Sissy Boy Slave and His NEW Playmate, Sadie

Yes, Sadie, I am a 'Lil Slave Bitch' for My Big 'b*****r's Cock use, when He and His friends get in the Mood for Young Sissy Boy meat to strip and abuse on the livingroom floor, inside the 'Big House'!

I'm f******n and have been His Secret Sissy, Piss-Whore Slave since He traded for me five years ago when I was Nine! He KEEPS Me Locked Up in a rusty, smelly old trailer, parked inside a dark, Old Red Barn.

I'm Locked up inside and I sl**p on an old, Urine Smelling, Stained mattress that His Last Slave slept on for years.

I've tidyed up, inside My Home, with the gifts and clothes His friends give me after Sunday afternoon's Party.

I am His Sissy Boy, Sex Slave, bought and paid for! He instructed Me, the first night, when I was Nine, how to dress up in Hand Me Down panties and bras and skirts and stand in front of a seated Man, with My Boy's knees spread wide, so the Man can lift up my short skirt and pull down my panties! My 'Master-Man' taught Me to hold up my dirty skirt for whoever has his face under my dress. He told Me to watch the Man's face, closely, as all His friends watched what He was going to do to Me, this time. His friends wanted to hear painful Sissy Squeels and begging from Me!

Once I was in Position, The Men would take their large, old hands and slowly wrap their thumb and finger around my Young Boy Sissy Balls...and That's when I would start Crying and looking around for My 'b*****r' to make the Old Men stop what they all wanted to do to Me! If I cried tears and squeeled Loud, some of them would be gentle, while Pulling My Sissy Sack. My 'b*****r', though, knew when I was just acting! I could hear him walking quickly across the room towards my shaking and trembling pink ass. I started, Really, crying then.......He dropped to his knees with my ass crack against his nose. He pushed the Man's large hand away and grabed by Young Ball Sack and I CRIED OUT LOUD! HE JERKED DOWN, HARD, AN I YELLED AND SCREAMED!............ HE, PULLED IT BACK TO MY PUSSY HOLE! I QUICKLY PUSHED MY BARE PINK ASS CRACK, BACK, AGAINST HIS NOSE AND TONGUE AND HAD TO PUT MY FACE INTO THE OTHER MANS LAP.......THE MAN f***eD HIS OLD MAN COCK PAST MY LIPS AND HELD MY HEAD WHILE 'b*****r' LIFTED ME OFF THE CARPET AND HELD ME IN THE AIR WIGGLING MY FEET IN THE AIR, TRYING TO CRY AND CATCH A BREATH......AND CRY AND BEG.

sadie, Honey, before My b*****r gave YOU to Me, to use as MY OWN SEX PET to sl**p with, The Men would pass me around and Share My Body till my panties and skirts smelled like piss and Cum.

Last Sunday morning after the rave, My Older b*****r brought all his friends over for another party! I laid awake in my soiled and stained mattress, waiting for someone to unlock my trailer door and leash me up!

I listened to the Men get wild inside the Big House. Then I heard the back door open and close. I heard His keys jingle in His large hand.

My b*****r just Loves to Torture My Young Boy's Stiff Clitty and stretch My Pussy Lips in front of His Party Friends. The Older Men sit on couches, in dark and watch Me Cry, Beg and Squeel while being tied down and stretched out on the floor or worse.

My b*****r leashes me up and leads my leash into the dark livingroom. He displays Me to His friends, then drops My leash to the floor. I don't run, but I want to. He sees that My panties are getting Bigger in front and makes Fun of Me.

Ohhh, Sadie, He bought You for Me to use and sl**p with. He told Me to train You, Sadie! He told me to get you warmed up before the Men arrive each Saturday Morning for their Sex Play. I am supposed to make You Cry out in Pain as You lay on My piss smelling mattress while Your legs are tied wide open for My Torture Toys on Your Sissy Sack. b*****r wants You crying and trembling in hand me down dresses, as He leads Your leash into the Livingroom for Pain. I'm to stay locked up and can only listen for your crying and painfull laughing and begging.

When You are brought back to Me, I will lay you on Our smell sagging mattress and give you a sponge bath and make you feel better till we wake up for More training.

70% (11/5)
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1 year ago
good story
1 year ago
so dirthy so flity so hot and erotic