The Conference

I have always enjoyed overnight business trips but am not quite sure why. For some reason I enjoy spending the night in a hotel, eating dinner in a strange place, having a drink in a bar I do not know, and even using the tiny dwarf-like soaps and shampoo. For some people, being alone in a foreign environment is boring or even terrifying, not me. Thus, there was a bounce in my step as I parked my rental Camaro, pulled out my travel bags, and entered the lobby.

To be honest, this conference was not going to be a terror for anyone. This conference was located at the Disney Conference Center and my room in the beautiful Disneyland Pacific Hotel. It is hard to be gloomy when you see Donald Duck in the wallpaper, Goofy on the valet's tie and Mickey Mouse in the carpet. I quickly registered and found my room on the 9th floor with a window looking towards the fun park.

After surveying the room, I found a radio station, and unpacked for my 2 night stay. I noticed a sushi bar downstairs, a lounge area with a big screen TV and several leather smoking chairs and tables and a California/Italian restaurant. The meetings started tomorrow morning @ 7 am, but tonight is mine...

* * * * *

A shower to wash off the road grime, a fresh pair of Levi's and I am ready to roll. I know what you are thinking, jeans at a nice hotel? Truth is, all I wear is jeans. In my closet hangs nearly 15 pairs of jeans at different levels of wear and color. I feel that I can go nearly everywhere with a nice collared shirt, belt, leather boots or Italian lace-ups, and jeans. It is my suit. Tonight, I chose a snug white ribbed t-shirt, black Doc Martin boots, black belt, and ... yes, faded blue Levis. Although, Southern California is known for it's warmth, tonight was in the low 50's (degree fahrenheit). My suit jacket is a black straight cut, heavy, leather jacket and my scent, Calvin Klein.

The lobby was filled with late arrivals all trying to find their rooms so they can sink down and watch a night of their favorite TV re-runs. I strolled through the lobby to the sushi bar. It was filled with, what appeared to be an entire Japanese conference. The place was loud and much too busy for I. Sushi tomorrow night. Not wanting to get back behind the wheel of my car, I decided to try out the California themed, Italian restaurant. It was bright, but quite large. There were mostly large groups of people dining together. Perhaps they were conference participants from the same area or a group of Mickey supporters. I was directed to a table suited for two and sat solo to watch the abnormal normality that filled the place.

The pasta was a bit overcooked, but the warm bread and bottle of Ruffino Chianti Classico hit the spot. Feeling very content, but unready for sl**p, I stop by the lounge. The lounge had no walls to separate it from the lobby. Instead, large rain forest-like plants rose upward blocking most of annoying hustle and bustle of walker-bys. There were a few people sitting around a large TV catching up on the latest headline news and a few others catching up on the latest headline gossip. A chose an aged port and a chair in partial view of the TV and the lobby. I sat in amusement of our society and sipped my drink.

"Excuse me. Is that your paper?"

In my silent gaze I had not even noticed the person standing to the side of me.

"May I read it?"

The voice spoke again. I diverted my eyes from the latest NBA scores which flashed across the distant screen, and focused on the lovely woman dressed in a knee length black skirt and a light colored sweater.

"Please, help yourself. Actually, it is not mine."

Her smile was of sweet innocence. Her hair, the off color of blonde with lighter streaks of highlight. Her lips the softer version of cherry red and her natural length manicured nails matched perfectly.

"Thank you," was all she said as she sat on the couch to my right where the paper lay. She held a glass of what appeared to be white zin and a small leather purse. She placed both of them on the small table in front of us and proceeded to browse the paper. I wanted to start conversation, but did not want to come off as aggressive. Besides, she may be here with f****y, boyfriend, her c***dren. I decided to act cool and continue to sip my port and stare at the TV.

My eyes, however, could not avert from the bare legs that were crossed ever so discreetly. Her lightly tanned and toned calves ended with a pair black leather strapped heels. I noticed her polished toes were a perfect match of that soft cherry red and her shoes the same color and texture of her handbag. I imagined her panties and bra to be a match set as well. 100 to 1 odds, Victoria's Secret.

My secret gaze was interrupted by the waitress who questioned our thirst. I ordered another port and a short double espresso.

"Would you care for anything else?" My question aimed at the beautiful stranger.

"Yes, please. Another of the same please."

Polite, I thought. Too polite. She is not interested in my jeans nor any other pants tonight, I thought. A few minutes later our drinks arrived and as I assumed I would pay for hers too, she reached in her purse and pulled out her own cash. Silent, classy, polite, and pays her own. I am done for the night. Well at least I have my TV.

"I do not know how you are going to sl**p tonight after that double espresso. A single shot with milk keeps me going all day long."

She spoke. I looked over to see her briefly set down her paper and reach for her glass.

"Well, I think I have built up a resistance. Plus this port will help even the score." I smiled. She smiled. "My name is Ryan."

"Nice to meet you Ryan. I'm Genie. Thank you for the use of your paper. If you excuse me, I believe it is time for me to get some sl**p. Perhaps, I will see tomorrow."

"Yes. Goodnight." I could take my eyes off of her as she walked away. I knew she would be in my dreams tonight. In fact, those dream fantasies were already starting to build right then. Just for the hell of it, I got up and looked around the corner to the elevator. She got in and the doors closed. The digital number above the doors rose. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8. Eighth floor. She was sl**ping just below me. I just wish she was right under me! I went back, downed my now cool coffee, dropped a tip, and left with my port. My mind was filled with erotic images of the sexy stranger. My pants became a bit tighter as the thoughts became more vivid. Hiding my erection with my jacket, I retired to my room.

* * * * *

Perhaps she was right. I did not feel the least bit tired. I tossed my jacket on the bed, turned on the radio and sat in the chair that looked out the window. The night was silent from inside these walls. The radio played a song from several years prior. The Cranberries, I think. The sultry vocals gave way to erotic visions of the woman who slept just one floor down. I saw her undressing. Her creme cotton sweater swept up over her head revealing a similar colored lace bra. Her breasts filled the bra and spilled out a bit over the top of the sexy lace. She reaches around the back of her tightly fitted skirt and with a slow zip and an even slower time, the skirt falls to the floor. She steps out of the circle of fabric and stands clad only in her lace string thong, matching bra and sexy black heels. She looks up to me, opens her lips and... "Hey this Auto Al here and I must get rid of all these cars!" I hate commercials.

Restless, I decide to go out and find the soda machine. I am not much of a soda drinker, but sometimes they also stock the machines with bottled water. I grabbed my jacket and keys and strolled down the hall. I found the machine next to the stairs and yes they had water. I pulled out a dollar bill and a thought went through my mind. 'I wonder if Genie is thirsty too?' I looked to the stairs and quickly found myself walking down one flight.

OK, so the plan was that if I see her, I am just looking for the soda machine because mine is out of water. Good plan. I walked slowly down the hallway, past dirty room service dishes, do not disturb signs, and various sounds of TV entertainment. When I had reached the end, I sighed and thought to myself what a silly scheme. A grown man playing spy games and looking for a damsel in distress. I turned to make my way back and heard a rustle near the stairs. Next to the soda machine was the ice maker and bending forward, reaching down into the pit of ice was a woman dressed in a slinky silk robe that ended just below the curve of her rear. As she reached in deeper with her ice bucket, the robe rose up revealing a round firm bare bun. I stopped. Should I pretend I did not see? Should I look away? Should I speak? Before I could reach any decision, she stood up and turned around with her bounty of ice. It was her.

"Are you mining for ice in there?" An attempt of an 'ice breaker' if you will.

"It seems as if everyone knew I needed ice, and all came down to empty the machine before I could. And you? I told you espresso will keep you up."

"Well maybe a little. I was just looking for some water. The machine upstairs was out, so..."

"So you decided to sneak up on women in their robes running around in the halls searching for ice?"

"Well you caught me. But this is my first time offense, can you let me go with a warning." We stood there smiling at each other for what seemed like minutes, but what passed as only a few seconds.

"I, on the other hand, had no coffee and I still can not sl**p. Would you care to join me for water and the local news?"

"Sure." I stepped to the machine and got two bottles of water. Then followed her two doors down to her room. As I followed behind her, I noticed she wore nothing under her thin silk robe. I was in awe of what was happening and as I closed the door behind me, my heart raced with excitement.

* * * * *

Our rooms were exactly the same, yet hers smelled like spring flowers. The bed covers were pulled back and the sheets looked as if they had been kicked off. There was just one bed. One big king-sized bed. Next to the window, just as in mine was a small table and two chairs. One of the chairs was covered with the sweater and skirt she had been wearing earlier. She set the ice on the table.

"I'll get the glasses"

She turned towards the bath area leaving me standing in the middle of the room. Not sure of my next move, I decided that acting casual has got me this far, why change. I removed my coat and took a seat in the empty chair. The TV was on and the volume nearly too low to hear. I noticed more noise came from the bathroom. Clicking, clanking... cleaning up, no doubt. Under the table, I stepped on her shoe. Kneeling down to move her heel I find my answer. Yes, they were Victoria Secret and they were lace. The color was not off white as I had imagined, but a soft purple, liliac I believe it is called. I reached down to pick them up. The soft material, was no match for the sexy scent the still held. The panties shown a thin line of wettness running along the crotch area. I hoped that I was the reason for that.

"OK, so I was in a hurry to get into bed. I am not really a slob."

She startled me. I felt my face turn red as I dropped the undergarments. She saw my embarrassment and smiled.

"Wow, I would not of guessed an attractive man to get so embarrassed. Certainly you have seen your share of panties."

"Well not usually am holding a strangers lingerie as she enters the room. Sorry."

"Don't be. I should not left them there." She placed two glasses on the table and a can of Sprite. Then picked up her clothes and shoes and tossed them into the closet. "I prefer soda instead of water. I think I need the bubbles after that horrible wine." She put three ice cubes into her glass, popped open the can, poured the fizzy drink to the rim of the glass and took a seat in the remaining chair. I poured my water into the glass, no ice. "Cheers. To late night thirst." She held up her clear soda.

"Cheers," I said, and gently tapped her glass to mine. As she sat in the chair, her robe fell open just a bit just enough to show the curve of her breast. Sitting across from her, I was getting very aroused and tried not to stare. She seemed even more casual than I, like we were old friends. The weather report came on and she got up and moved to the bed. Picking up the remote hidden among the sheets she turned up the volume and took a seat on the bed.

"Let's see if we are going to get some sunshine tomorrow. I do not want to have to walk to the conference center in the rain."

"Sun is always good," I said it, but had no idea what I was talking about. This woman had me flustered. I tried watching the TV, but found myself looking out the corner of my eye at her. Her smooth leg dropped down to the floor, while the other bent under her. Her toes touched the carpet as she slowly swung her leg back and forth. Such beauty.

"Mostly sunny? What the hell does that mean?"

"I think it means that they have no idea, but it could be sunny and cloudy. Didn't you know that most weather men are political science majors?"

She laughed, as she got up and reached for her drink. As she stood the robe became very loose and as she reached out it opened. There she stood, right in front of me with a narrow opening of nakedness straight down the front of her. She seemed not to notice as she proceeded to sip from her glass. As she lifted her arm to drink, it all became clear. Her robe opened revealing all her charms. Her smoothly shaven pussy stood at eye level. Her thighs parted slightly shown this was no accident, as small droplets rolled down her leg. She had been turned on by walking around in front of me. I slowly held out my fingers and caught some of her liquid excitement. She put down her glass and looked into my eyes. I held up my hand and licked her juices from my fingers. "Much better than my water." I stood up, our eyes never losing contact, took her in my arms and placed my lips on hers. Electricity. Sparks. Pure energy is what I felt as we kissed. Not hurried. No rush. Just a slow, sensual long kiss. I knew this was going to be a night to remember!

* * * * *

A kiss that never stopped, our skin never parted. My lips moved from her own slowly, tenderly down her cheek, behind her delicate ear, down to the soft, smooth base of her neck. A moan escapes her lips and her lungs expand as her breath quickens. Her hands roll down my sides. with one hand she cuddles my bulge with her palm and traces the outline with her fingers. Her other hand finds the button of my jeans, then my zipper. Her nails gently sc**** my stomach as she reaches into my briefs and pulls out my engorged penis.

I continue to attack her senses by sucking lightly on her neck, then roll my tongue over and kiss her softly. Her moans become louder and more frequent as she moves her body closer and with both hands, guides my 7 1/2 inches to her waiting pussy. Using my tool like a toy, she rubs it through her parting lips and over her clitoris. As it slides back and forth, you could hear the sound of her juices flowing over my penis. Suddenly she stops and reaches up with one hand to my cheek. I look her in the eyes. I feel her fingers, wet upon my face. She touches her sticky fingers to my lips. I reach my tongue out to taste her sweetness. Unbelievable, like honey.

"Take your clothes off... slowly." Her words, to the point but did not seem f***eful. As I reached down to untie my boots, she turned off the TV and turned on the radio. The station was playing a country tune, she rolled the dial and found a blues/jazz number. It seemed surreal with the sax playing, me talking off my shoes, and a beautiful woman in a robe waiting for me. I looked up to confirm this was no dream. Genie lay on the bed, the robe open displaying her body. Her eyes watched as I disrobed. As I pulled my pants off, she palmed her breasts and pushed them together.

"I hope you like these. I want you to suck my nipples." Her hands left her tits and found her pussy. She opened her legs and displayed her clean shaven pussy. Using her fingers she opened her lips showing me her pink wet clit and soft pussy walls. "I want your face right here. I want to come on your face as you lick my clit."

I pulled my shirt off and finally reached down to disrobe my Calvin's. There I stood, naked, with my erect pole sticking straight out with a drop of pre-cum dripping from the tip.

Genie crawled over to the edge of the bed, reached out to grab my cock, and pulled it to her lips. "Can I have this?"

Before I can say, "it is all yours" she has flicked her tongue out to capture the drop of liquid and then devours my shaft. I feel her tongue swirl around my head, the suction tugging at my skin. The sensation was fantastic. I could not move for a moment, taken back with the feeling. I look down, resting her knees on the bed, back arched forward, hands cupping my balls. She pulls it out of her mouth, but her lips continue their suction down my shaft. Her tongue darts out at my balls before she sucks both of them in her mouth. she release my balls and continues with my penis in her mouth.

I place my hands on her back and caress down to her rear. My hand slides between her cheeks and down her crack. I reach as far as I can, my fingers brush across her anus and finds her the rim of her slick hole. I dip my finger into her wetness and pull it up to taste her. "Oh, yum, I need to taste you too." She releases her hold on my cock and lays back onto the bed. I place my body on top of hers and between her legs. I kiss her passionately once on the lips, once on the cheek, once on the neck, once on the shoulder, until finally my lips find the dark pink circles at the peak of her breasts. I pull her nipples and suck gently as I use my hands to caress her.

"Yes, that is it." Words escaped her mouth between a series of moans and sighs. "Now my pussy. Please lick my pussy. You feel so good, I want to come!" With that I trailed my tongue down her abs and nestled between her shaven labia. "Yes!" She screamed out, her body shakes and jumps. Her first orgasm and I have just begun to eat her sex. She pulls her legs up and parts her legs wide. My tongue dives into her pussy. Using my tongue like a small penis, I thrust in and out pulling as much of juice into my mouth as I can. Her sticky sweetness covers my mouth, my chin, and a bit of my nose as I continue to lick, suck and probe her sex. Her breathing sounds like a marathon runner With only a few words of encouragement. My tongue glides over her clit and sends a shudder over her body. She moves her hips up and down, which slides my tongue across the length of her pussy. "Oh yes!" She continues her movements, her breathing sounding more and more rapid. I know she is close to another orgasm and reach further down finding her tight little butthole. She stopped with her hips up and my tongue resting on her anus. I flick left and right. "Yes, yes!" Up and down I lick, until I part her skin-hole, my saliva coated tongue dipping into her most private areas. "Oh my God! Yes! YES!!!" Her body shook violently and she pulled me up to kiss me.

She wraps one arm around me and with the other arm reaches down between us. "Please, put it inside me." She does not wait for a reply and grabs my fully erect cock. "Please fuck me. Fuck me hard!" With that she guides me into her wet, warm pussy.

"Oh God you feel damn good!" The only words I could think of and it was fact. She was very wet, but I could feel her muscles pulling at my dick. I dove in half way, then repositioned myself so I could get every inch into her wanting hole. Her hands holding on to my back and neck, I pull out briefly, then fill her with my entire length. A gasp escapes her lips, head thrown back, body goes stiff and still. I do not move in fear that I had hurt her, which occasionally happens.

She opens her eyes. "I knew you would be good, but I am still surprised. That was number three."

"You are so sexy, watching you makes me want to please you more," I reply.

"Please don't stop. First, you must cum. I want to taste you, but first I want to feel you cum inside me." With that she flips me over and straddles my cock. She bends down and takes me in her mouth, releases my cock, and licks her lips. She looks into my eyes, and gently sits onto my penis. As it slides deep into her pussy, her eyes never leave mine. She bends down to kiss my lips. "I am going to make you cum. You are going to fill my pussy with your cum." She sits up, still looking into my eyes and begins to gyrate her hips. I feel her pussy grabbing my dick as it slides in and out and back and forth. She reaches down with one hand, scoops up some of our sex juices, licks one finger and then offers me the other. I suck off the remaining juice. Her movements are beautiful. She caresses her breasts, still looking into my eyes, and continues her dance upon my cock. Our breathing becomes rapid. The harder I breath, the harder she breaths. Her eyes blink as her breathing becomes too quick. I feel so close to an explosion of ecstasy. My eyes roll back, then open again to connect with her eyes.

"Cum with me, Ryan." She continued to play with her breasts with one hand as the other caressed my chest and abs. "I am going to cum. Cum with me!"

"Yes I will. I am going to fill your pussy! Tell me when you want it. Are you ready for my cum?"

"Yes! Yes! Give it to me now! Cum in me! I'm cumming! Oh God! YES! YES!"

With her words I exploded. "I'm cumming! Feel it! Yes!" I grabbed her hips and thrust upward shooting my cum into her waiting pussy. It felt as if her muscles were milking my cock of every drop.

She collapsed onto my chest. My penis slowly stops jumping inside her quivering pussy. She lifts her head up slightly and plants a soft kiss on my lips. "Wow," she says.

"Yes... wow," I reply.

She rests her head back on my chest, as we silently fall asl**p.

-------- THE END ---------

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9 months ago
man write another chapter, to continue her comment she wanted you to cum in her mouth & her pussy & maybe in her anus, soo yummy this story. please please write some more
2 years ago
Yes I did go to this conference and yes I did meet a hot female getting ice... then she was gone and I went back to my room and wrote this, wishing it was true!!