Diva: The Girl who tried to break Ben's Dick

Diva was a woman who worked as a temp secretary in my company about a year ago. Everyone called her Diva because of her loud, brassy, bossy, and some called, obnoxious, personality. She was a tall woman; bottle blonde, fleshy but not fat, and noisy as hell. Occasionally after work, we'd stop off for a few drinks and some girl talk, and on a few occasions, Ben would stop by to pick me up after work. He didn't care much for Diva but tolerated her since she was a loyal worker and I found her sometimes pretty damn funny. One day, we worked on a saturday and called it quits around 1pm. Diva, myself and a few other workers, decided for some early happy hour drinks at our local hang out so I called Ben to tell him to meet me there around 2pm.

Diva, as you can imagine, is the type who gets REALLY loud once the alcohol hits her bl**d stream. Laughing about various things at work, Diva told me "I haven't gotten laid in a year, and I'm about to bust". I raised my eyebrows at her, then at Ben, who shook his head like "Don't even think about it". Diva continued, "seriously, I need Dick". Another co worker seemed a bit shocked by this statement but the rest of us took it in stride, typical Diva. I raised my eyebrow again at Ben, he pretended to look intently at his beer. Awhile later, calling it a day, she looked pretty tipsy so I offered to take her home (or she'd have caught a cab) While in the car, Diva in the backseat, I told Ben."Come on... I've really gotta see this!" He smiled and said Babe..really... I said, "Ben, she's so half d***k already it'll be kinda hot!! You'd be doing her a favor, Honey!" He said "lets just take her home and see what happens". Once at her place, the 3 of us went inside and she collapsed on her couch with much drama. "Fuck I am d***k" (it was 4pm) I said "if you KNOW you're d***k, you're probably not THAT d***k yet Diva". She said that's true... let's have a drink! Grabbing us a beer, she invited us to sit. Making small talk, I suddenly said, "Diva, you can borrow Ben if you're really horny. I'm dead serious" She put her beer bottle down, looked Ben up and down.. and said "OKAY!!" Diva stood up, and started undressing. Off came her blouse, bra went flying, pants down on the ground, and panties fell. Ben didn't even have time to say a word. She turned around, spread her legs, and began to squat on Ben's lap facing him. Suddenly, I was very very very turned on. I was afraid she would start trying to kiss him and knew that wouldn't go well, but thankfully she did not. I got down on the sofa next to him so we sat side by side, looking at Diva, naked, in Ben's lap. She shoved her tits in his face... nice full tits, light pink nipples, hard as a rock. Ben's no dummy--he took one tit in his mouth, and started sucking. This aroused me to no end. I reached over, and took her other tit in my hand, flicking her hard nipple, and decided to suck it myself. We sucked on her tits until she started to moan loudly, beginning to gyrate on Ben's lap. He was fully clothed. I reached down to unbuckle and unzip him, while he continued working his tongue and lip magic on her tits, watching while I sucked the other. I could feel his dick growing hard in his pants, and looked down to see her pussy: shaved, open, wet, rubbing all over his pants. I took his dick out of his pants and he moaned while I wet my hands with my saliva, and started to stroke him. Releasing her tit from my mouth, he started to suck them both, back and forth, pushing them together and sucking from one nipple to the other. Fuck, it was hot. With his dick totally hard, I grabbed Diva's hip with my free hand, motioning her to move up and onto his dick. With her knees bent around him, she raised up and he moved his body slightly down and in one quick move, she impaled her pussy on his throbbing cock. "FUUUUUUCCCCK" she said, feeling his cock go entirely into her waiting cunt. I couldn't resist, I looked down at saw her pussy covering his dick, and his mouth sucking on her tits, and reached down between my legs, rubbing myself thru my skirt. Diva started to bounce on his dick- her big fleshy white ass bucking against him. He slapped her ass hard, several times, leaving bright red marks on her pale skin. She started fucking Ben's dick harder and Ben said "Jeesus she's gonna break my damn dick off!" Still leaning back on the couch, Ben and my head side by side, I squeezed her tits with my hands, then started reaching down her body, past her stomach, until I reached where his dick was in her pussy. I felt her wetness, and started to rub her clit, totally mesmerized by Ben's dick buried in her cunt.. She gasped and said "oh yeah, rub my pussy!" loud, I don't think she knew who was rubbing it, but she liked it! She grinded on him, jerking back and forth and then going around in circles, with his dick buried deep in her. I took one of her nipples back in my mouth and sucked, while my fingers continued playing with her clit, and Ben started to moan loud. "Suck those tits baby that's so hot"

Ben slapped her ass again and said "get up". She stood up, and he removed his clothes. "Bend over" he told her, and she clumsily leaned over the sofa, with her hands bracing herself against the back, and sticking her big white ass out a him. Her ass was wet and shiny from, i'm guessing, sweat. I reached into my bag for my trusty cell phone and a condom, (kind of late). Ripping it open, he rolled the condom on, positioned himself behind her ass, and started to fuck her pussy. Thrusting up under her, I watched his dick pump her pussy hard, in and out, back and forth, while she started to talk really loudly "Fuck meeeee FUCK MEEEEEE!" He continued pumping her, talking back "You wanna get fucked? you need dick? Here, take this dick!" fucking her harder and rougher. She was loving it! Diva shoved her ass back at him taking his dick in and moaning over and over. I looked up at Ben, and told him "Fuck her in the ass Baby". She was oblivious to our conversation, just enjoying being fucked for the 1st time in a long time. She was cussing, moaning, saying incoherent things..it was crazy wild! Ben said "you wanna get fucked in the ass, Bitch?" She loved that, being called a Bitch! He withdrew his dick, glistening with her juices, and she sat down on the sofa, sticking her ass half way off and opening her legs. Ben got on his knees in front of her, and she spread her legs wide. Slowly, he aimed his dick at her open ass, and started fucking her there. This was not uncommon for her, as her ass accepted his dick easily and she shoved her body back towards him with every thrust. Sitting on the ground next to Ben, I said, "OH.MY.GOD" looking at him pounding into her.This was the first time Ben fucked an ass with me. HOT. He pulled his dick out and told me "Spit on it". I leaned down and spit on his dick..he stroked his cock and said "More, Again" I spit on him again, and he thrust back into her ass. Diva, I k** you not, was throwing her head back and forth wildly, just moaning and talking gibberish. I stared at her pussy, watching it throb with every thrust, her pussy hole contracting open..closed..open..closed... her pussy lips starting to spread apart every time he pumped in and out. Ben spit on his thumb, and started rubbing her cunt (KNOWING I LOBE THIS) she became really still and I knew she wanted to cum. "Rub her pussy baby that makes me hot you know how much that turns me on" I told him, so he continued rubbing her, rubbing her pussy lips, rubbing her clit, thrusting in her ass. Ben looked down and said "Her clit is so fucking hard, look" ..with his thumb, he pulled on her pussy, fully exposing her hard, hard clit. "She's gonna cum Babe" He took the wetness on his dick, and rubbed it all over her pussy, then focused his thumb on her clit, flicking it, until she suddenly moaned deeply and came..her pussy totally opening up to us wide. Ben couldn't take it, and began to cum, his dick buried deep in her ass, saying "Fuck Fuck Fuck", his balls up against her white ass cheeks, his hips pounding against her...he came and came while I watched his face. So intense. He withdrew and pulled his condom off, full of all his white creaminess. He pulled her off the couch, slapped her on the ass, and said "hope you enjoyed that" and went to get cleaned up. I smiled at Diva.

We never said anything to each other about it back and work..not sure if she even remembered it happening or if she thought I would be uncomfortable. Not long after, she finally did meet someone, a long distance trucker, and left the firm. Hope she's living a good life, we have good memories of that day =)

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3 years ago
3 years ago
that's such a turn on, thank you!
3 years ago
That story was as funny as it was hot! I absolutely loved it!