How I got my wife to fuck other cocks

We have been married for 37years now and I first started talking to her about sharing her at around 5 years into our marriage she told me no way.
Then for the next 25years I said nothing but I did jack off a lot on just the thought of watching her fucking other cocks, Then one day I started telling her about my fantasy of having strangers fucking her as I watched her she was surprised that I was still into that and wanted to share her and also her husband watching her fucking other men.
It took 2 more years of me telling her how this turned me on.
Will one day I showed her how hard my cock was about her fucking a new cock and I started to jack off in front of her, we did masturbate in front of each other and after a few times of talking to her about a new hard cock in her she started to join in with me and we would talked about having her fucking other guys and her pussy would get very wet also. Soon she was finger herself in front me telling me about men fucking her wet pussy and knowing that it turned me on it made both of us very horny also.
It took time but she did come around and now she has had 14 different cocks her pussy every guy that I would bring around she would be fucking them within an hour of meeting them.
I found all of Bulls for her, and for my reward I get to watch her enjoy herself I also have gotten to guild there hard cocks into her wet pussy, I come to this site a lot more than she does but she likes to read the comments about herself and how guys would fuck to fuck her pussy and if you want jack off on any of her pictures and tell her how you would like to fuck her which we hope you do enjoy your self.
That was how I got my wife to start fucking but also if this is what I want then I will find her Bulls her and the enjoyment is for the both of us. I get to watch and play will there's a lot more that I could say but that is it for now.
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3 months ago
First time for me I just told her id like to go to the cabin which is a bar for a drink. She was late and procrastinating and I just told her that I set it up to have a guy meet us just to talk. Well let me tell how excited she was. She was all gitty when we got there too.nothing happened that night but the sead was planted. We ended up inviting him back to our home and she did a strip tease which was amazing then led us into the bedroom. He had his face in her pussy in a heartbeat . That was as good as it got. He cock never got hard. He was gone after thirty minutes. I found out later that he really wanted me to fuck him. We were new otherwise I would have. There are others too. Check out my stories and blog, enjoy
9 months ago
Damn I wish I could get wife do that! Great job
10 months ago
I would like to have a good discussion with some other husbands about why they talked their wives into letting other guys have sex with them.
1 year ago
I would love to 69 both of you
2 years ago
nice you bi
2 years ago
nice are you bi ?
2 years ago
im in the same thing. i ofen think about my girlfriend fucking other men but can't to seem to find them aye
2 years ago
How about another couple so that both of you get taken!
2 years ago
thats pretty cool ever discuss other women in the mix or a threesome ?