Pool Suprise

We had recently moved into a new home with a swimming pool. The lot has a fence all around it and nobody behind us. My wife left to go spend a few days away with her f****y and I had the house to myself. I spent the morning cleaning my car and worked up quite a sweat. I went inside and started to head for a shower and thought why not take a nice cool swim. Since I was alone it was a perfect time to swim nude. I took off my clothes and before I knew it I was in the pool feeling totally free. As I swam by one of the return jets I could feel the water against my skin. I wondered how it would feel shooting against my cock. I swam over and leaned against the water jet and had the most wonderful feeling. The jet of water was massaging my cock in such a way that it was moving my cock back and forth. I just closed my eyes and was enjoying my water handjob! I heard my gate open and a voice said "hello". I looked up and saw a handsome young man around 25 coming into the pool area. He said "I'm from the paving company. I understand you have a problem with your pavers." I had completely forgot about this and just stood there with the jets massaging my cock while he came over to where I was. He squatted down and his crotch was even with my face. He had on nylon shorts and from what I could see, no underwear. We started to talk and all I could see was his cock oulined in those shorts. Between the water massaging my cock and me looking at his cock, I was near to cumming. I backed away from the jet and if he didn't see my cock before, he saw it now. I am not very big, around 5 to 5 1/2 inches but in the water, with a raging hardon, it looked nice. He said "I didn't mean to spoil your fun." I told him it didn't have to end and since it was so hot he looked like he could use a swim. He said he didn't have swim trunks and I told him since I'm nude it would be okay. He stood up and took off his sneakers, shirt and finally his shorts. Now I had always fantasized about sucking a cock, but only if the right guy came along, and this was definitely the right guy. His cock was about 7 inches and completely shaved, just like I like it. He dove in and swam around and I told him about the water jets. He came over and stood in front of one and started to smile. He said "Boy, this feels almost as good as a blowjob". I figured better now than never and said how about a real blowjob. He smiled and came over to me and started to massage my legs, eventually reaching my ass. As he massaged my ass, I reached out and grabbed that gorgeous cock and started to massage it. He moaned and I told him to sit on the edge of the pool. As he did I came over and stared right at his cock. I was so beautiful I just opened my mouth and took it in. It felt wonderful, smooth and silky. I was in heaven, my first blowjob with a handsome young guy. I had read about blowjobs so I tried to remember what I read. I just proceeded to suck him up and down and use my tongue on the head and slit. He tasted great. From eating my own precum and cum I knew what to expect. His precum tasted a little salty, but delicious. I was now fully into it and couldn't stop. I was enjoying this as much as he was. Before I knew it he was moving back and forth in my mouth and the head of his cock felt bigger. He said "Uh oh" and then the first of several shots of cum erupted into my mouth. I had planned to let it dribble out of my mouth but the f***e of it made me swallow. I'm glad I did, it was wonderful. He kept cumming and it felt like hours before he stopped. I was happy and glad that I finally had sucked my first cock! When we finally recovered, he said "I never sucked a cock before" and I said "Congratulations, your my first!" He stood up and I sat where he was and he started to lick my cock and balls. It felt wonderful. He was very good for a first time and sucked and swallowed my cock like he had done it before. I didn't last long and told him I was cumming. He let go of my cock and jerked me off into the water. He told me he didn't think he could swallow cum and I told him "That's alright, when you come back to fix my pavers, we'll fix that as well. He smiled and said "How about tomorrow?"
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1 month ago
hot story..
1 month ago
Good story...
5 months ago
I wish life was that good/easy!