, it was like my life was starting afresh. I had recently split up for my first serious boyfriend, I was single, I was in London, and I was looking for some fun; I felt as though the world was my oyster and I was going to grab every opportunity that came my way.
So there I was, wandering around Camden market taking in all the sights and sounds and smells of the place, it was a cold day and I remember that I didn’t have any gloves and my fingers were freezing. I had on my leather jacket and my hair was quite short and punky at that time.

I was browsing along the stalls and my eye caught sight of a silver necklace, as I reached out to grab it someone else reached out at the same time, our hands touched and I felt a little electric shock. I looked up and smiling and there she was, wow, she was radiant, so hip and cool looking, she had long dark hair high cheek bones and the most amazing green eyes I have ever seen.

She was wearing a multi-coloured woolly hat and a long black coat but what really struck me were her eyes. I just couldn’t stop smiling at her as she was looking at the necklace in her hand. She asked if I wanted to have a look at the necklace but in the limited English I had at the time I just said “no, that’s ok, I’m happy just looking at you” as soon as the words came out of my mouth I was so embarrassed and blushed terribly making my flushed and rosy cheeks even redder. She just laughed lightly, looked at me seductively and said., no problem darling, so let’s go and grab a drink and you can look at me some more”. And so that was it, that’s how I met Anna.

So we went for that drink and we chatted and flirted and I had never really flirted with a girl before so it felt strange but soooo nice. Anna turned out to be a confident and sassy lesbian and at 26 she was a good five years older than me. After having quite a few vodkas and really getting on so well she said that her flat is just up the road and asked if I wanted to come back for a coffee before heading back down south of the river. So we left the bar, hand in hand and in each other’s arms, it just felt so right, so natural, and so so good.

When we got to her flat she went off to make coffee and I sat in the living room and only then wondered what I was doing. I am here in this woman’s flat and, well, I didn’t know what to think really. I didn’t know what was going to happen, the nerves crept in and I was feeling so excited waiting for her to come back with the coffee. After a bit more chatting and flirting she straight out asked me if I had ever been kissed by another girl. “No, but I would love to” I said, and at this point she lent in and started to kiss me!! It was soft and beautiful, I was still feeling a little tipsy but I remember that it just felt different to any other kiss I had ever had from boys, not at all sloppy or dry or aggressive, it just felt perfect, her lips were soft and moist and her tongue was exploring my mouth expertly.

She pulled away and said, “So how was that Shav” and I just bit my lip and smiled back at her. She lent in again to kiss me some more, wow, more passionately this time, really starting to kiss me hard and holding the back of my head and lashing her tongue against mine. I felt myself starting to get wet and excited but was still too afraid to make the next move. Luckily for me I didn’t have to as I felt Anna’s hand cup my breast then felt her other hand start rubbing between my legs. I was starting to moan now as I was kissing her and grabbing her bum to pull her closer to me. She started to kiss my neck and manoeuvred herself on top of me on the sofa, she pulled my top up over my head and undid my bra at the back. I remember thinking “hmmmm, no fumbling, this is new, I had never had a guy not fumble with my bra before!! This just gets better and better”.

Once Anna had my top off she was sucking on my nipples and rubbing my crotch through my jeans, wow, I was getting so wet. Her tongue was expert, flicking over my nipples then sucking them in – hmmmm, she came back up and kissed me on the mouth and at the same time started to undo my jeans. I wiggled out of my jeans and panties and watched as she pulled her top off. She didn’t have big tits, but they were nice very firm and so hmmmm Anyway, I didn’t get to see them for long as she looked at me and smiled a very dirty smile and without saying anything she went down between my legs. First she just blew onto my wet and wanting pussy, it tickled and just made me even hornier than I already was, then she began with her tongue, licking the outside of my labia and the tops of my thighs wow, that felt so good. I was just finding out how sensitive I was there. Then she was blowing again on my hot clit and all over my cleanly shaved pussy.

“Hmmmm, god that feels good” I said. “It will feel even better in a minute Shav” she said and then put her mouth over my clit and sucked it all in.

“hmmmmm, oh yeeaaahh” I kept moaning as she was sucking on my little clit. She was flicking her tongue all around it over it, then making circles around it, fuck it felt so good, none of my previous boyfriends had ever done cunnilingus like this!!! She sucked it in, then out then in again and while she was sucking it in she was flicking her tongue all over it, fucking hell that felt divine!!! I was in absolute heaven. “OH fuck, yeeeaaahhhhh baby” I said as she pushed one and then two fingers inside me. She was curling her fingers up so they were rubbing the roof of my pussy and at the same time she was busy still sucking and licking my clitoris.

Then she did something that I had never had before and as she was flicking her tongue on my clit her fingers started to move inside me, but not in and out, it was like her fingers were doing a walking movement,,, this just caused an amazing friction right on my g-spot and I started to moan even louder and louder. I felt my pussy start to contract and get even wetter; I knew I was about to cum at any moment. “Arrrrgggghhhhh, fuck me Anna, I’m gonna cum baby” I said as my body started to convulse like it had never done before, I was bucking away on her fingers and her face my pussy was drenching her face and fingers with cum and all my wetness. “Oohhhh fuck I’m cumming” I screamed, as I felt wave after wave of orgasm washing over my body making me buck and jump and then push her face away from my over sensitive pussy. When my orgasm had subsided I looked down to see a very cheeky grin on Anna’s face :-) all glistening from my pussy juice, and she asked, “so how was that sweetie” and I just mumbled “oorrrhhhh yeah baby that was great”.

Then I got up and got between her legs and pulled off her jeans, I left her little red thong there and started to lick her through it, I could smell her pussy, it smelt so good, I had never smelt another pussy before. “Hmmmm you smell so good” I said and Anna replied “I taste even better huni” and with that I moved aside her thong and started to draw my tongue up and down her pussy, it felt strange, having never done this before, but very soon I was eating her out like I had been born to eat pussy, sucking her clit, in and out, like she had done to me. And it seemed to be working too;-)

Anna was really starting to moan as I pushed my finger inside her, still sucking on her pussy and loving the taste and the smell. Anna was getting louder and directing me all the time, suck it Shav, suck on that pussy, now, stick your finger inside me, oh yeah I like it like that!” Now put another finger in there oh god that feels good, fuck me huni, fuck me hard. I was fucking her pussy with three fingers inside her now, and playing with her clit with my other hand she was really moaning now and I was just so lost in the moment.
“Oh fuck baby, keep fucking me like that huni, you’re going to make me cum Shav, of fuck baby, aarrrrgghhhhhh yeah, I’m gonna cum all over your hand… oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder Shav – arrrrgggghhhhhhh I’m cumming” she screamed.

And I felt her pussy walls tighten around my fingers. I just kept pumping them in and out and she was pushing down on my fingers I was watching her cum on my hand, her face was all contorted and covered in sweat and her makeup was all smudged; she looked like a fucking dirty dirty girl and loved it. I was just loving watching her cum on me.

After her orgasm had subsided slightly I moved up to her, put my hands on her cheeks and kissed her softly but passionately. Then I pulled away, looked her in her gorgeous green eyes and just said “thank you” and then collapsed on top of her in her arms. Later I found out that Anna already had a dyke partner so that was our one and only time together but I will never forget my first lesbian experience and I am so grateful to her for showing me a whole new world of femfun, I have never looked back and have had many many great femfun experiences since.

If you liked this story and want to hear of my dirty adventures, then check out my blog, its all free and it is all aout my naughty adventures as a naughrty swinger.

so go to my blogsite and check it all out, but be warned: any wet sticky mess, is not the respocibility of the auther haha

kisses to you all

Shav xxx
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2 years ago
dat's right....once must to beginn
2 years ago
nice very nice
2 years ago
Great story Shav. You might enjoy this one of mine and tell me how real I have made it.
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Mmmm loved it. Sounds great, very hot! X
2 years ago
hot hot H0T!
2 years ago
great story thnx :)