I Love Watching

Most women would call me crazy, but one of my biggest turn ons is watching my man fuck other women that we meet. We do it about once a month and it's always one of the hottest fucks we have.

Last week, we went to Vegas for a friend's wedding. Vegas has no shortage of hookers or women who are looking for a quick, anonymous fuck. It didnt take long for me to spot a woman at a club who was looking at us with that look in her eye. My name is Sherry, my man is Ben, and she went by the name Emme. After chatting with Emme for awhile, figured out she was a hooker so made her a proposition: Let my man fuck her any way we want and let me take some photographs (without showing her face) that we can get off on later. Happily for us, she agreed!

The 3 of us returned to our hotel room, we wasted no time as all the talking about what we like and what we've done in the past, got us horny as hell. Once in the room, I changed into one of Ben's shirts leaving my tits almost fully exposed and no panties on. Ben immediately pushed me against a wall, began sucking on my tits while fingering my cunt. Emme sat on the leather sofa, slowly taking off her top and watching us. I pushed Ben away, and in Emme's direction. Emme was a good looking woman, slim and dark haired. She pulled her skimpy dress over her head, showing us her round tits and a shaved pussy. Emme, now totally naked, leaned back against the sofa, spreading her legs wide, asking us if we liked her cunt. Ben got down on his knees in between her legs and I pushed his head down telling him to eat her out, and make her cum on his face. Fuck, watching him spread her pussy open and start licking her almost made me cum! I sat on the floor next to him, holding one of her legs while he held her other one wide apart. With his free hand, he started playing with her clit which made her moan and jump a little, so he started licking her, from clit down to her ass, tongue fucking her and sucking her cunt good. I love watching up close!! I saw her juices wet his mouth and knew she wanted to cum. He pulled her legs apart and brought her ass out closer to his face so she was hanging off the couch; told me to hold her legs as far back as I could, so he could go in deep. I stood up, got behind the couch, and held her legs back, spreading her wide open for his mouth. He sucked and licked her pussy, telling Emme to cum on his face, cum so his wife can see him make her pussy cum. I was so hot I was dripping wet!!! Emme started moaning and crying out, trying to get her legs free and pushing her pussy deeper onto his mouth. He spread her pussy lips apart and sucked on her clit passionately, making her explode, her naked body shaking, legs throbbing. It was sexy as hell!!!

His cock was unbelievably hard so right after Emme came, I knew he wanted to fuck her. Spreading her legs again, he told me to come next to him, and suck his dick which I was happy to do. I sucked his dick good, licking his balls and running my tongue up and down his shaft, and telling him in between that I wanna see this dick make Emme's pussy cum again. He told me to put his dick in her wet pussy, guide him in. Holding his dick, I rubbed it against her wet cunt telling her she's about to get fucked good. He thrust his dick in, pumping her in and out slowly, asking me if I like what I see. I grabbed our cell phone and started taking pictures!! Emme was getting more turned on by the minute, knowing she was being photographed getting fucked. Ben told me to play with her pussy while he fucked her, so I reached down and started rubbing her clit and spreading her lips apart while Ben fucked her hard, all the way down to his balls, pumping in and out. I leaned over and kissed him deeply while he continued fucking her. He pulled out and told me to suck her juices off his dick which I gladly did, sucking and licking every last drop off his cock. Emme watched me suck him, spreading her pussy apart and telling us she wants his dick back inside her. Her pussy was so wet!!!! He pulled Emme up, turned her around so her head was on the ground, and he stood over her, holding her legs apart. He started pounding on her pussy hard, pumping in and out so deeply she began to moan so loudly we were afraid the hotel neighbors could hear!! He would bury his dick in her cunt and leave it there, throbbing in her. I wanted to see more wetness!! Grabbing the lube I keep, he told me to drip lube on them as they fucked which I did, making her even wetter and me hornier, watching his now shiny lubed dick start fucking Emme hard again. With them pumping and fucking and me taking pics, we were all ready to cum almost immediately. Ben said Babe, I'm gonna cum in this pussy do you wanna watch me cum in this pussy? I told him yes yes, I wanna watch you pump a load in her cunt open her pussy up and cum in her hard! I instructed Emme to spread her pussy open and let Ben cum in her which, I was surprised, she did! She held her beautiful pussy open, he pulled out and started cumming right in her ole, cumming all over her pussy in and out, and he was still hard after he came so he started fucking her again, making her cream all over his cock, it was sexy as fuck!!!! Finally they stopped fucking, he rubbed her pussy and I took more pictures. Emme was still really horny, so he played and rubbed her clit which was dripping dripping wet, until she came again, came hard while we watched. It was the sexiest fucking night we'd had and we're looking forward to doing it again! Emme, it was great and looking at the photos on our own later made us fuck like a****ls!!! [/image]

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3 years ago
wow, so horny, yet again i'm hard as hell and playing with my cock to your stories x
3 years ago
Another great story, keep up the good work and keep on fucking ;)
3 years ago
I don't know if I would call the person a "Victim" seems to me that perhaps the jackpot winner might be a better word.
Great sex
well written.
3 years ago
exxxtremely hot! ...thanks!
3 years ago
Excellent story and hot as hell. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Lick it, i sure hope you took care of your wet woman good!!! I know you did! Thank you guys! It wa a very very hot night and we're looking forward to finding our next "victim" to fuck!
3 years ago
Great story!
Very exiting. I have a very hard dick now and my girl is totally wet....
3 years ago
A very enjoyable read. Good job! :)
3 years ago
Excellent story! Thanks.. :)