Threesome she loved!!!

One day I brought it up to my girlfriend at the

time, that I wanted to see her fucked by another

cock. I guess at the time its was because I

really liked porn. The thought of it being up

and close.The one that I love and getting total

peasure turned me one.Knowing that She was

getting fucked by a big cock, seeing her facial

expressions, hearing her moan, scream even.

Telling me how much she loves his cock and how

lucky she is to me letting her do this.After

alot of talikng about it during sex.She fianally

agreed to do it.The time had came, we were

meeting someone from and

he had a body of a rock climber has, thats what

he did for a living.When we met him he instantly

made us feel comfortable with him. We played a

couple games of pool then we want back to our

place to hang out . We were sitting on the couch

when I go upstairs to get the camra, and her to

get in to a sexy outfit. I come back downstairs

to see him messaging her back and shoulders. She

looks like she is really getting turned on. Just

what a woman wants a cock she has alredy seen

(nice and thick). She was moving her neck side

to side as he kissed on each side of it.Then

slowly with both hands moving my wifes top

down.His hands moving all over my wifes very

nice 34b breast. NExt thing I know is me turing

around and him licking and sucking on her pussy.

The sound of her moans to something as simple as

him lcking on her pusssy made me think of what

moans were about to come as he fucked her..As I

held the camra he had her sitting on his face,

Me with the camra filming his hard body for her

to look back on of what she was getting.While im

filming her she grabbes my cock and starts to

suck on in why moaning to him licking on her

pussy.Looking back on that threesome she really

enjoyed eveything about it. From his toung,

fingers, to his cock. She loved evey min.of

it.Her moans were so sexy and hot as she sucked

on my cock while getting his toung moving up and

down her clit.He then moves her to a 69

position.I stand back and film as she grabs is

very thick cock rapping her mouth around it.Such

a hot sight seeing, a fat cock in her mouth as

she is moaning to his toung slashing aroung her

pussy lips.As she's sucking on it, I'm tinking

of how nice his cock looks as she is enjoying

her lovers cock in her hands around his cock.She

sucks up and down on his cock moaning.She sucked

on his cock for what seemed like a hour.
She got up off off his face and cock to sit

down next to him.Her pussy glistening ,and his

cock fully erect.Me and my wife started to smoke

a ciggerette.After a puff or two she grabs his

cock and starts to stroke it.She looks over at

me all casusal while storking his cock.He says

what more does a girl need but a cock in one

hand and a cigg. in the other.Her hand sliding

over and all around his cock was such a

sight.She smiled at me as if she was really

happy to being a dirty girl.Being let To fuck

and suck a srangers cock that has been picked

out to really make her scream.With his fat cock

I think thats all she really cared about.He

stands up and turns around lifting his cock up

to her mouth.She had said before to me she

hadn't sucked that much cock, but by the way she

sucked on his cock.We couldn't tell.She sucked

his cock like it was the last one one earth.We

took some pictures as he held it right on her

lips.She told us to stand up and grabed both of

our cocks to suck them together She took his

first then took mine,then together.Soon she was

laying on her back as i grabbed the camora and

he moved up next to her grabbing his cock and

resting it on her pussy.What a sight of his cock

setting on her pussy knowing that another mans

cock was about to fuck her pussy red. LIttle did

I know that she would scream and moan so much

that it made one of the bet videos ever.Back to

the story..We ended back on the couch with me

with the camra and her laying on the couch and

him licking her pussy.I move over to the couch

and have her take my cock in her mouth as he

lickes away.When he stands up and uses his

fingers to loosen up her pussy for his awaiting

cock.When it is all moistened up he Grabs his

cock and slowly puts it in her pussy. She was so

hot for him.As soon as he slid in her pussy she

was in heaven, and moaning.He went slow at first

the picked up the pace to a ball slamming on her

ass.Everytime he thrusted inside of her she let

out a sharp moan, while telling me know how good

it feels.She rubs on her chest as he is fucking


FUCK!!!!HE FEELS SO GOOD!!!!!She was screaming

on my cock. A dick suck never felt so good.Her

having to take my cock out of her mouth to say

(OH GOD,OH GOD..!!!!)Whatching her laying there

and taking it, I knew she was hooked to being a

dirty girl.HE continued to make her love his

cock. I dont know how many times she said how

deep he was, or how many times she got off, but

the night ended in him cumming in her

pussy....At the point of this happening she was

in so much pleasure she just didn't even care

that he was creaming in her pussy.Her pussy was

so red and used by the time he was done that she

colapsed over him thanking me for letting her

get fucked like that,That his cock was perfect.I

know she loved it....I still watch this video.

the sight of her along with her pure enjoyment

out of him gets me off to this day.

Exuse the spelling , or words I had been
83% (7/1)
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2 years ago
great fullfilled a fantasy...worth it i am sure
2 years ago
Very nice,,,,,,,,fuck lesbianass!