Don and me Summer Sun

A long time ago in a far away land, I was 18 and in my last year at school, you know, that Summer when it was always sunny and it never rained. The exams were over and you were waiting for the final judgment to decend from the Examination Board ( or is it bored...)

My friend Don and I seemed to hang out together all day every day and most nights too. His parents were always out until the early our of the morning and we would spend many lovely hours naked together in his home. Of course we wanked and sucked each other's cocks and we both loved our finger each other's anus also. The sensation was just wonderful and exciting.

I loved his beautiful cock surrounded by his thick, black and curly. Unlike me his cock flowed and flowed with pre-cum the instant it was touched or licked...mmmmm. His sperm always shot out in a long pulsing fountain of white delicous cream. My cock is getting hard now as I write about him.

On one such sunny afternoon we were both naked and in the garden taking in the Sun rays and getting hot for each other, our cocks proudly displaying their desire for each other. We adjourned inside in case we disturbed the neighbours.

We went into the house and up to Don's room. Don sat on the bed and opened his legs wide, his enormous and beautiful cock pointing to heaven. I knelt down between his knees gently stroking his thighs and cock and balls with my finger tips. His cock twitched with excitment I though he might shot his load, his pre-cum had been dribbling constantly all the way in from the garden making little pools on the carpents and floors. I cradled his tight balls and let my mouth and tongue work on his scrotum sucking his balls inside my mouth I loved the feeling of his hairy ball sack in my mouth. I lifted his legs high so I could work my tongue behind his balls and along that little ridge of skin along his perimeum which joins his ball sack to to his anus. My tongue worked it way slowly and wetly down to Don's beautful hot anus. I licked him in a little circles around the outside of his delicious puckered anus and flicked my tongue across it leaving it wet and ready. I let the tip of my tongue probe the centre and rim of his anus and almost instantly it relaxed to allow my tongue entry as far as I wanted. Don was moaning with pleasure I could feel his pre-cum flowing over his his cock and belly with my hand.

unfinished story...back tomorrow
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8 months ago
Why no more man?
Just started to get hot and you stopped.
Damn. However,
TFP. Xxx.
3 years ago
Yes plwease cum back tomorrow this wqs hot thqanks