Wife Applies For Modeling Job

My name is Betty and I am very depressed. I was laid off from my job last week and don’t see much chance of getting another good one. A job of “flipping hamburgers” doesn’t appeal to me. My husband makes a good salary, but we need two incomes to pay the bills and keep our son in college. Christmas will soon be here and we need money to buy presents.

I looked again at the help wanted ads in the newspaper. With nothing else to do with my time, I browsed all through the classified ads and noticed there were ads for models. I had won a beauty contest back in high school, but now I was forty. I could at least ask if there were modeling jobs for older women.

I dialed the number to hear, “Hello, this is Acme modeling agency. May I help you.”

“Yes, I read your ad for modeling. I won a beauty contest in high school and have kept my shape pretty good. Could you use me?”

“What is your age and hair color?”

“I am forty and a blond”.

“We do have a need for older girls. Come down to our studio tomorrow at ten for an interview.”

That night when my husband came home, I didn’t want to say anything about my modeling interview. I would wait until I knew more about it before I told him.

The next morning I was a little nervous as I walked into the Acme modeling company’s office to be greeted by a young girl. “You’re Betty I assume, please sit down and wait until Tony finishes in the back studio.”

Tony was in the back room finishing up with a man in his fifties and a pretty girl about twenty. I watched as they came through a door into the office where I was waiting.

Tony said to girl, “We can use you again next week. Give us a call”.

As they were leaving, I heard the man say to the girl, “I really enjoyed my time with you, today.”

I was beginning to wish I was much younger so that I could compete in looks with this girl.

Tony addressed me, “If your name is Betty come on in to my studio and meet Tom who helps me with the lights.”

Tom was a little younger than Tony and looked rather handsome for his age.

After we sat down in comfortable chairs, Tony asked, “Tell me about yourself and why you have come here.”

“I recently lost my job and need an income to help my husband pay the bills. I don’t know what kind of modeling jobs you have, but I would appreciate most anything you can give me. I know I’m not young and beautiful like that girl who just left.”

“I think we can give you some work for a girl your age, that is if you want to accept what we offer. Some nudity will be required.”

I responded, “I realize you need girls to model ladies underwear and would accept a job like that.”

Both Tony and Tom smiled, then Tony said, “Stand up and turn around. Let’s see what you look like.”

I stood up and slowly turned around.

“So far that’s good, now remove your blouse and skirt.”

I had fully expected something like that and cooperated by removing them. That left me standing in my bra, panties, and high heels.

Tom said, “Turn around again.”

After I posed for them again, I assumed they would let me put my clothes back on.

Tony said, “We would like to take some sample pictures of you. Please stand over there where Tom can arrange the lights on you.”

I moved over into the position while Tom was adjusting the lights. Tony moved in to take a picture of me.

Tony said, “That’s good, now remove your bra.”

I stalled, “I didn’t think I would have to do that”.

“If you want the job, you will have to cooperate to give us the pictures we want.”

I needed the job, so I reluctantly unsnapped my bra and tossed it to one side letting my ample breasts float free.

Tony instructed, “Lean forward to let your breasts hang down.”

I leaned forward and steadied myself while Tony took some pictures.

Tom handed me what looked like some high thigh black stockings and said, “sit down and put these on”.

I sat down while they watched me put on the first leg and then the other leg. Tony was taking pictures all the time.

“Stand up”, Tony instructed, “you look nice. Now remove your panties.”

I said, “I didn’t come her to take nude pictures. I thought I would be modeling clothing.”

He quickly responded, “We have to take pictures of what we can sell. If you want to make money, this is the modeling job we have for you. You’ve gone along this far with us, you might as well continue and we’ll pay you for this session.”

I knew I could use the money so decided to continue. I let my panties slide down my legs and stepped out of them.

Tony instructed, “Turn around slowly and smile while I take pictures.”

After I had turned completely around he said, “Now turn your back to us, spread your legs, bend over and look between your legs at us.”

I did as instructed. When I was looking though my legs at Tony, he was busily taking pictures of my ass and pussy. I wasn’t sure, but I think my pussy lips were gapping open a little. Then it went though my mind what I was actually doing. I was making sexy pictures to be sold to anyone who wanted to buy and see my private parts. Only my husband and doctor have had the opportunity to see me like this. Until now.

Tony said, “Reach between your legs and spread your pussy lips.”

As I did this, Tony moved up to take several close up shots.

“Alright, now, sit down in that chair.”

I was glad he was though taking pictures like that.

He continued, “Move your butt up to the edge of the chair, pull your legs up and smile.”

I wasn’t too happy about this and it was difficult to smile through the ordeal. Evidently he wanted more pictures of my pussy because he took shots of my full body then moved for close ups.

He moved back, then said, “Spread your pussy while I take more shots.”

When he had finished, Tony and Tom went into a conference while I waited.

Tony smiled to say, “You can get dressed. You have been a good model and we will pay you the usual amount for this afternoon.”

I counted the money he gave me and felt pleased with what I had earned in a short time, although I was not happy with the thought they were going to sell these pictures.

Tony then said, “We like you. If you want to come back tomorrow at the same time, we can have another session.”

I hesitated and looked down at the floor without saying anything.

He saw me hesitate then commented, “We have plenty of good looking women your age willing to do what you did today and even more, but it’s your decision if you want to come back.”

I looked at Tony to say, “Yes, I’ll be here in the morning at ten.” Then I wondered what he meant by “even more”. What else could I do after I ‘ve bared myself and shown my private parts.

That night I thought about telling my husband, but just couldn’t tell him I posed for nude erotic pictures to be sold. We had sex that night and I made a point of showing him my pussy and ass as if that would make up for what I did today in front of Tony and Tom. It made me feel a little better.

The next day at ten, I was back at the Acme studio. When Tony came in from the back studio to greet me, he was accompanied by a very pretty young girl. Also, there was a man about the age of my husband with them. He told them he would give them a call if he needed them again.

Tony and I went in the studio to where Tom was waiting for us.

Tony said, “I want you to meet Annette who will be helping Tom with the cameras and lighting. Also, we have an assistant for you this morning. He should be here any minute.”

I was wondering why I needed an assistant.

A couple minutes later, a young man about the age of my collage son came into the room to say, “Sorry, Tony, I am a little late.”

Tony looked at me with a smile, “Betty, this is Alan. He will assist you in the pictures today. What we want today are some mother and son pictures. Don’t you think Alan is a handsome guy for your make believe son?”

I smiled back to say, “He is very handsome, I agree.”, but I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

Tony continued, “I want to let you know what we did already this morning. You saw that young eighteen year old girl and the guy about your age as they left. We shot some father daughter scenes which turned our very good. They were very cooperative and I hope you will be too”.

I really didn’t know what to think, but decided to wait and see what would happen.

As Tom and Annette were setting up the lights and cameras, Tony said, “We’re going to take both movies and still shots this morning. Betty, I want you and Alan to sit in the love seat and take action as I tell you. Before we start, Betty take off your bra and panties.”

I unsnapped my bra and removed it from under my blouse, then slid my panties down my legs and off. I was now wearing my blouse, skirt, high thigh hose, and high heels.

Tony started giving instructions, “Look at each other and smile. Alan give your mother a hug and kiss on the cheek. Now kiss her again, but this time give her a sexy kiss. Betty, I want you to look a little shocked when he kisses you.”

When Alan kissed my lips, he thrust his tongue to search for mine. I was surprised that a young guy would kiss me like that.

“Alan, feel her breasts and kiss her again.”

“Betty, you should look pleased that your son likes you.”

This time when he kissed me, our tongues meshed and danced for a few seconds making me feel a little sexy.

Tony continued, “Alan, feel her breasts, then tug her blouse up and find that she doesn’t have a bra on. Kiss her breasts. Unbutton her blouse and take it off.”

“Betty, you help him remove his shirt and jeans.”

Instructions were coming fast and I responded like a robot without thinking what was actually happening. Did Tony want me to look at his cock?

Alan stood up while I helped him pull his jeans off. He was not wearing shorts and I saw his cock. I couldn’t believe how big it was and it was still soft. It was hanging way down over his balls. I was wondering how a girl could take a cock that big. I was feeling confident that all the picture taking would soon be over and we could put our clothes back on.

Tony continued, “Now that Alan is naked and standing up, I want him to unzip Betty’s skirt and pull it down and off.”

Once I was completely naked except for my high thighs and high heels, Tom then said, “Let’s take a break to give me time to set up the lights in a different place.”

Annette handed us towels to temporarily cover ourselves. I sat in a chair opposite the one where Alan sat. We temporarily stared at each other.

I broke the silence, “Alan, is this your first time to be photographed like this?”

“No, I’ve done it two other times for mother and son pictures.”

“Don’t you think it is rather odd to be here naked with a woman the age of your mother?”

“I like it. I always wanted to peek at my mom’s nakedness. I often fantasied about sex with her.”

I exclaimed, “You mean you wanted to fuck your mom?”

“All the boys I know have said they would like to do it with mom.”

I sat and pondered that a little bit. I wondered if my son ever thought about sex with me. I used to see him peek at me when I was undressing or wearing my nighty. I didn’t bother to cover up very much. It was all so very innocent. But was he thinking about sex with me?

Alan continued, “I like to do the son and mother scenes because that gives me the opportunity to fantasize I’m actually having sex with my mom.”

My reaction to this was to say, “But you’re not having sex with me.”

“I’m sure that is the plan. I had it with the other moms.”

“Wow! Wait a minute. I didn’t intend to fuck someone here. I’m a married woman. Even if I wanted to, your cock would kill me.”

“The other moms said the same thing to me about my large cock. That’s the reason Tony wants me because he says large cocks make better pictures.”

I now realized where all these pictures were leading. What am I going to do? I need the money, but I can’t take a large cock like that.

Alan continued, “Don’t worry about my cock, I took it very easy with the other moms and slowly worked it in. I don’t have to put the full length in you to make good pictures.”

I was still upset and nervous when Tony said, “We’re ready for you now.”

I reacted negatively to that, “Tony, I didn’t think I was to actually have sex with Alan. I don’t know if I can do this. You know I am married.”

Tony said, “I often photograph married girls with guys. That’s no big deal. It’s just a matter of a short time here in the studio and you said you need the money.”

I reluctantly agreed, “Alright, Tony, but he will have to take it slow with his big thing.”

Tom guided us to a bed, “Now I want Alan and Betty to get on the bed. First, you share a very sexy kiss.”

Alan opened his mouth and I automatically responded the same way. His tongue was searching for mine. His kiss was very sexy and good.

Tony said, “That’s good. Now Betty I want you take his cock in your mouth and make it sexy for him.”

This was my first time to touch his cock as I put my hand around it. I could feel it becoming stiff and bigger. I licked all around the head, then opened my mouth wide to start taking it in. I didn’t know a man’s cock could be this big. I then licked up and down the full shaft.

Tony softly said, “You’re doing fine. I’m getting some good pictures. Keep it up until I tell you to do something different.”

After a few minutes of this, I could sense Alan was getting excited. I was wondering if he was going to cum in my mouth.

Evidently Tony could see Alan’s reaction and said, “Alan, cum if you can.”

I could feel Alan’s body begin to strain and surge as he cock started erupting.

Tony practically shouted, “Alan, pull back and jack your cock to spurt all over her face.”

I didn’t expect that, but then I felt his cum spurting on my lips, nose and all over my face.

When Alan finished, Tony handed a towel to me to clean up, then said, “Betty, that was very good. Take a short break We have some coffee ready, but if you prefer, we have a bar for hard drinks.”

I looked at Alan’s cock. Again it was limp, but the head was hanging down well below his balls. I could hardly believe that I had sucked this young stud off. What would my husband say if he knew about it.

I looked at Tony to say, “I don’t want any coffee, but I need something strong after what I just did.”

Tony handed a drink to me, “Here, I’ve made a double for both you and Alan. I’m having one too.”

Alan I and talked while we waited. He said to me, “You are a very sexy mom. I really liked the way you gave me the blow job. You are very good at that.”

It was nice to be complimented.

I asked, “Are you still going to school?”

“Yes, this is my first year in college.”

“How nice, I have a boy in college. This is his third year. I doubt that you would know him because the college is so very large.”

“What is his name?”

I didn’t really want to tell him my son’s name because he might know him and tell him what I was doing.”

Our conversation was interrupted with Tony handing us a second drink.

I asked, “Do you have a girl friend?”

“Recently, I took Annette out on a date. I really like her and she doesn’t mind what I am doing here.”

After waiting for awhile, Tony said, “Get back on the bed.”

We could see that Alan was still soft and was going to need some stimulation.

Annette and been rearranging the lights. Tony looked at her to say, “Annette, see what you can do for Alan.”

Annette crawled up on the bed, took Alan’s soft cock in her hand, and began to suck on the head. I was surprised that she was getting in the act. I just sat on the bed and watched.

Then Tony said, “Betty, play with his balls and swap off with Annette.”

I cupped his large balls, then Annette pulled back from his cock to let me lick on it. We took turns until his cock was growing very big and stiff. I noticed Tony was taking movies of us.

Tony interrupted, “That’s enough, Annette you can get off the bed. Now I want Betty to lie on her back, spread her legs, and let Alan get on top.”

I knew the time had come for me take this big cock, if I could. Would he hurt me or would it feel good. The drinks I had were making me more relaxed and receptive.

I moved my finger down to my pussy and pushed it in. I realized I was not wet since we did not have much foreplay.

I said, “Tony, I know I’m too dry for him. I need some lubricant.”

Tony looked at Annette, “Get the tube of surgical jelly and help her out.”

Annette got on the foot of the bed and said, “Let me try this first.”

She put her mouth on my pussy and sucked my clit. I could feel her lick up and down, then sucked my clit. I could hardly believe a another girl was doing that to me. That had never happened to me before, but she really knew how to make it feel good.

After a minute or so, Annette said, “I’ll add some of the jelly.”

I could feel her fingers shoving some of the jelly in my hole. Tony walked over to put some on his fingers and stuck them in me, too. Evidently, I was getting a lot of attention from anyone who wanted to play with my pussy.

I said, “Don’t you think you have me juiced up enough for Alan?”

When Annette and Tony backed away from the bed, I could see both Tony and Tom taking pictures as Alan got between my spread legs. I reached down between our bodies to aim his big cock.

I placed the large head at my hole and said, “Push in a little.”

I could feel my pussy stretch to take the head. I said, “Push a little more, but take it slow.”

I was being stretched more than I had ever been stretched before. I was afraid he would push in too fast and hurt me, so I said, “Tony, I don’t like this position, can we turn over and let me sit down on him?”

“Good idea, we’ll keep taking pictures of you changing positions.”

We rolled over to allow me to squat over his body. I raised my butt up and held his cock to aim. Again, I let the head stretch me to enter. I was comfortable with the head in me, now I started to ease down a little. So far so good. I got another two or three inches in, then pulled back a little. I had many more inches to go.

Tony encouraged me, “Betty, you are doing fine.”

I felt as if I was being split as I settled down several more inches. Then I had a feeling I had never felt before. It felt as if his cock had hit bottom.

I exclaimed, “That’s all I can take.”

Tony assured me, “That’s alright. Now fuck him.”

I started up and down movements but kept his long cock from going in deeper. Each time Alan pushed up to me, I think his cock did go in deeper.

Tony gleefully said, “Keep it up. We’re getting really good pictures. Make him cum and you can cum too, if you can.”

I was getting in the rhythm to make it feel good for me too. I put a finger on my clit to try for an orgasm. I usually have an easy time to have one or more orgasms with my husband, but I was self-conscious with all the people watching me. If I couldn’t have a real one, I would fake it.

I didn’t need to fake it because I felt my orgasm come on strong and surge.

Once my body began to be normal again, I started up and down movements to bring Alan to a climax.

Tony said, “When Alan starts cumming, I want Betty to raise up and let him squirt in the air. Alan you can jack it when that happens.”

When Alan started groaning and yelling, I lifted up to let him grab hold of his cock to start jacking it. He was spurting up in the air with some of it splattering my body, but much of it fell back on his bare stomach.

Tony directed, “Betty, you can get up. Alan, you can just lie there to rest. Annette, get a towel and go help Alan clean up.”

I watched as Alan’s cock became limp. Annette went over to the bed with a towel, but she surprised me when she took Alan’s limp cock in her mouth to clean him up. She used the towel to wipe off the rest of his body.

Tony walked over to me while I was still naked. He said, “This has been a very sexy session for all of us. I couldn’t help from getting very sexually excited to see you and Alan together. I’ll offer you a good bonus if you will let me cum in your pussy.”

I was astounded. He wanted to pay me to cum in my pussy. I stared at him while I was thinking. Should I let another guy pay me to m***** my body? I started to say no, but then again I was already naked and I could use the money.

I answered, “Alright, which position do you want?”

“Lie down and spread your legs. This shouldn’t take too long.”

Tony quickly disrobed and I saw his hard cock. He was about sixty years old, the age of my father, but he looked like he was ready.

I thought his cock was rather small and I couldn’t feel it very much as he entered me. Of course, my pussy was well stretched and very juicy with all the surgical jelly Annette and Tony put in it.

He fucked me for a short time while I pushed up to him before he erupted in me. He got up to dress and thanked me.

Tom had been watching and said, “I’ll add to your bonus if I can do the same thing.”

“That’s alright with me. What do you want to do.”

“Lets get on the bed. I want to fuck you doggie style.”

He quickly stripped, got on the bed behind me and entered my pussy. I put my head down on the bed to anchor myself if he started banging me. Soon, he was vocalizing and spurting in my body. He fell forward pushing me into the bed. He pulled out and got up. I decided to lay still, close my eyes and relax.

When I got up, everyone had already dressed except Alan and Annette. They were completely naked on the other bed. Annette had Alan’s cock in her mouth trying to get it hard. She had stripped off her clothes to display a very shapely and beautiful young eighteen year old body. I was very envious. If she wanted sex with Alan, they would have to wait for awhile because I had worn him out. Looks as if she was going to enjoy eating his cock while they waited.

I dressed and went into the office with Tony and Tom where Tony handed me a wad of money.

I said, “Thank you for the money.”

He responded, “It has been a good session and I think I can sell the film and make a profit. We can probably use you again next week. Call me later.”

I asked, “Do you have more subjects to photograph this afternoon?”

“Yes, after lunch I have a fifty year old lady coming in along with a twenty year old black man I’ve used before. Can you believe he has a bigger cock than Alan?”

I replied with a shocked look, “Alan’s was really too big for me, but a guy with a larger cock, how is that lady going to take it?”

“I told her he had a big one, but she needs the money just like you do and is willing to try it. It will make a good movie if it all works out. She told me she was going to be evicted from her house if she didn’t have the money by today.”

I left shaking my head about a guy having a larger cock than Alan.

When I got home, I took a shower and douche my pussy. My husband would be home this evening and would probable want sex.

I kissed my husband when he came in the front door. I wanted to be especially nice to him. We ate dinner and later prepared for bed. I wasn’t going to suggest sex, but planned to let him take the lead.

Once we were in bed, we kissed several times with our kisses getting more sexy. He moved his hand down to my pussy to enter a finger. Everything seemed to be normal. We had sex that night and I don’t think he suspected anything unusual.

During the week I kept thinking about boys wanting to have sex with their mother. It never entered my thoughts that my son, Jimmy, would even consider sex with me. However, I do remember he often took opportunities to see me naked. I caught him peeking in my bedroom window at night one time when I had just stepped out of the shower. I chastised him severely. I loved him dearly and now feel ashamed I came down so hard on him. Maybe I should apologize.

Later that week, my husband was away for a night on business and I would be home by myself. I thought about inviting Jimmy home for dinner and find out if he had ever thought of sex with me. I didn’t know just how I would start a subject with him, such as, “Did you ever want to fuck me?” Maybe it would be very embarrassing.

I called the college dormitory where Jimmy was staying, to say, “Hello Jimmy, dad is away on business tonight. Why don’t you come over and have dinner with me?”

“Fine, Mom, I would like that. I love you for asking.”

“And I love you very much. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.”

I realized I loved my son and always wanted to please him and do the best for him. But what if he admits he really fantasied about sex with me all these past years? Did I love him enough to let his fantasies come true?

I needed some liquid encouragement to get around to asking Jimmy the big question. I decided to have a strong cocktail before Jimmy arrived and have some drinks with him, too.

Jimmy arrived on schedule, we had drinks and dinner, then we sat in the living room with another drink in our hands.

Jimmy said, “Mom, the dinner was delicious. And so are the drinks, but I have never seen you with this many drinks before. Are you upset about something or do you and dad have a problem?”

“Oh, no, your dad and I get along fine.”

Jimmy was looking at me without saying anything. He seemed to be waiting for me to continue.

“Jimmy”, I hesitated and wondered if I should continue, “I’ve been thinking. Remember the time I caught you peeking in my window after I had stepped naked out of the shower?”

Jimmy looked embarrassed.

I said in a stern voice, “Don’t you remember that?”

Jimmy sheepishly responded, “I thought you had forgotten about that.”

“No I haven’t. I’ve heard boys want to see their mothers naked”, I hesitated then continued, “and maybe play around with sex?”

Jimmy looked at the floor as if he couldn’t face me. Even though the drinks had given me courage, I was embarrassed now.

I continued, “Jimmy, I would like to know, please let us be truthful to each other.”

“Alright, Mom, I’ll admit it. I was curious about see naked girls. I loved you and wanted to see you naked.”

Now I was getting Jimmy to talk and it was becoming easier for me to ask questions.

I asked, “Did you ever masturbate thinking of me?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Do you still masturbate thinking of me?”

He stammered, “Sometimes”.

“That’s interesting to know. I love you very much as a mother, but I had never really thought of you as a lover. Now, I can see you differently. You are a handsome young man that any girl would be glad to have as a sex partner. Are you having sex with any other girls?”

“Not very often. I don’t date very much because I am so busy with my studies and part time job.”

I then thought to say, “If you masturbate thinking of me, then you must think I am sexy.”

“Mom, you are sexy, I’ve always thought that.”

“You used to peek at me through the bedroom window. Wouldn’t it be better to see me naked without having to peek?”

He was a little flustered, but said, “Sure.”

“Alright, I’m going in the bedroom to change. Give me about five minutes, then come in the bedroom.”

I stood up, tipped the rest of my drink to my mouth and walked in the master bedroom. I quickly undressed, and put on a short see through nighty. I left the light on. I looked in the mirror and thought I looked pretty good for a forty year old gal.

Jimmy slowly entered the door and looked a little embarrassed. He acted as if didn’t know what to do.

I broke the silence, “Jimmy, do you like what you see?”

“Yes, very much.”

“If you would like to see more, help me take my nighty off.”

I think Jimmy was getting over being shy because he lifted my nighty up over my head to expose my ample breasts. He seemed delighted to see me naked.

I cupped my hands underneath my breasts and pushed them up to him. Jimmy was standing close to me when I said, “Aren’t these nipples just right to suck on? Go ahead.”

Jimmy didn’t need to be asked again. He leaned forward, nuzzled his face between them, then started sucking them. This was making me feel very sexy. I could hardly believe my son was “turning me on”.

I felt down to rub his cock through his jeans, then said, “I haven’t seen this is a long time. Let me help you pull your jeans down.”

We both tugged his jeans down and his shorts came off with them to expose a very hard cock sticking out and up at me.

I clasped my fingers around his erection and said, “Wow? This has grown very big since I last saw it.”

Since he hadn’t said anything, I suggested, “Let’s get on the bed.”

He immediately crawled up on the bed, then put his hand out to assist me.

I asked, “When you fantasize about me as you masturbate, what position are we usually in?”

“I think of the missionary position, but sometimes I think of other positions.”

“Alright, we’ll try the missionary position, but first I want to do this”. I leaned down toward his crotch and took the head in my mouth.

Jimmy groaned as he said, “I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve fantasied about it so many times.”

I went down as far as I could and back up about three times before I felt his body shake and strain. His cock was jerking with each spurt in my mouth. He was groaning and yelling for awhile before he calmed down. He laid on his back as if exhausted, but his cock never did get very small while I continued to lick and suck on the head.

I could feel his hand trying to feel my crotch. I moved my butt to a position where it was convenient for him to feel my pussy.

He finally recovered enough to say, “Mom, you are so good to me and I love you even more.”

I responded, “I wanted to make up for yelling at you when you peeked in my window. How many times did you peek in my window?”

He chuckled, “Many times, but most of the times you weren’t completely naked and I was disappointed.”

I quickly said, “I don’t want to disappoint you now. I want you to see and feel all you want.”

I was thinking he hadn’t seen much between my legs and I assume that would be a priority place for him to peek at me. He had his hand on my pussy, but I don’t think he had seen it as yet.

“Jimmy, until your cock gets very hard again, I’m going to roll up on top of you in a six nine position. I can tantalize your cock to get it very hard.”

“OK, mom.”

I continued to lick and suck on his cock while playing with his balls. I knew he was getting a very good and close view of my ass and pussy which was something he wanted to see when he used to peek at me. I could feel him occasionally lick and suck my clit.

I then suggested, “You said you fantasized sex with me in the missionary position. You are very hard now, would you like to change positions?”

He didn’t say anything, but allowed me to turn over on my back, pull my legs up. When he got on top of me, I reached between our bodies to aim his cock.

My pussy was very juicy by now. He started pushing in and I could feel the head spread my lips and go on in. He hesitated, then pushed all the way in until I could feel his balls resting on my ass.

Then it went through my thoughts: this is my son’s cock in me. I had always thought this taboo and until recently would never had considered it. I thought of Alan with the huge cock in the modeling studio telling me he had always wanted to fuck his mother. He was trying to fulfill his fantasias by having sex with older women. Now, I am giving my son the opportunity to fulfill his fantasias with me. I wonder if Jimmy knows Alan.

Jimmy was beginning to fuck me faster and at the same time I was feeling I could build up to an orgasm. Jimmy started pounded me very fast and hard as he started vocalizing. I was pushing up to meet him each time he rammed in. When I felt his body sexually shake, it turned me on even more causing my orgasm to surge throughout my body.

We laid side by side with our own thoughts for awhile. Now that it was all over, I was glad I gave him a chance to fulfill his fantasizes, but I was a little upset about what we did. I was wondering how this would affect our relationship in the future.

Finally he got up to dress, “Mom, this has been wonderful. I know it’s wrong, but I always wanted to do this. Forgive me mom, if I have hurt you in any way. I love you very much, even more for letting this to happen.”

“It’s just as much my fault, maybe even more because I was the one to initiate the activities. I love you as my wonderful son and always will. I want to do things to please you and make your life better.”

I was still lying naked in bed when he said, “I have to leave now, Mom. I have to study for awhile yet tonight for a test tomorrow. Thanks for inviting me to dinner.”

I heard the door shut as he left. Now I am alone tonight with my own thoughts. Maybe he will come back again some night when my husband is gone. If that is what he wants, I’ll be ready.
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4 months ago
loved that story!!
1 year ago
Loved it
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
the shift in the story was different, but I truly enjoyed the whole thig! now I'm so wet, I need to take care of myself....
2 years ago
WOW! Very hot!!!